My Issues, Problems, And Concerns With Giving Any Form Of Height Increase Or Grow Taller Advice

This post is to express all of my own personal issues, problems, and concerns with being a person who might be someone people come to or turn to to get advice about how to increase in height or grow taller from. I have noticed that in the last week or so I have been getting multiple email messages to the website email at people who have been asking me for advice on how they can possibly increase their height. Some of them are young and have their growth plates still open. Others are slightly older and have gone past puberty.

Let me state something very clearly right off the bat….

“I am not an expert. I really don’t know or understand as well of the subject of auxology as it seems.” 

When I write or post stuff on this website, I am in the position of a student, a learner of the subjects. I am not a teacher but I do enjoy educating others on some subjects which I have passion about. And I am passionate about auxology. I find it so fascinating that this rather obvious and simply and easy to define problem has never found a solution for so long throughout human history. In the internet space there is almost no website that looks at this specific goal or problem legitimately and actually try to find a real solution.

If you are going to find my email and write to me, I feel slightly uncomfortable giving you advice. There is only a few things I could say but they are probably the same type of stuff I would give to other people who ask the exact same type of question.

Now, let’s see how my advice to your question could possibly turn out. There really is only 3 possible solutions…

1. You get no results – If you happened to not grow/ increase in height from my advice, you might get angry, defensive, and accusatory in attitude and say that I am a charlatan, a fraud, who doesn’t know what I am talking about. Maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. Maybe I am just a bunch of hot air.

I mean, when I see some of the comments left on the HeightQuest blog/website I realize that a lot of people are not getting any results, get very frustrated, and say that LSJL doesn’t work. The other big frustration is that the regular readers and people who have been doing the clamping can’t figure out why is it that Tyler has been the only one who has managed to increase in height to a level which is beyond obvious measurement error. Do I really want to put this website, my own character, my own competence, and the brand of this endeavor in that type of negative light?

2. You get results but you think it was not from my advice – You might decide to try out my advice, but somewhere after the first 3-4 days you lose the discipline, you stop doing whatever exercises or supplement taking I advise. A week later you remember my adivce so you go back to it but you drop the routine or program I created for you over again but decide to pick it up again 2 weeks later when your life seems to have gotten slightly busier. And this pattern repeats itself over and over again. You try out or follow my advice only 25-50% of the time. 3 Months goes by and then you find that you grew say 1 inch.

At this point you have to make a decision at wondering whether it was really my advice that helped you grow or whether it is just natural and it was always going to happen whether I advised you or not.

This is the biggest problem with any advice which I might give. I am in a Catch-22 in my situation. On the one hand, I know for a definitive fact that I can help kids who still have the natural growth possibility (ie open growth plates) to increase even more their growth rate to reach a higher final height. On the other hand, if (or maybe when) these kids to increase their height, I and them can’t really say for sure that it was really from the advice from me.

What would have to be done is to have pair of identical twins try out my advice for one entire year when both are still young enough to grow. That would offer quite possibly the best proof that either my advice would definitely work or I am sure talking nosense. However I don’t know whether I will ever get the influence or opportunity to carry out that type of experiment out.

The only possible outcomes I can see will be all bad though, 4 possibilities totally ….

a. The identical twin who takes my advice diligently become taller than their twin – their twin starts to resent them for being taller. Animosity builds up between them.

b. The identical twin who takes my advice diligently become shorter then their twin – I get called out for being a fraud and it turns out I have been a horrible consultant. I might even get sued for my nigligence and I get financial ruined, declare bankruptcy, and have to live on the street.

c. The identical twin decides not to take my advice diligently – Any results they get which is good they will take credit for. Any bad results which they see they will put the blame on me.

d. The identical twin who takes my advice diligently is the same height as their twin – Again this will suggest that all of my advice which gave them was useless and did nothing. Not a good thing for me for all the research I have done already. It would seem to suggest that all of my research and work was worthless and totally a waste.

3. You get results and you think it was from my advice – Then all I can say is that “great!” you got some results, you are happy, and maybe you decide to spend 3 minutes of your life to write a simple nice email to thank me for helping you get what you want. From a personal selfish point of view, I don’t really get anything substantial from it except an electronic message of curt thanks which they will forget about 5 minutes after writing it.

Objectively, there is very little that I could probably do that could prove to you that my advice would even work. At this point, I am very hesitant to give advice. I would guess that the people who ask me the question want a sort of “magic bullet” which I have discussed before. The reader of this post who has messaged me, I want to tell you that there is no “best” method or strategy.

When I started this website I sincerely wanted to help people and change people’s lives. I guess a part of me dreamed that I would get multiple page long messages from readers saying how much they liked my websiite and how much it has helpe dthem. Almost all the messages I do get are just the short, almost rude in tone questions from people who ask me what is the “secret technique” to grow taller or the “best routine” to do increase in height. My usual first response is that at least be courteous and polite in your messages. I don’t have a “best routine” or “secret technique”. This thing is hard and like all hard questions, there might never be a definite answer to the question.

It does feel like sometimes that a lot of the time that my work and effort has been for in vain and that I am not appreciated at all.

I have my bad qualities and parts. I know that I am not a saint but can get selfish sometimes. I want at least something of substance back for the work that I do.

That is why I have really been thinking about charging a fee for my services to people who message to the website email and decide to ask for advice on how to increase their height. That doesn’t mean that I will charge a fee, only that I have been contemplating and considering it.

Good intentions can only go so far in this world. Don’t abuse the good will of others and treat them as disposable commodities, especially when you come to them to ask them for something that you want. 

So that is all the issues, problems, and concerns I have been feeling or thinking about as a reaction from the number of messages that have been coming to the website email from people around the world. I don’t get angry at people unless they intentionally try to harm me. I just get annoyed and I noticed that I am getting annoyed. Sorry about that. I’ll try to do what I can to help out whenever I can.


3 thoughts on “My Issues, Problems, And Concerns With Giving Any Form Of Height Increase Or Grow Taller Advice

  1. MiniGolfer

    You could start experimenting. Pressure based(LSJL), tensile strain(Sky’s pulling apparatus although I think you may be better at twisting the bone or pulling the bone sideways rather than the way sky did it), supplement based, microfracture based.

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