Youtube Discovery – Foot Stimulating Magnet Powered Height Increase Growth Machine Infomercial From China

Me: I somehow came across this infomercial on this device from China who is supposed to be able to stimulate growth and make people taller and increase height by somehow stimulating the feet using magnets and magnetic power. (Note: If we remember from elementary physics, the Magnetic force actually can do NO work so even the term of “magnetic power” is wrong since delB dot deld equals 0). The speaker of the video says that you attach the device to your feet somehow although the video never shows what it looks like. It seems to cost 1500 Chinese Yuan which converts to about $200 USD. I can save you some time right now so you don’t have to read any further on this infomercial product, it won’t work on physically mature adults. Move on, nothing to see here.

I don’t think I need to go into detail to justify or make sense the reason why I think this method of possibly increasing height is bogus. It reminds me a lot of the YOKO or KIMI height increase feet insole device we looked at in the beginning of this website. Magnetic technology and magnetic fields may have some way to possibly increase height and help grow taller but it has not been validated by any scientific research or PubMed studies, at least nothing which I have found in my searching so far. The fact that a height increase device is on an infomercial makes its credibility drop a lot, and the fact that it is sold in China makes it even less trustworthy.

I would guess that this device being sold is never intended for people who are already physically mature. The two people who are shown in the infomercial look really young, like teenagers so they probably still could grow if they really did use the device. There is not way to tell if their height increase is from natural genetics, food, and the normal growth process, or it is because of the device. This means that the validation of the device can never be proved wrong or right, but inconclusive.

In the video, we hear a guy who seems to have a British accent laugh at the informercial and talk down about it. He says at the end “if you believe that, you’ll believe anything”. It is possible that there might be real gullible people in China who are desperate enough to want to grow taller who will pick up that phone and dial to get this device.

This is a Youtube discovery found from this video link HERE


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