Adjustable Heel Lift Height Increase Silicone Shoe Insole 7 Pads, Why I Think This Product Is Horrible

Heel Lift Height Increase Silicone Shoe Insole 7 Pads

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I remember seeing these height increase silicone shoe insoles on Ebay and I wanted to share it with the readers. From just an initial look at the insoles, I would say that this shoewear is a horrible product. The claim is that the stacked insole has 7 layers, which all combine together to give a person a 2.75 inch increase (or 7 cm). You also have the nice option of removing and adding the insoles depending on how high and tall you want the extra height.

Here is my problem with it. Obviously anyone who buys this product wants to look taller, and be discrete about it. They would want to be as much taller as possible so they would want to use all 7 layers. However, there are very few shoes in the world which has enough space to fit the entire 7 layers, which would probably take up 50% of all the space inside any shoe. If you put all 7 layers in, there is no room left for ones’s foot.

If you look at most sneakers, boots, or dress shoes, the level where the feet’s heel touch and were the surrounding material covers is only around 2-3 inches high. This insole would push the level of where the heel of the feet would go past even that surrounding material. There is not where the feet can go. In addition, even if you did buy larger sized shoes, with taller surrounding material, you can see that the insole is pushed up to a really slanted angle at almost a 45 angle. I don’t know any human feet that is structured to be able to fit comfortably in a shoe with this type of insole inside. The back heel bone (calcanus) would have to be grinded to half of it’s volume at a plane angle to get the feet to slide into the shoes. Of course then the hassle and difficulties would be too much for just a silicone insole.

So the 3 major problems are…

1. The 7 layer insole would take up so much room inside the shoes that the feet would not be able to go in or fit.

2. The 7 layer insole would be so high that it would be so close or even higher than the surrounding erect shoe material that one can not hold the feet in place without sliding out.

3. The 7 layer insole is designed so that it is at a steep angle. There is no human feet structured that can fit in a shoe with this type of insole inside since the back bone is protruding outwards and downwards.

To solve the three problems, one would have to obviously remove at least 4 of the insoles so that the feet can fit relatively comfortably and easily into the shoes. If that is the case, then why would anyone want to buy 7 layers in the first place when it would make the most practical sense to sell what would actually work, which is probably 3-4 layers.  


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