No Chemical, Supplement, Pill, Or Vitamin Ingested Orally Can Increase Height Or Make Someone Grow Taller After Growth Plate Closure

I will probably have to remove the Supplement Guide section for chemicals, compounds, or supplements which I thought would allow for the person to grow taller after this post since the whole point of this post is to refute all the possible vitamins and supplements I did list in the Supplement Guide as something that could potentially help people grow taller after growth plate closure.

Here is something I wanted to say for a long time since I have noticed that every month, there is a new pill, herbal formulation, or miracle drug being sold on the internet which is supposed to help people who are already adults with completely closed growth plates grow. I have reviewed so many of the pills, including Gloxi Height Enhancer, MFIII, GrowthMax Plus, Elevate GH, Baryca Carbonica, Slicea, etc. I am really tired of doing the reviews and sort of running out of patience.

Everyone of these supplements have shown no promise, at least for the person with fully close plates. The only two supplements which i still think might lead to a very little bit of increased height from increasing synovial joint volume in the knees have been glucosamine sulfate and hyaluronic acid since they are both proteoglycans and glycoaminoglycans which can be found in the extracellular matrix of the synovial knee. If we can add more content in the matrix, that might theoretically give the lubricated liquid inside the gap extra space. meaning when a person stands up there is less height loss from compression by the upper body.

However even these supplements have a low level of working.

The main problem with any pill that claims to work is always the fact that the pill would have to have at least two major effects and not at the same time.

1. One step would be to somehow remove the hard inorganic, nonliving tissue between the bone cells (osteocytes) and lacunae in the extracellular matrix of the bones. 

2. The second step would be to be able to cause only chondrogenesis (to create cartilage) to occur in the area which lost the inorganic nonliving tissue. 

These may be the two major steps but there are at least 4 major considerations any inventor would have to take into account if they were to create some pill that really worked.

Consideration #1: They would have to be able to not get ingested by the stomach when going through the person’s digestive system. The stomach has hydrochloric acid which can burn holes through steel so any compound that is swallowed would first have to not get broken down by the stomach juices and acids.

Consideration #2: They would also have to be small, safe, or non threatening enough that the host’s immune system and white blood cells would not find them and decide that they are some foreign invader and try to rip the component to pieces. Not just white blood cells, but proteins throughout the body will all be fighting it to prevent infections and inflammations.

Consideration #3:  The effect the swallowed substances would work on have to be very specific and work locally. If we did find a pill that can de-ossify the bone and remove the hard inorganic material, it would work on our entire body turning us into a puddle of rubber or skin tissue lying on the ground. The pill or supplement must be able to target the areas of the body where the old growth plates used to be.

Since the region of long bones where the old growth plates cartilage used to be has no type of easy to identifying marker, this step would be very hard. Being able to target only certain areas of the body is much easier to do using needles, shots, and injections than the holistic way pills are used, which dispers out and diffuse throughout the body after they do get into the blood stream.

Consideration #4: If the pill can remove the hydroxyapatites, how would the calcium mineral deposits be removed in an orderly fashion so that chondrogenesis can immediately begin. Let’s remember that the whole growth plate has at least 4 major process going on simultaneously in a very steady state, continuous fashion with one process occurring right after the other, sort of like how in the Olympics you see in the 4 person relays where one person who finishes running passes the baton to the person after them right when they cross the finish line.

Consideration #5: Let’s say that we do manage to replace the bone material with the cartilage material, which is much more elastic and easy to work with in terms of tensile loading. How would we be able to align the few chondrocytes that are made to not only multiply to a high enough number so that they would have some type of overall morphological effect on the cartilage they are embedded in , but also to align themselves so that they are stacking in the columns seen in normal  growth plates.

The truth is that I have left out at least a few other major considerations which I have currently forgotten but this is just showing that there is probably never going to be any type of 1 kind pill or supplement which we can swallow and make us taller as adults. That desire is wishful thinking.

If I was to guess, if we do ever find any kind of alternative to limb lengthening surgery in term sof ingesting some type of “pill” it would have to be very resistant from the body’s natural immunogical defenses, have to be able to two two process simultaneously while also doing them sequentially. Then it would have to be able to direct cells and extracellular matrix to the right direction i movement and the right alignment for the cells that are created.

At this point, there is no pill that comes even close to doing any of these things. The medical field is still very young and we can’t even find a miracle cure for some easy like high cholesterol or blood pressure. The cure for short stature may not come about for decades, if not centuries and it might come in the form of a nano scale sized organic, but intelligent robot.

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