New Proposed Height Increase Method Using Feet Calcaneus Enlargement Through GH Injections And BMPs

I was sitting around writing up another post today when I realized that I currently have 1 technique to increase the length of the legs, another to increase the length of the torso, but what about the other areas? I thought about the head but there is not a lot I could think of at the time except wear taller hats like Abe Lincoln. I moved to the feet and I had a rather simple idea.

We know that from the condition of gigantism and acromegaly that the extremities and localized regions in a person can be enlarged and made bigger through a lot of growth hormones. Anthony Robbins and Shaq are known for having extremely large hands and feet. Obviously Robbins large hands and teeth are from his pituitary issue.

So why can’t we just buy some growth hormones, somatotropin, the real stuff and inject some into the blood vessels that reach out feet? given enough time, the irregular bones in the feet should expand in width. Since the layout of the long bones in the feet is flat on the ground, any increase in width of the long bones and irregular bones will only cause the distance between the bones and the ground to increase, which is effectively increasing height.

From this link HERE we find a male who states that his feet grew more than 1 shoe size when he is 28.

We know that the calcaneus is the heel bone at the back of the feet. Any increase of this bone will cause the entire body to be pushed up. I had in a previous post talked about feet heel implants to increase in height and that was implants at the calcaneus. I would say that a person who tries to inject growth hormones or BMPs into the blood stream that feed the mineralization and maintenance of the bones in the feet will lead to enlarged bones and cause some height increase, say 1-1.5 cm throughout a 1-5 year range time.

The height gain will be minimal and probably would lead to possible deformity and disfigurement but my point for this idea is a possible proof of concept.


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