Support For The Short At SupportForTheShort.Org – A Website About Heightism And Short Stature Discrimination

This is a website called Support For The Short I found maybe two months ago which I will add to the “Resources” page which seems to be one of the most informative, up to date, and honest websites out there that deals with short stature, “heightism”, the need to find support for short stature individuals.

I felt that that the website is very useful to use to find new articles and information and it seems to be stating another organization NOSSA (National Organization of Short Statured Adults) which I had previously listed in the Resources page is a fraud who is cheating people of their money.

I had written about NOSSA many months ago and said that it was a great resource in the post ”
National Organization Of Short Statured Adults, Inc. NOSSA“. I had in that post said that it was…“an actual Non-Profit 501 (c) (4) Membership Organization”

Now from this new information I have to re-examine my previous claim. I have to ask the question, does the non-profit 501(c) organization actually do anything to help its members or is it just something created so that the creator/founder collects the $25 entrance fee? There is the forums, and sections which I had stated before but is it really doing anything to help bring awareness and support to the plight of short people? A second look says that maybe it doesn’t. Does it do anything at all? I think it doesn’t.

All I can say is that this new website Support For The Short has a real message to promote and it does a great job in finding articles and instances where Short Stature People are getting treated badly from discrimination and biases. I completely agree that it seems that people of short stature has heightism inflicted on them constantly by society, the media, and even their peers.

I wrote a recent post entitled A Thesis Showing That Discrimination Due To Short Stature Heightism Is The Last Real Form Of Discrimination Left” which is a really weak attempt at showign that in the modern day, most other types of discrimination is no longer allowed or society accepted by it seems that the discrimination against short people is still very strong and public.

The other types of discrimination that might have been very prevalent public even a decade ago are mostly private, hidden, and less common now. Discrimination in terms of race, disabilities, mental disorders, sexual orientation, weight problems, unattractiveness, religion, etc. have started to ebb and go away as society becomes a more tolerant and friendly place. However the short statured individual still is being discriminated against. Why do so few people see the problem? Why are so few people willing to bring awareness and support for this cause?

What is amazing is that on this website, under the Essays section, there is a another article with the exact same message as my post on this website entitledHeightism – The Last Bastion of Discrimination”. There is a really great section for the Audio-Video where one can get relevant media files on why and how short statured individuals suffer so much prejudice and discrimination in the world.

In conclusion, this website Support For The Short is a great resource I will add to the resources page to help other people. The information is great, it is honest, and it stays relatively active in updates.


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