How Do I Get Taller, How Can I Be Taller, And How Can You Get Taller, The Most Searched Google Keyword Phrases For This Niche

Me: One of my objectives is to turn this website/blog into the most informative, ultimate resource guide and place on the entire internet space for the research and science of height increase and grow taller. To do that, I will have to be able to rank higher and higher in google. My primary way is from writing a high quantity of articles with great content. The 2nd main way is to produce as much original content as possible. The third way for this website to go higher and higher in the internet is to use specific phrases to connect to the google approach to find relevant information. One of the strategies Google does to figure which sites are better, and thus which sites are worth putting up higher is to look for keywords. So when I write articles, I am also letting it easier for google’s search engine to find me. The more I write, the more that people searching for terms and phrases can find me. I realize that many of the articles are not specifically related to height increase sometimes but that is really me trying to reach a larger audience of people. At this point, I am just trying to build up the audience of this website to be bigger, even though the content is still very shallow and weak in originality and depth. Once I have managed to at least touch upon every single subject and idea out there, then the serious research will start.

Main Goal For This Post: I am trying to use as many of the keywords and keyword phrases that Google wants as possible while still writing a useful, relevant post.

The most typed in phrases in the Google Keyword Tools part for the specific niche of “height increase” and “grow taller” are the 6 below.

  • How can I get taller?
  • How do I get taller?
  • How do you get taller?
  • How can you get taller?
  • Be Taller
  • How can I be taller?

These phrases combined get about 5,000,000 visitors and searches every month in Google. That is the lot of traffic. I like traffic. Getting more traffic means we get more exposure. Sure, I could try what I call the “Paris Hilton” approach of getting internet traffic, by blatantly advertising stuff on the internet with ads and posts on other forums. That would work but the type of traffic that I would be getting from them would be weak traffic, the type that would only stop by for a short time, and then leave without ever coming back. I am hoping to create a difference here, something other people can follow and read up on years from now when I am gone or moved on to something else.

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      I was hoping they could help the cause and provide tools and ideas on how to push the endeavor further. If any of them has a relative or friend who does orthopedics, physical therapy, genetics, surgery, maybe they can convince them to come on and interview me on the podcast.


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