How I Plan To Find A Solution. What Is My Intended Method Of Solving This Complicated Riddle?

My Approach To Solving Problems: Something I learned in one of my introductory engineering courses when I first began my undergraduate studies was that for different people, there are different ways to solve problems. In the most simplest model, you can break up problem solvers into two groups, where you have the linear thinkers in one group and the holistic thinkers in another group. I am not a linear thinker but approach problems in a holistic way. This means that while it would take me longer to be able to understand a problem and solve a problem, my way of looking at problem usually lets me see it at a deeper level.

Linear thinkers think in a linear fashion, going from step by step in a very calculated analytical way to find a solution. When it comes to calculations where there is a clear procedure of steps to take, the linear problem solver will reach the solution faster. Difficulties and challenges are pushed past or they manuever around the challenges, but never get off their chosen path.

Holistic thinkers look at problems in a more broad general way. Instead of only going in one path and trying out one approach and view point, we first skim and superficially look at a problem and slowly pick out the pieces of facts and information we think is important. Over time, our minds build up the connections and see how each element of the problem is connected with each other. Holistic thinkers usually can find more than 1 way to solve a problem however their level of concentration and focus is not as strong as the linear thinker. When one idea of  or path in solving the problem faces challenges or a technical difficulty, the person would move away from that idea for a while but come back to it and that often leads to a clearer, better understood viewpoint.

I. First thing is that I intend to do is collect all the data available. The internet is a huge place with thousands of websites that talk about something dealing with height increase. With all the data, there is bound to be at least a few websites and posts which will be more informative than just the regular technical stuff one finds in a medical textbook or research journal. This is the set of information to first look through. It allows me to get an idea on what the major pathways can possibly.

And I haven’t even talked about the forums, message boards, and private, personal websites of other people who I haven’t found yet. I did say once that I wanted to make this website the ultimate resource on the subject of height and height increase but I would only be talking about the websites that are only in the language of English. It is totally possible that there are websites in Spanish or Mandarin where the subject is talked about even more which I am not aware of yet. I know that one forum in the Resource page is in the Turkish language.

II. Second I will go into Biology and Medicine Libraries on University campuses to search for real textbooks on the subjects of Orthopedics, Endocrinology, Genetics, Biotech, Tissue Engineering, etc. These are the real source of medical facts which we should be going off of to validate the ideas and methods people on the internet come up with. The facts are that almost all the ideas proposed by height increase seekers are not validated by current accepted biological/physiological principles.

III. Third, I want to bring along at least 4-5 other experts in the field of orthopedics, medicine, genetics, molecular biology, and bioengineering together to join in the search. These people will become what Napoleon Hill calls a “Mastermind” group. One of the most well known principles in the self-help community is the idea that you are the average of the 5 closest people you hang out with. This means that for me to raise my own level of effort and ability, I must surround myself with people who are already smarter than me and more sophisticated than me in the fields that are most importnat. If I even want to be in that type of group with those people, I will be forced to push myself to not fall behind in knowledge. Plus, having a group of advisors will make the effort and project more likely to be accepted since there is already some social proof that professionals are behind this.

IV. Fourth, we should try to get in contact with medical and research professionals to discuss our thoughts, creations, and confusions. These are the people who probably don’t want to join in this project and become involved or active but are willing to at least give a little bit of their time and opinions. They will be interviewed probably on the podcast and their professional thoughts can help guide us on where we should move in the project in terms of direction.

V. Fifth, I wanted to scour the major databases in the world like PubMed to see what has been the latest studies and research on the subject.

VI. Only then will there be finally have a complete working model or system on how the human growth process works. Once we know the biology and process of human growth at a deep enough level, we should be able to develop ideas and innovations which would be supported by the current available scientific community.

After that, the research and theory part would be over. We can theoretically write up a proposal or grant to get funding from investors and government health organizations to carry out our designed scientific studies and proposed biomedical devices.

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