World Tallest Volleyball Players

I wanted to put another post to showcase the people who have been listed to be among the tallest in the world who has played the sport of Volleyball, nationally, professionally, or locally.

Note: I am sure that there are probably more guys who are in the 2.10 meters to 2.14 meters range who play Volleyball that I have not found or listed on this post. I know that there are some Dutch and Swedish Men’s Volleyball teams where middle blockers are up to 6′ 11″ in height. 

For Females

From Wikipedia….

Nelly Alisheva – She is a middle blocker from Russia who currently plays for Omichka Omsk in the Russian Super League. Nelly was born on born December 20, 1983 in Lipetsk and she stands  2.05 m (6 ft 9 in). Nelly Alisheva (Russian: Нелли Алишева; born December 20, 1983 in Lipetsk) is a Russian volleyball player. She is 2.05 m (6 ft 9 in) tall and plays as center. She plays for Dinamo-Yantar Team since 2003.She is the tallest of left-handed women of the world (The second tallest is Valentina Borrelli).

Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Gamova (Russian: Екатерина Александровна Гамова) (born October 17, 1980 in Chelyabinsk) is a Russian volleyball player. She was a member of the national team that won the gold medals at the 2006 and 2010 FIVB Women’s World Championships, and the silver medal in both the Athens 2004 andSydney 2000 Olympic Games. She is 2.02 m (6 ft 8 in) tall with EU size 49 feet, making her one of the tallest female athletes in the world.[2][3] Her role is outside hitter/opposite.

For Males

Renan Buiatti: 2.12m. tall volleyball player. Renan born in Brazil and have 22 years old. Some media say 2.17m other 2.16m

Wilt Chamberlain – 7′ 1″ (2.16 meters) – President of volleyball association. Chamberlain played volleyball in the short-lived International Volleyball Association, was president of this organization, and is enshrined in the IVA Hall of Fame for his contributions.

From Wikipedia….

Kay van Dijk (born June 25, 1984 in Oosterbeek, Gelderland) is a volleyball player standing at 7′ 0.75″ (2.15 meters tall) from the Netherlands, who represented his native country at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. There he ended up in ninth place with the Dutch Men’s National Team. He is a member of South Korean Gumi LIG Greaters volleyball team since August of 2008.

Dmitriy Muserskiy (born 1988 in Makiivka, Ukraine)[1] is a Russian volleyball player, who competes for Belogorie Belogorod and the national team. He has competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics, where Russia got to the final and won against Brazil. He won 31 points in that match and was Russia’s best player.

Aleksey Valerevich Kazakov (Russian: Алексей Валерьевич Казаков, born May 18, 1976) is an Russian volleyball player. He was born in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Kazakov was a member of the national team that won the bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Four years earlier in Sydney he gained the silver medal. He is 2.18 metres tall, making him one of the tallest athletes in the world. (other sources say he is 2.16 meters tall)

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