Former Tallest Women In The World Yao Defen Died

I was not aware of this news until a few minutes ago. I am a frequent visitor to the site and I found out from visiting the forum that the tallest female in the world had died about a week ago at the age of 41 from some “acute ailment” as the posters claimed (source HERE).

I got the news from this story article HERE. I can’t read Chinese but the people at the Tallest Man website confirmed her passing.

This for me is really, really sad news because I really felt her pain from seeing how her life was going in recent years being subjected to brain surgery. I was able to look past her face and I realized that if you can look past the Acromegaly enhanced face features, she was a very beautiful women. The pictures of her when she was younger showed that she was very pretty.

It just goes to show you that sometimes being tall is not a good thing but can lead to great misery and pain. If we going to chase this dream for increased height, I hope we are chasing for this dream for the right reasons.

As for who can claim the title of “World’s Tallest Women” now we see that Margo Dydek passed away in recent years. So the title goes to either Maria Feliciana dos Santos or Sun Fang. I’d think Maria is probably 1 inch taller from the listings on the website.

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