Tallest Living Females In The World – A Height Listing

This post is for information and resources reasons only. No information on height increase is posted here. All of the names and listing was actually found from the website Tallpeople.com (source HERE). This is not my information but a reprint since I thought it was nice information to know and have on this website. Just another resource to use and have around.

The Tallest Women

This is a list of the tallest living women in the world, 6’9″ (205cm) or taller.

236cm (7 Feet 9 Inches)

Defen Yao [Nationality: China, Born: July 15, 1972]

225cm (7 Feet 5 Inches)

Maria Feliciana Santos [Nationality: Brazil, Born: 1945]

7 Feet 1 Inch  (maybe actually be 7 Feet 3 Inches)

Urmila Kumari Chaudhari 

213cm (7 Feet 0 Inches)

Uljana Semenova [Nationality: Latvia, Born: March 9, 1952]

Lyuba Shilo

210 centimeters (6 Feet 11 Inches)

Marvadene Anderson

Tanya Angus

Gwen Bachman

Alana Renaud [Nationality: USA, Born: 1980]

Gitika Srivastava

209 centimeters (6 Feet 10 Inches)

Zorana Todorovic [Nationality: Serbia, Born: December 30, 1989]

208 centimeters (6 Feet 10 Inches)

Ellen Bayer [Nationality: USA, Born: 1968]

Suzy Bendegue

Zainab Bibi

Malee Duangdee

Jaana Kotova

Elena Kravchenko [Nationality: Belarus, Born: 1979]

Li Liu

Silvia Mesa [Nationality: Spain, Born: 1980]

Jessica Pardoe

Dharshani Sivalingam

Darina Yegerova

Ebru Nur Ozyilmaz

206 centimeters (6 Feet 9 Inches)

Nelly Alisheva (Fonova) [Nationality: Russia, Born: 1983]

Meme Besnoin [Nationality: USA, Born: 1987]

Marina Burmistrova [Nationality: Russia, Born: February 3, 1974]

Allyssa DeHaan [Nationality: USA, Born: 1988]

Antje Dethloff

Ekaterina Gamova

Elisane Silva

Suzy Gyarfash

Lindsay Hayward [Nationality: USA, Born: 1987]

Kathleen McIntyre

Lyubovi Pascalenco

Oleksandra Prystupa

Wang Ting

Connie Waikle

Wei Wei

Caroline Welz [Nationality: Germany, Born: 1986]
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Ugyur Yushaguli

205 centimeters (6 Feet 8 1/2 Inches)

Young-Hee Kim

Yulia Merkoulova

Haixia Zheng


Ekaterina Lisina

Other Notable tall women

204 centimeters (6 Feet 8 1/2 Inches)

– Kristina Alminaite (Lithuania)
– Milena Boteva (Bulgaria)
– Sarah Foley (UK)
– Katarina Gaertner (Germany)
– Eva Giauro (Italy)
– Anna Kajalina (Estonia)
– Sylvia Klemmt (Germany)
– Martine Lefebvre (France)
– Rose-Marie Scheffler (France)
– Svetlana Singh (India)

203 centimeters (6 Feet 8 Inches)

– Kylee Ballensky (USA)
– Rita Besa (Zambia)
– Vasso Beskaki (Greece)
– Branka Bogunovic (Serbia)
– Elizabeth Cambage (Australia)
– Kristina Cesnaviciute (Lithuania)
– Kelly Ditto (CA, USA)
– Anne Donovan (USA)
– Katie Feenstra (MI, USA)
– Heidi Gillingham-Jackson (USA)
– Barbara Hartman Lynn (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Anke Hillebrand (Germany) – 203cm (6-8)
– Caroline Huttula (Sweden) – 203cm (6-8)
– Julia Kiseleva (Uzbekistan) – 203cm (6-8)
– Dominique Luijckx (Netherlands) – 203cm (6-8)
– Charlotte Lusschen (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Joyce Maddox (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Elena Matveeva (Ukraine) – 203cm (6-8)
– Christa Morriss (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Agnes Nemeth (Hungary) – 203cm (6-8)
– Lindsay Prewitt (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Rhonda Smith (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Maria Stepanova (Russia) – 203cm (6-8)
– Amanda Stringer (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Lindsay Taylor (USA) – 203cm (6-8)
– Olga Zhuzhgova (Russia) – 203cm (6-8)

202 centimeters (6 Feet 7 1/2 Inches)

Olga Potashova (Russia)
Katja Bavendam (Netherlands)
Tracey Braithwaite (Australia)
Razija Brcaninovic-Mujanovic (Bosnia)
Eun-Ju Ha (South Korea)
Svetlana Rodionova (Russia)
Danila Silveira de Mendonca Fabbri (Brazil)
Isis de Melo Nascimento (Brazil)
Pascale van Roy (Belgium)

Notes: (Written by the other writer of course)
There are a few criteria for this list.
1) Only women whose heights are verifiable to be true will be added to the list. People whose height cannot be verified (or hoax) will be listed at the bottom with an asterisk denoting the lack of verification.
2) Women whose height may have decreased due to their age will be denoted as such. We will try to list the actual height in the list, with a side note for her decrease in height. A few of the height statistics come from sources whose claims of height may be different due to conflicts of interest. These stats are denoted as such.

If you know of any information which could help improve this list, reply to this thread to add more sources and verifications.


Here is another list of the tallest women in History. Note that some of the women on the list are no longer living. I found the list from the Top20List.com website link HERE.

1. Trijntje Keever, 8’4.4″, 255.0cm

The oldest and tallest woman in recorded history. She lived from 1616 to 1633.

2. Zeng Jinlian, 8′ 2″, 248.9 cm   (Most sources she would be 8′ 1″ if corrected for spinal curvature)

Zeng was the tallest female ever recorded in medical history. She passed away in 1982.

3. Yao Defen, 7’8″, 233.7cm

Her gigantism is due to a tumor in her pituitary glad which I believe releases the HGH (Human Growth Hormone). There were disputes about who was taller – Yao or Sandy.

4. Sandy Allen, 7’7″, 231.1cm

Recognized as the tallest woman during her life according to Guinness World Records. She passed away in August 2008

5. Maria Feliciana Santo, 7’5″, 226.1cm

6. Margo Dydek, 7’2″, 218.4cm

Dydek is the tallest female basketball player ever to set foot on that court.

7. Svetlana Singh, 7’2″, 218.4cm (actually been documented by thetallestman.com to be actually around 6′ 8″)

She is not just very tall herself, but she has the tallest baby as well.

8. Zainab Bibi, 7’2″, 218.4cm

Zainab Bibi is now settled in the UK after getting an asylum their on grounds that her height is making her life very hard in Pakistan

9. Urmila Kumari Chaudhari, 7’1″, 215.9cm

I believe she is the tallest person in Nepal

10. Lyuba Shilo, 7’0″, 213.4cm

Lyuba is Ukraine’s tallest woman

11. Ulyana Semenova, 6’11”, 210.8cm

She used to be the tallest basketball player in her time.

12. Gwen Bachman, 6’11”, 210.8cm

13. Gitika Srivastava, 6’11”, 210.8cm

14. Zorana Todorovic, 6’10.5″, 209.6cm

15. Ellen Bayer, 6’10”, 208.3cm

16. Jaana Kotova, 6’10”, 208.3cm

Yet another tall basket ball player.

17. Silvia Mesa, 6’10”, 208.3cm

One of the tallest basket ball players

18. Elena Kravchenko, 6’10”, 208.3cm

She is at least a head taller than everyone

19. Amazon ISIS, 6’9.5″, 207.0cm

20. Darina Yegerova, 6’9.5″, 207.0cm   (was found by guinness records to be around 6′ 7″)

She holds the record for the world’s longest legs

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