Body Tractor For Growing Taller For Sale On Chinese Infomercial

Me: This may be one device which might actually help increase one’s height a little, at least temporarily, and only for people who already are losing height from spinal and vertebral curvature. When I was first getting started on the website, I remembered that on Ebay and Amazon there were quite a few Traction machines for sale and I was supposed to review the products but I realized it would not be possible to review the machines if I hadn’t tried them out myself. Since I am not in a stable location right now, I can’t buy the big machine so I couldn’t review the traction machines.

For the longest time, many people has claimed that the traction machine can increase people’s height. In terms of common sense physics principles, that seems reasonable. You are lying horizontally like you are sleeping. The force of gravity is thus not compressing down on your vertebrae so your disks decompress a little. The traction machine holds your head or neck steady on one side and then holds your feet and ankles clamped on the other side. With a lever , you slowly increase the distance between your head and neck with your feet and ankle.

The infomercial is really, REALLY cheesy and they claim that people in advanged age can gain 5-7 cm extra height and that adolescents can gain 7- 15 cms. That claim is just ridiculous since that means a height increase of up to 6 inches. As for medical treatment, the claim is that the traction machine can also decrease the symptoms of deformed spinal disks such as soreness, aches, bone spurs, and insomnia. The testimonials and actors are just horrible since they get a group of foreign people all saying how much they like the device in different languages. It is supposed to be able to stretch all 37 (or 27) joints in the spine (I think). Apparently this device is approved by some Chinese Organization with a Certificate that few people other than the Chinese can read. They really are trying to sell you on this device and it costs about $2000-3000 USD.

The video was taken from Youtube video link HERE

44 thoughts on “Body Tractor For Growing Taller For Sale On Chinese Infomercial

  1. MiniGolfer

    I think to achieve the leg lengthening illusion the pants roll up. I’m intrigued by the magnets.

    The problem is that there’s no trial period so the device may be cumbersome. I think the feet and head would be prone to slippage.

    1. RomelLO

      Money was sent via moneygram for a back stretch machine. No contact ever since. They don’t respond to emails once they receive. They use western union and money gram. I have nothing to show other than the receipt from moneygram. Moneygram did warn me and I didn’t listen.

  2. Gene

    I might have misread but on the website the Body Tractor is listed under the Philippine peso which is about $342.00.
    I still do not believe it would work.

  3. penchong

    i think the body tractor here in philippines is more or less 18000 pesos i watch it in a channel here in.philippines hope i help you bye

  4. Bryan

    I’ve been using this for 2years at most

    the height increaser is not true!!!! but I love it when my back is stress I use this everytime and I feel relieve after using it.

      1. dinesh

        hey, nonsense, where the hell u r selling this machine, if u really sell this then why u r number is switched off always, jus stop playing and get lost JOSPHINE JAVIER , while i need this machine for urgent why this wrong commitment that u sell this, better go and see u r wife or gf and make a time pass, , , madher chuthhhhhh

      1. dinesh

        if u have sold the machine plz remove this posting, or sell the girls of u r house – josphine javier


    Please Let me Known that this product is available in India and how can I order it and from where.
    Please provide Details in this regard.


    i am looking forward to buy this machine,how much does it cost?
    i am 5″8feet in tall?
    what is the maximum possible height that i could achieve using this machine ?

    1. Syd

      Probably not much because stretching too much could cause dislocation. It reminds me of the torture device called ‘the rack’. It probably does straightens your back more making you taller a little but even if you do grow taller it is probably very little and temporary. 5’8″ is not short in fact that’s a good hight as you are not to big to fit in places yet not too small not to reach most things on shelves and stuff. You should be happy that your not 5’1″ which I am and I’m an adult. Only good thing about being my hight is its easier to squeeze into small places, and fit in seats in airplanes, cars, and on rollercosters and other rides easier and not get squished by other people.


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