How To Stack Height Increase Insole Inserts Into Your Footwear And Shoes

I remember reading from the old website that Sky talked about just adding height increase insole inserts into one’s shoes to make oneself taller. From source HERE

Cushioned Shoe Insoles

How it works:  By wearing these cushioned shoe insoles, you’ll immediately look up to 2 centimeters taller.
Experimented by:  Sky & other clubgoersStatistical Success Rate:  Very High (Athletes & Others)
Level of Difficulty:  Very EasyDuration:  3 weeks (December 2003)Result:  Temporary height gain
These are the cushioned shoe insoles that I purchased from Foot Locker for $20 per pair. Don’t be afraid to wear them often since they are surprisingly soft and comfortable.

Want to see what it’s really like to be a bit taller? More attention from girls? Although it’s not satisfying to believe that you’re taller with the help of the insoles, it’s still amazing to feel what it’s really like when you’re 2 cm taller.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you should try it sometimes (at nightclubs or any crowded events) and you’ll immediately attract the attention from the opposite sex due to your tall stature. Note that 1 pair is usually about 1 centimeter thick.  You’ll be 2 cm taller if you wear 2 pairs.  Where to buy these cushioned shoe insoles?  At any retail stores such as Foot Locker, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.  However, the best insoles on the market are from Foot Locker (located in USA).

I remember trying to add these types of insoles into my own shoes and boots years ago to make myself taller. The insoles are quite comfortable and fit well over the feet. They are usually not very thick, at about giving one slightly less than 1 cm in extra height so I tried to stack 3-4 together to add the height. For me, the total extra height never went over 2 inches (5 cm). It was hard to fit them into the shoes so what I had to do was actually cut the insoles progressively smaller and smaller as they stacked on top of each other. Another big problem is that as you stack the insoles, the space that you can insert the feet becomes progressively smaller and smaller since the shoe is getting filled up. The only way around this is to buy larger shoes. With the larger shoes, you can add more insoles and stack them. If there is too many, it would look very awkward when walking in those shoes. Focus on finding comfortable shoes. When buying the insoles remember to cut the edges to fit for the shoes. For example, assuming you are male, if your feet size is 10, buy shoes that are size 13, and get three insole inserts. Most insoles you buy from the major markets come in size 13 insoles which are supposed to be cut and trimmed to fit smaller feet. This means you can just add the first two inserts without the need to cut anything. The last one you would hav to trim a little to size 11. When you are finished, add the last part in and it should fit very snugly into there.

If you are female, if you wear too high of a heel, the amount of loading on one’s knees will be very high. It would take one misstep to sprain, and tear the ankle bad enough to require surgery. Personally I would suggest moving towards the high heeled sneakers that are really popular these days. They can give up to 2 inches in extra height which is not a lot compared to the 4-5 inch heels one sees but you can add insole inserts into these easily and stack up. I would say 3 insoles added up to 1 inch when the fact that one’s weight of 100-200 lb is loaded down on them. With that 1 extra inch, one can feel really both comfortable and have the extra height, which the taller heels don’t give. Remember that taller heels is just an ankle break or sprain waiting to happen. While I am not a female so I don’t know how easily they are to be worn, I would guess that they are not comfortable and safe for most females.

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