An Immediate Rejection By A Girl On A Man’s Potential To Be A Dating Partner Due To His Lack Of Height, Being Short

Today while I was being lazy I was getting my daily YouTube viral video fix and I came across a video on this old MTV show called NEXT where a group of people, usually 5 of the same sex, who get in a bus and would all vie to get the attraction and attention, or money of the person who is judging them. I decided to post this video up to show just how important height can be in real life situations and can lead to a bad first impression and rejection from the opposite sex as a potential dating partner.

I remember being sort of addicted in my younger days to watching teenage based dating shows on MTV in high school. MTV shows from the 2000s, last decade,  like Room Raiders, Eliminate, and NEXT were shows which I sort of learn some of my social skills from.

On this episode of NEXT a girl named Brittany at 19 years old comes on looking for a guy she can have fun with.

Th first guy to get off the bus was 18 years old named Sean. In less than 2 minutes after he got off the bus, immediately after introducing himself, she would eliminate him from the potential group of guys to be a dating partner.

She would say that “he is just not tall enough”. When a guy gets a rejection like that it just hurts to watch and he couldn’t think of any comeback except to make a self depreciating joke of “still waiting for that growth spurt”. She would reply with a sort of condescending tone of “good luck with that” and then make her rationalization that “I need a boyfriend that I can look up to, literally”. From the look of the video, it would appear that Sean was about the same height as Brittany but the angles may be off a little.

If I was to give my own thoughts on what this girl did I felt that it was not a nice to thing to reject a person due to something that they have no control over. Maybe this guy was already sensitive on his lack of height but her immediate rejection of him on national TV because of being too short may be much more painful than other situations. This situation shows that the lack of height may be the most detrimental against men in the area of dating and relationships. Very few people would reject another person immediately unless that is something that is lacking from the first impression. When it comes to being shorter than your peers, that first impression may not be as good.

The video is taken from this YouTube source HERE.

3 thoughts on “An Immediate Rejection By A Girl On A Man’s Potential To Be A Dating Partner Due To His Lack Of Height, Being Short

  1. MrVolvo

    This is no secret. Most girls won’t admit it, but most of them (I would venture to say 95%+) at least prefer taller men. I actually appreciate it when a girl is up front about wanting a tall man. There is nothing wrong with it. Biologically speaking, they are hard wired to look for a tall man. It’s just unfortunate for us short guys.

    1. James

      Bullshit. Not a single biologist, evolutionary psychologist, sociologist, etc. has ever found a shred of evidence to suggest that the height bias is evolutionary. Tall men have NO special advantages in natural selection that short men don’t have.

  2. tim

    wow, this girl would need a huge slap after that. I’m sure she’d say “I was just being honest”, but there are many ways to put it when you’re not attracted to someone, it was just cruel and cool-blooded.


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