A Final Message On The InstaHEIGHT Products And Any Other Height Increase E-Products Out There, For You Rafael

Note: This is a message for Rafael and any other future and new readers who come to this website asking about E-Products found on the internet dealing with Height Increase.

I was planning on not writing any new posts for at least 7 days while I change a few things on the website but this new recent development has to be resolved.

In my last post I had done a product review on the E-Books from the InstaHEIGHT.com website since a regular reader of the website Rafael informed me and another regular reader that there was another E-Book for Height Increase out there. I looked at the website, read the links and citations, and had concluded that the book is part of a scam.

Maybe I was not clear on what I mean. What I meant to say is that the E-product will not work for a person who is already a physically mature adult, with no growth plates available. If you are still young and can still grow, the advice might help. If your bones are set, I would suggest trying something else.

I have looked through the 2 main products, the E-Book “HGH Explained, Understanding InstaHEIGHT Super Massing” and the E-Book “Inch Adding, Get Taller Today” both by authors Deavon Stollar & Harry Pope.

A Slightly Deeper Analysis: First of all, the 1st PDF/Book is only 41 pages of actual PDF writing with 4 of those pages with pictures of only ads. The other book/PDF is 21 pages with 5 of the pages having no information. All the information in the E Books I can reproduce at a higher level of detail. Of course I have been researching and studying this stuff for a few months though. On the first Doc there is suppose to be a chapter #7 which is entitled ” The instaHeight super massing procedure ” and that on pg. 34 is completely missing. Why is that entire chapter missing?  There is also no actual steps or actions the Book tells me to actually take in the entire PDF. I could not find any steps on what I should be actually doing. The chapter that is supposed to be of actual use and action is missing. 

All the 3 E-Book PDFs  you have given me I have already uploaded to the “Downloads” section of the website. I want to show and give it to the other people in the world who wish to look at it, analyze it, and see if it is real or not. If you are upset at me over this since they did not have to pay that type of money, then I will pay you the money back for it. Just contact me on the website email, sent me your Bank account Real Name, routing #, account #, and which bank you use (need bank transit #) and I will transfer you the $67 you paid through my Bank Of America checking account if you should desire. All that I ask is that you come along this website and write a message which will be posted saying that I have given you my own money to help you out so that at least you won’t be hurt financially by this.

[Note: Since you are the first reader of this website to be so adamant and believe in an E-Product that I have not seen before, I will only do this ONE time and never again. I will be giving you my own money just to cover you if you so should wish but this will not happen again for anyone else after this event.]

If you happened to be a internet marketer who is selling the InstaHEIGHT product and trying to trick me by coming to this website to promote the product then I can only say that I am sorry about that. We all have to make our own decisions on how we choose to live our lives. Rafael, I am going to ask that you try to use the Refund policy on the InstaHEIGHT website and get your money back.   The internet is full of huckster and sometimes we get tricked. I have been tricked myself when I didn’t know better.

I have not revealed who I am at this time yet but I think it is time that I at least reveal my first name to the readers of this website/blog to  make myself more transparent. I am really hear to inform, help others, and do research for this endeavor.

My name is Michael. I am 28 years old. And I want to help myself and others possibly get taller and gain extra height. Honestly, legitimately, with real scientific evidence and facts. 

9 thoughts on “A Final Message On The InstaHEIGHT Products And Any Other Height Increase E-Products Out There, For You Rafael

  1. Rafael Gonzalez


    If you are referring to me in terms of the financial coverage, I will be sending you my bank info as soon as today. I have not been able to get a hold of the InstaHeight staff through their supposed support address.

    Thanks for the coverage and I will personally let you know what my results shall be. I purchased the supplements I will be needing for the program and will prepare my diet accordingly.

    I appreciate your help.

    Thanks a million,


  2. MiniGolfer

    The book was entertaining but there’s no scientific research just what would be considered common sense. But, we know that the body doesn’t abide by common sense. There’s no evidence that the body gets taller based on need. It would be an interesting study though and you could do a topic more popular like fat loss. A paper studying how thoughts influence fat fighting genes.

    1. admin

      It might be common sense for people who research this stuff like us but it can be new information for people who have never been exposed to this stuff before.

    2. Rafael Gonzalez

      With all due respect, the body can adapt to the changes described in the book if you are young enough…I don’t quite think it is “common sense”. What exactly did you notice as being of common sense”? Also, let’s not underestimate the benefits of fasting (water only), which is described in the book as well. It is scientifically proven that fasting DOES increase HGH.

  3. Rafael Gonzalez

    Hello again,

    For starters, I am to start the InstaHeight Super Massing routine in about one-two weeks’ time, once the workload has subsided. Michael has agreed to back me up with the e-book’s full price in case it doesn’t work ($67), and for this I am grateful. Thank you very much for believing in me Michael, and my intention, as I said before, is not to attack fellow commenters or the admin himself. However (even though it’s in my genes to be tall and could have a growth spurt any time at only 21 years old), I have a dream to be over 6 feet tall, and as Chris Gardner once said “….you have to protect it. You want something, go get it. Period”.

    I will be informing people about the results once they are actually visible, and I’m not talking about 1-2 cm increases.

    Does growth happen by chance or by willingness to go the extra mile? The latter possibility is 150% credible in my opinion. What’s yours?

  4. Alvin

    Hi Michael!
    I am the one who’s in instaheight program. I have followed the program for 3 months, but I haven’t get any noticable height increase. I think it’s not because this program is a scam because I don’t follow this program as written in the book. The first 2 months, I decide to do the program without the sweet spot ( it feels like twitches in my muscle). So I don’t have any improvement in my height gain.
    And the next month (1 month ago from now), I decided only do the cartilage stimulation which are squat and stretching exercise. So, after my 48 hours fast, and the 49th-50th hour, I do the squat (heavy squat like only 5 max rep that I can lift . I did the squat with the correct form and did it inside a squat rack, of course). Right after the squat, I do the stretching exercise so the total of my workout is about 20 minutes (15 minutes for squats, and 5 minutes of hanging and stretch). Right after that, I take my glucosamine chondroitin and MSM in pill. The dosage is 500mg glucosamine, 400 mg chondroitin, and 83 mg msm (each pill; the serving suggestion is one pill with meal, three times a day). But I only take the pill (only one), right after my squat and stretch). And after that, I wait for the twitchiness in my back or leg muscle. If in one day, I dont feel and twitch in my muscle, I don’t even do the squat and stretch exercise, and of course not taking the pill.
    After a month, I measured my height and didn’t see any height gain.
    Btw, I’m 19 y.o and have been in this same height since I was 17 y.o .
    I also change my diet, I only eat brown rice (not white rice), drink only water, and eat lots of meat per day and have a calcium supplement. Vitamin D so I think there”s not lack of calcium and vitamin D in my diet.

    The thing that’s in my mind is I actually feel the sweet spot, so I don” t think intaheight is a scam. The sweet spot often noticable. The twitch especially after my first stimulation is very noticable (just like a frog try to jump out from my muscle). But the rest of the sweet spot, was like only “not noticable minor twitch in my muscle”. I don’t know what’s wrong in my program.
    +) is it because I am wrong defining the sweet spot? (After the twitch, I go to do the squat exercise immediately). In this past first week of january, I changed my strategy, so I squat-then 1 minutes after that I take the pill- and after that I go hanging in the pull up bar and stretch for like 7 minutes.
    +) is it because I only take 500/400/83mg of glucosamine chondroitin and msm in my sweet spot day? ( The rest days which are the sweet spot not happening, I don’t do squat,stretch and not taking any pill). But in this first week of january, I always stretch and hang right after/before I go to sleep for like 10 minutes).
    +)do you think I should do the stretch as a matter of routine, but the squat as a matter of the sweet spot? Or should I do only when I feel the sweet spot for both of the squat and stretch?
    +) and my final question and what has been making trouble in my mind is.. Should I increase the dosage of my glucosamine chonroitin and msm pill right after my squat and strech? ( So if I only do the stimulations when I feel the sweet spot, I think I will take 2-3 pill at one gulp; so it became 1000-1500mg of glucosamine, 800-1200 mg of chondroitin; and 250 mg of msm? But I dont”t drink any pill if I haven’t feel any sweet spot.
    +)or should I drink the same dosage of the glucosamine chondroitin msm pill every day even if I dont feel any sweet spot?
    +) and the final choice, should i divide it 3 times a day, taking it after my stretching exercise (in the morning right after i wake up), take another pill after the stretching exercise before sleep. And the last pill, is for the squat exercise (if i feel any sweet spot). So i do this stretching exercise as a matter of routine, and the squat only if i feel any sweet spot.
    Anyway, will it be okay, if i take 3 pills in one gulp? The serving size is 1 pill for 3 times a day. (I Haven”t tried the 3 pills in one gulp. Lol).

    Almost forgot, i maintain perfect posture in my days even not all the time, but i am working to it. I also reach the high thing, just like a basket ball ring every day. I have 2 days of fast in a week and 5 days of the stimulation in the week.

    Well, could you once again read the book, and share me your opinion about what choice should i take regarding to my program. I quite do not beleive that it’s a scam, because i felt the Sweet spot and i think because there’s a missing puzzle that i don’ t realize it in this program.

    I would appreciate your response, Michael!


    1. Joan

      how’s it going Michael? Have you seen significant results already? I’m looking forward for your reply! Thanks.

  5. Tom Gunn

    So has anyone got any results from InstaHeight Super Massing or is it not worth buying? Im currently 19 years old and am 5’9 1/2. I know that thats not really considered short at all but since all the men in my family are 6’0″+ and even my sisters who are younger and around the same height as me I get labeled as the short one. I was hoping that someone could give me some information on InstaHeight Super Massing or any other product/ebook that has worked for them and have had permanent results with even after completing the program in which they used and not going back to their original height. My goal is to grow at least 3 inches so I can finally be in that 6’0″ and get out of the label that Im the “short one” in my family. Any help at all is appreciated. Thank you.

    – Tom


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