World Tallest Female Models Amazon Eve And Elisany Silva

Continuing on with a tradition of finding the tallest people around the world, I present today the tallest female models in the world. In certain professions like basketball, volleyball, and modeling the factor of height does play a major role. For modeling, the people in the industry state that people who have long, tall thin bodies seem to be able to make most type of dress and clothing look good on the model who has the right body shape. I don’t know anything about modeling myself but I would guess modeling is based on looking good and people in general assume that being taller means being more attractive.

For a long time the title of the tallest female model in the world went to a California resident named Amazon Eve who stood a little over at 6′ 8.5″ (or 2.05 meters) tall. (source link HERE) She apparently was trained to be a personal trainer but in recent years she has developed a lot of popularity on the internet for her pictures which makes her look ever bigger. Now a large percentage of her income comes from modeling gigs and she is very proud and happy with her height.

That title recently appears to have to be given up to the Brazilian native¬†Elisany Silva who stand at 6′ 9″ (or 2.06 meters) tall. (source link HERE) I had written a post about Elisany before who I featured as a contender for the title of the world’s tallest teenager. At the time of this writing (2012) Elisany would be age 16 or 17. However, the cause of the great height of these two female models are not the same. Elisany has been diagnosed with gigantism which is from a pituitary tumor issue while it has not been confirmed that Eve has her size from any form of disorder.

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