I Knew This Problem Would Happen And It Just Did, Subject Repost

I realized that I have been writing and doing so much research and posting of articles that I have forgotten a lot of the stuff I have researched just a month ago. There is just so much to take in.

I have always had this slight fear that one day I would do a repost on a subject which I have written before and it finally happened.

As I was going through the post list today, I realized that a very recent post entitled “Composition for Increasing Body Height Using Guanyl Cyclase, A Gene Therapy Height Increase Invention” was basically the exact same post I had written about 1 month ago entitled “Invention Patent: Composition For Increasing Body Height – No FGFR3 Abnormality BY Activating Guanyl Cyclase” (under Complete List of Posts #268). This is really alarming to me since this sort of means that I am forgetting important information. When I first posted the article about the possibility of using Guanyl Cyclase as a possible way to increase height, I really didn’t understand what the article was talking about. Now that it is 1 month later I am far more knowledgeable on what is going on but I am astounded at myself for not catching this posting error sooner.

I am going to guess that when it comes to this specific small niche of knowledge and study, I am always bound to come to the same sources, leads, and ideas as people in the past since 99% of all the ideas I have had on possible height increase methods have already been covered somewhere on Tyler’s blog or Giant Scientific or the Make Me Taller forums. However, I didn’t expect that a post I would write about would have already been posted by me which is very embarrassing.

I am going to try from now on to avoid this type of mistake of writing about a subject which I have already done before, unless it is to further elaborate on the old subject, change it, or fill in more details.

5 thoughts on “I Knew This Problem Would Happen And It Just Did, Subject Repost

  1. Jimmy

    You should consolidate your information into one article. On heightquest they always have multiple articles for the same subject and it’s annoying.

    1. admin

      That is my plan for the pages that talk about entire subjects like Orthopaedics or Endocrinology. Eventually all information will be available on only a few posts.

  2. MiniGolfer

    Well, even if it’s on the same subject you have new perspectives on a topic.

    And it should be noted that although FGFR1 and FGFR3 inhibition is good for open plates. It may not be best for closed plates as FGFR1/3 may have chondroinductive properties. It’s just that chondrocyte hypertrophy is more important than everything else.

    And it’s going to be the case where information on height increase isn’t the best organized give how much advancement and new ideas rapidly presented in the field.

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