Real Bone Growth Stimulator Devices On Sale On Ebay, Works For People With Fractures And Open Epiphyseal Plates

Me: Recently I posted a post for a patent entitled “Method for non-invasive electrical stimulation of epiphyseal plate growth” and there has been some good response. Tyler told me to get in contact with the patent’s inventor, a Carl T Brighton who I did research on by searching google.

It turns out this Carl T. Brighton is a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania for the Mckay¬†Orthopaedic Research Laboratory. This is the resource link of the page HERE. Here is Professor/Doctor Brighton’s contact information below. He is a MD and a Ph.D. wow.




However that is not what I wanted to talk about. I have worked in academics and industry before, for professors doing bimolecular research in the university lab and for research based companies looking for HIV vaccines so would I would guess that this Brighton guy acted more like a scientific advisor or chief science research officer for the company Biolectron Inc.

This is what the company Biolectron Inc. was doing (from Bloomberg Businessweek website HERE).

What I will be trying to do is first try to get in contact with this Dr. Brighton guy and ask about his research and this extremely old patent he had created nearly 30 years ago. from what I know about patent laws, which is very little, people spent tens of thousands or even millions of dollars to buy patents to protect intellectual property. Most patents have a working life of like 12 years, which after that they lose their power and other people can then look at the “black box’ magic inside. However, there are companies like Apple , HP, and Genentech which have used their lawyers to keep trade secrets and patents from the public eye for even decades by using legal procedure to extend the life of patents longer and longer.

I will also be trying to get in contact with the people of Biolecrton Inc., like the CEO Adam Rudolph Johnson. All I really have to do is type in his name into Linkedin and his profile should appear. These days almost every professional uses and has a LinkedIn profile. Even if he doesn’t work at Biolectron anymore he would have still put it on his CV/Resume for past experience. If I can sent him an email or Inmail, I might be able to get more information on the type of devices this Biolectron company was developing.

On a stroke of amazing, pure crazy luck I managed to find on EBAY many devices being sold that was made and created by the company. Just type the word “biolectron” into ebay and see what pops up.

Here is a picture of all of the devices available for you to purchase, with one that is supposed to help increase your epiphyseal plate in your distal tibial region that is only for $10. A very good deal.


For one of my next posts I am going to try to review all of the devices on sale and try to make an educated guess at which device will work the best and have the most possible height increase ability.

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  1. Jimmy

    Any testimonials on how well the devices work? If these stimulators actually generate bone then that would be a huge breakthrough!


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