The Chinese Analogue Equivalent Of The Height Increase, Grow Taller Natural Herbal Supplement Pill

Me: This post is more to show to anyone who is interested at what types of supplement pills are being branded and sold on the internet for the Chinese community. Again, I can’t read what the chinese words say. I do know that the word in Chinese for “tall” is “gao” so I would guess the first product being showns and advertised “GAOMAX” is a product being sold as a height increase supplement. 

From my background and my educational experience, I have a personal bias against non-western medicine which include ideas like homeopathy, aryuvedic medicine, and chinese herbs. However, I only really care about what works. If these ideas and method work, I wouldn’t care a damn bit where they originated. It is just that I don’t believe these oral supplements being sold online are effective. Don’t buy this stuff.  BUT that is just my own personal opinion. You are your own person so you should make your own decisions on what you think is right and good. 

If you want to try out the products, that is cool with me. If you get results and grow taller, that would be even better. I don’t want to stop anyone from buying these products because we should never say that something is impossible or can never work. That would only limit us and keep us from opening up our minds to greater possibilities. 

The website links these products were found from are HERE. The name of the website is Zhong Yao which roughly translated into English as Chinese Medicine or Chinese Traditional Medicine.

There is a picture clip of the types of pills sold below you can see.

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