Review Of Lance Ward New Height Increase Website Called Grow Taller Pyramid Secret

So earlier today I got an email from my friend Rafael who messaged me and asked whether I could do a post and review the Grow Taller Guru Lance Ward’s new height increase website called Grow Taller Pyramid Secret found at link

Now I remember that I actually stumbled upon Lance’s new website very recently when I was writing up two posts, one on the idea of using intermittent fasting to possibly increase height at “Increase Height And Grow Taller Through Intermittent Fasting“, but also the really strange idea (and one that I have never heard of before) taking Ayurvedic Urea to increase height. (Not finished that post yet).

I know that I have already written up a post before on this website reviewing Lance Ward and his websites and his products at a article  entitled “Height Increase And Grow Taller Guru Lance Ward Review” and I stated at the end that Lance Ward can probably help his clients but not at the degree or height difference change that he proclaims. I know myself how hard it is to put my name and face out there for a niche or area of study and research which is so lucrative and scamy that not even Black Hat SEO internet marketers won’t even touch it (as written in a recent article entitled “Even Internet Marketers Who Use Black Hat SEO Will Not Sell Or Promote A Height Increase And Grow Taller E-Product“. At some level I really do respect Lance for what he is trying to do and I think that at some level, Lance has good intentions.

Some of his products he endorses and affiliates with I don’t like that much. However, he does give some good advice sometimes on his Youtube channels.

Review Conclusion:

When I typed in the keyword phrase “Grow Taller Pyramid Secret” his website does show up first in the google rankings. However there was also a link to a review site that reviewed the website at As of this time, the ratings this review site gives is really good at 9.3/10 from 32 reviews and there was also 86 votes casted. Overall, I know from experience that when Internet Marketers are looking for domain names to be used for their niche, they choose very carefully. The name for this website “Natural Height Growth” was chosen very carefully for SEO reasons because the Google Search engines like websites with names that tell directly what they do. There is already 5-6 sites with titles that are a permutation or combination of the words “how to grow taller” or “Increase height naturally”. There is a joke that was going around the height increase forums that the reason why the infamous product “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” was given that name was because the only people who would ever really buy that product were themselves idiots. Why Lance would choose this name makes me wonder whether he is trying to treat this new website like a Pyramid Scheme. I think Lance has found his personal niche as a Internet Marketer and he is here to stay. If I was to check his hosting account records, he probably has at least a dozen websites linked to each other for backlinks to boost up the google rankings and drive traffic. On the main website if you give them your bank account info they will bill you $27/mth until you finally take action and tell them to cancel. Given my history in learning about Neuro Linguistic Programming and Sales and How To Influence Others, I know that it is far harder to take action to stop something that is already in momentum than to stop something that is just starting and having resistance because of internal inertia. If you calculate out the costs, the cost to host 1 website above on say BlueHost is $12/year (assuming you don’t take the extra $8 identity package). It costs nothing to upload a wordpress theme, find some pics, write a few fake testimonials, and put in a “Buy Now” or “Donations” button using a form of Checkout Cart software like EJunkie or even PayPal. Given the price he asks of you at $27/ mth, and assume that he lives on $40,000/year (which is a very reasonable yearly income for most people in the world) all he needs is for 125 people who come to the internet  to be willing to pull out their credit cards. It just takes one person to pull out their wallet to pay for his hosting and website fees. Assume that he can just get 300 people to come through his websites a day and get only 1% conversion, that means that 3 people signed up a day and he made $81 automatically.  I’ve played the Internet Marketing games before and I was active on the Warrior Forums. There is a saying that the only people who recognize a true thief are thieves themselves. Am I a thief? I think I was but I changed my ways. You can’t go on living and making  steady income cash flow stream trying to cheat and scam people. You can fool all the people sometimes and you can fool some people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Ultimately, I don’t trust any website that asks you to pay a very large sum (almost $30) per month so that they can give a automatized (turned into a system) “Height Increase Tip” every month. I feel personally  (and this is a clear subjective bias here) that if you as the reader really wanted advice that won’t cost you anything, you should follow this website.

P.S. – There was also a couple of testimonials. One of them writes…

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