Beating And Eliminating The Grow Taller Scams And Bullshit On The Internet

I have been very patient with the numerous numbers of grow taller scams and bullshit on the internet but I have recently been loosing the tolerance for these types of sites.

When I was first starting out on the website, I had to accept the idea that the internet which is a sort of Wild West where almost anything goes and swindlers and sales people try to sell everything under the sun to get people like us to open our wallets and pull out our credit cards. I accepted it and I was sort of happy that I would be able to build a sort of brand and place where real height increase and grow taller research and information could be found. One of the first things I did on the website was to create a section which lists all of the fake, non useful, sleazy websites and webpages out there who are trying to trick me. I worked on it for 3-4 days finding nearly a hundred websites. I went through as many google ranking webpages as possible to find all of the fake stuff.

Most of it were affiliate websites and links to the scam Grow Taller 4 Idiots or the (Company will not be named) program. There were a lot of grow taller supplements out there too which made me realize that most people wanted a easy solution to their problem which doesn’t exist. I slowly wrote out the product reviews trying to make the internet a better place and blasted all of the grow taller supplements showing how none of them work.

However, now I am tired. I am very tired of the crap I am finding on the internet. The frustration has been building and I don’t know how much I can take. It is becoming harder and harder to find real useful information for the website since the fake grow taller websites have been using all the SEO and internet marketing tricks to rank higher on Google than the useful website which must be out there. If I type in the phrases “height increase” or “grow taller” I don’t see my website on the front ┬ápage, or any of the resulting pages. My website is ranked somewhere in the lower end and for any of the genuine people who want to grow taller, they never find my website. It is a loss/loss situation for everyone, except maybe the people who are plugging the Grow Taller 4 Idiots programs.

I want to beat and eliminate all of the webpages that do nothing but make my life and the research 10X harder than it already is. Why can’t Google realize that for this specific niche on the internet, nearly 95% of all of the website are just fake sales pages which do nothing but annoy people and give no real value? They should be trying to remove those websites and stop all the people playing the internet marketing game in backlinking.

How many times do I have to read a fake sales page tell me that I should drink milk, get more sleep, and do some stretching? I am dealing with bullshit after bullshit everyday in searching through the internet space. I want to be ranked higher, get more traffic, and help more people. I want to be at least on the 1st page of google rankings when a person types in the phrase “how do i grow taller” at least.


3 thoughts on “Beating And Eliminating The Grow Taller Scams And Bullshit On The Internet

  1. MiniGolfer

    Don’t expect much on Google’s end. Why spend resources on improving search when people are fine with Wikipedia ranking on top?

    We need attention from mainstream websites and sources. This = backlinks and higher rankings.

    1. admin

      there are plenty of people from government branches and unviersities all coming to the website. all it takes is just a few to link to the work we are doing. someone from the giant scientific forum found my website and even wrote a post about it which is helping bring in some traffic.

  2. djaninformer

    there isnt any thing out there about getting taller if there was it would have been televised the only options really are silicone in you heels or limb lengthening n


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