Patent For Chinese Medicine Causing Height Increase

While doing my search to find other links and sources which can validate the stories that people have manage dot gain height from using Chinese Traditional Medicine i.e. Homeopathy, I stumbled upon a link which shows what appears to be a real patent written on a Chinese based website which talks about a herbal/homeopathic mixture which can ┬áincrease a person’s height. I can’t tell right now whether this patent and document is just a joke, scam, or fake. There is very little I can do since I can’t read or write Chinese. I don’t even have any idea how you are supposed to entree chinese characters in the computers so I am stuck. If it was in English I would be able to do some searching for the sources and creators of this patent.

My Interpretation On This Invention/ Device

If you look at the far corner of the link I provided, it shows that this document was found from the website which is a Chinese Database where people can search for chemical names and compounds. From what I found I would guess you can also find Patents created by fellow Chinese.

This the concoction composition and ingredients below found form the source link page.

The present invention relates to a Chinese medicine capable of obviously promoting health development of human body, increasing height of body and promoting brain development. Said invention uses the Chinese medicinal materials of ginseng 0.2-2g, ass hide glue 5-15g, oyster shell 1-6g, turtle shell 0.5-2g as main material, and uses white poria, 0.5-3g, silkworm droppings 0.5-2g and gizzard lining 0.5-2g as auxiliary material. It can be made into capsule, pill and oral liquor.

A clip of the patent information is is placed below. From this link HERE.















Here is the Chinese Translated version of the picture clip above. Can any of you regular readers read Chinese or understand what they are saying?

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