The Original Message Sent To Dr. Professor Carl T. Brighton

When I originally found the patent for the idea for a non-invasive device that can possibly increase the rate of longitudinal growth in long bones and limbs using a very simple and easy to understand device, I was very intrigued and I actually took the time to track down the main inventor of the patent who was Carl. T. Brighton. From my research on the man, he is a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, a very distinguished orthopedic surgeon, has both a Ph.D and a M.D. (WOW!) and was also the original write for one of the most technical posts on this website, the one about the details of growth plates. Besides that patent, I found out that Dr. Brighton has been the creator of at least another 20 or so patent and I plan to go into detail to review at least another 4-5 patents on inventions he has created over the decades.

I originally send him a email on the 10th of October and I was very happy when he gave me a reply. After I did what he wanted me to do and read through all of the PubMed articles her directed me to, he stopped responding back to any more emails. I am sort of bummed out that he hasn’t been able to respond back but I would guess that a man like him has many, many professional responsibilities so I will try to get in contact with Dr. Brighton some time later in the future after I become more knowledgeable about his research, his past ideas, and his patents, some of which are VERY fascinating.

So far I haven’t received a message back from him yet so I would assume he either never read the message or chose not to respond. that’s okay because I am going to try to reach him again by sending him another email in the coming week and hopefully be able to get him to spend at least 5 minutes of his time to answer some of our question.

Natural Height Growth, to ctb, Oct 10

Hi Professor Brighton,

I was looking through google patents on the subject of epiphyseal plate stimulation and I came across your patent entitled ” Method for non-invasive electrical stimulation of epiphyseal plate growth” located HERE which you wrote with Biolectron Inc. 30 years ago.
My name is Michael and I run the website Natural Height Growth which is a place where my team and I are looking for solutions and ways to increase height for people who have reached physical maturity (as well as still developing adolescent but less so). Your old patent is one of the most interesting discoveries my team has found on the subject. We are currently looking at solutions like Gene therapy using Guanyl Cyclase, stem cells using mesemchymal implants, bone remodeling for lateral synovial joint epiphysis loading, growth plate regeneration using CNS, and a few other options.
Do you have time to answer some of our questions? The first few questions my website and team have is over the research you and your assistances have done over the years.
1. Have you found any ways to regenerate growth plates?
2. Have you shown that the electrical (or ultrasound wave) field can increase the resting zone thickness or growth plates?
3. Which BMP do you think will lead to the great level of chondrogenesis? Our research states that it is BMP-7 since that is what the PubMed articles seems to say.
4. Which growth factors will be the most likely to result in chondrogenesis besides the BMPs, FGFs, and TGF-beta, or IFGs?
5. Have you ever looked into the possibility of using just mechanical loading to deform the long bones to increase in the longitudinal direction?
If you can answer any of these question we would be extremely grateful and happy since our research can progress further. There are dozens of people who are all interested in the same type of information.


CTB, to me, Oct 11
Dear Michael,

The best way for me to respond to your questions is to refer you to the article upon which the patent was based entitled “In vivo growth plate
stimulation in various Capacitively Coupled Electrical Fields”, Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 1: 42-49, 1983.  After you have read the
article, feel free to e-mail me at any time.


Natural HeightGrowth, to CTB, Oct 11

I read through also the articles related to the post, especially about the bovine chondrocyte pellet stimulation. I haven’t been able to get to full articles on PubMed for obvious reasons. However I had written up a summary of how the experiment was done already on a Blog post HERE a few days before hand. I’ll send a dozen questions within a few days. Thanks you.


Natural HeightGrowth, to CTB, Oct 21

The website is becoming more developed. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am actually on the University of Pennsylvania website learning about more bones using your sources HERE.

My question are these..
1. The theory is that the width of the long bones don’t change since new osteoblasts are being created on the layer of bone right underneath the periosteum. The osteoclasts in the trabecular zone break apart the inorganic material of calcium crystals. Since the rate of osteoblasts and osteoclasts are supposed to be the same, Does that mean that  the bone grows in a radial direction for long bones inward?
2. I know that chondrocytes are supposed to secrete Collagen and Proteoglycan but what is their food source or intake?
3. From my research, it seems like the perichondrium is what seems to keep the blood vessels from getting into the cartilage matrix and ossifying everything too quickly. Is that the accurate theory ?
4. I am getting different studies on PubMed that state either that BMP-7 or BMP-6 is better for chondrogenesis. Which BMP type has the most effective influence on chondrocyte proliferation?
5. I am not sure if you keep up with stories in the media about tanya angus but how does a case like her’s happen? she started to grow again at the age of 18. my guess is that there is so much growth hormone that even the articular cartilage is causing growth. It would explain why people with gigantism complain about joint and knee pain.
6. My coworker says that even the chondrocytes in the resting zone has a limit that they can duplicate and proliferate like the hayflick liimit due to DNA methylation. This would suggest that given enough time, even without estrogen effecting the person, they will stop growing as the chondrocyte conversion from any MSCs that might be in the epiphysis. However there have been at least 3 cases of people without estrogen receptors which still had open growth plates into their 30s and were still growing. can you resolve this weird issue?
7.  I have already seen a few pubmed articles that has shown that entire growth plates can be grown in vitro. Have you guys ever tried implanting fully functioning growth plates into a subject without growth plates.

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  2. Shawn Parsos

    I am 26 years of age. I have a function generator. If I apply electricity on my epiphyseal lines, will my bones grow in length?


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