Method For Non-Invasive Electrical Stimulation Of Epiphyseal Plate Growth (Important)

Me: This is one of those posts that if you are serious about this endeavor, you would want to see this post. Now we already know that PEMF technology can increase bones, but from the diagram below it seems that the machine was placed next to the growth plate to stimulate it to increase the growth rate. I personally know many Electrical Engineers who can build something like this easily. You can even get a very similar device which does this from Radioshack or an electronic parts store. 

The technology looks like just the application of the PEMF technology. From wikipedia, “PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair”… My guess on how the theory works is that bones themselves have a sort of piezoelectric properties. When you apply a current through the bone, the hard crystals or the chondrocytes inside can potentially align parallel to the electrical field generated. You should definitely read the actual patent with the link below.

This is the patent link HERE. You can find it easily by going to Google Patents and typing in the words “epiphyseal plate” into search.

What You Need To Know And Take Away From This Post 

This was an invention that was put up as a patent almost 20 years ago where a guy showed that if you put an electrical signal through the area close to the epiphyseal growth plates, it can result in longitudinal bone growth increases.

I am going to save you the trouble of reading through the entire invention but if you want to, you still should look over it. It shows that there are far more ideas and tricks people are trying out to make the long bones grow longer.

The other ways the experimenter has tried to make the long bones grow are.

1. periosteal irritation

2. radiation

3. medullary plugging

4. creation of an arteriovenous fistula

5. sympathetic denervation

6. heat

7. insertion of foreign object

8. electricity

Previous experiments with electricity involved embedding two non-similar metal rods into the metaphysics region of the long bone (probably copper and zinc), then applying either an AC or DC current of around 10-20 microamps just like a electrolysis experiment.

This is how the invention is supposed to be applied. You first have to buy a signal producing generator, like a WaveTech Model 148 Function Generator. The modern equivalent would be a Tectronix AFG2021 model which can cost between $200-$1500. You then shave your legs, at least the areas where the growth plates are. You apply some KY jelly for lubrication. You get two wires to attach to the signal generator . The other ends of the wires have a  small relatively flat electrode with an area about a 1 in^s. You can also put a dielectric material Mylar film to make the electric field produced to be slightly different. You put the flats electrodes on the sides of your shaven leg, on the left and right sides, right where your epiphyseal plates are supposed to be. You fasten and hold the bare metal electrodes in place with a plastic jig and moleskin wrap. Note that if you keep the plastic in place for too long, it can lead to edema. For the experiment, the subjects war rabbits and they were injected on day 0 with 3 mg/kg of intravenous oxytetracycline because it seems the compound helps increase the mineralization of cartilage and bone cells. Another host of oxytetracycline was given on day 2.

The signal you are supposed to make and sent with the generator will be between 2.5 and 15 volts, peak to peak . The frequency range is between 20 and 120 KHz. The calculate the current going through the leg, you also attach an 100 ohm resistor in series with the electrodes, so that you can later figure out what is the voltage drop between the electrodes. The Current RMS value for the rabbit experiment was around 0.50-2.50 miliamps range. The signals that got the most longitudinal growth was between 5-10 Volts peak Voltage as an AC signal and around 60 MHz. You can monitor the signal of the electrodes by using a Oscilloscope from Techtronix. For the experiment, the experimental legs increased in length by an average of up to 9% compared to the control which were the legs not stimulated upon.



7 thoughts on “Method For Non-Invasive Electrical Stimulation Of Epiphyseal Plate Growth (Important)

  1. MiniGolfer

    Possibly only increase growth rate. What’s the effect on senescence? We know that LSJL upregulates Sox9 which can induce chondrogenesis in the first place.

    Maybe you could contact the inventor. Retired scientists tend to be more friendly and ask him what happened to his research.

    1. admin

      You can increase the growth rate but that means that if you are at the stage when your plates are just about to close or just closed, you might be able to get it to stimulated one last time and give some extra lengthening. I would assume and guess the electrical stimulation like any plasmic ionic external stimuli can increase the rate of senescence. I’ll see if I can find more information on the inventor.

  2. Jimmy

    Would this work after growth plates are fused? I want to grow 3 inches from my legs. Do you think that this method would accomplish that?

    1. admin

      I am not sure but you can try it out. The technique and idea is quite simple and easy to implement. The hard part is finding the signaling generator but if you know someone who does engineering stuff, you can borrow it and try it out on your body. the microamps means you feel almost no sensation

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