Research At The University Of Washington Health Science Library

So I posted a video up of me talking at the Health Sciences Library at the University of Washington, which is the local university library since I am based from the beautiful city of Seattle.

Like I said before, I am going to take the research very seriously now and the only real way that I as a single researcher can make this research more legitimate is get off the scam and internet marketing websites from the internet and sit my ass down in a library and go do research the way my dad did it, by reading old stuffy medical journals and books.

As for my location, the only real good resource I can think of besides talking to a orthopaedic surgeon or endocrinologist is to go to a University with a Medical School which would also have a Medical School Library or Health & Medicine & Biology Library. Luckily, based in Seattle is the University of Washington and the University of Washington Medical School which has been ranked among the best National Hospitals and Medical Schools by US. Newsweek for at least the last few years. It may not be a John’s Hopkins or a Harvard or a Stanford in terms of prestige or name brand ┬ábut I believe it is still one of the best Medical Schools in the country

I am just showing you guys the types of books I am looking over these days. The thing I am looking for at this stage is to find any old, previously unknown articles which gives me more knowledge on how the growth plate in the postnatal human behaves.

At this point, I am doing more skimming at the sections and paragraphs because there is just so many books at the library I can go over. It will take me at least a couple of weeks to narrow down the types of subjects and books I want to really go deep on the details on.

The video is short and there is not a lot of content but you do see that I am doing some real research on the stuff and looking at the most relevant subjects.

NOTE: Turn up your volume to hear my voice! I am in a library so I had to lower my voice.

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3 thoughts on “Research At The University Of Washington Health Science Library

  1. tim

    actually, do you plan to actually show yourself to us in the future? I’m sure a lot of us are curious haha

  2. bdbuilder

    what difficulties prevent adults gaining height ?what solutions have you found ?we need stem cells fresh cartilage how?


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