LSJL Finger Progress Update

This has been my first finger progress update for one year:

Here’s the before picture:

You can see a definite increase in the epiphysis of the middle of the fingers.  Looking at the before video the finger was already slightly curved like that.  I don’t know why only the middle of the finger has responded so drastically maybe it involves blood vessels and hypoxia and clamping in the middle is just more efficient at cutting off those blood vessels then the other areas.

Loading regime has been 500 counts of LSJL on each of the three joint regions on the finger for 4 days and then alternate to loading the legs with LSJL.

Maybe the enhanced force relative to the size of the finger than relative to the leg has resulted in more epiphyseal width growth stimulation in the finger than in the leg.  Maybe a larger clamp is needed for the leg.

I believe an increase in finger length can be seen but a different ruler is used.  And the finger appears to be significantly longer than the earlier one even if the ruler was placed at a different point.  I will continue to work on lowering bodyfat percentage to try to make the bone more noticeable.

Here’s a link to a rock climbing thread to someone who had similar growth in the knuckle.  Now I can’t feel his knuckle to compare to mine.  But there are some differences:  The finger does not look inflammed and does not feel inflammed.  I have no finger pain and there is no restriction in joint movement which is typical of bone spurs.  Another key difference is that in his incidence the whole synovial joint area is enlarge whereas in mine it’s just the epiphysis if you look at mine you can see an indentation between the two epiphysis’.  Torwards the bottom of this page on arthritis you can see a picture of bony spurs: This is not consistent with the growth here as the growth is on the lateral ends of the bone rather than the top.

According to Factors influencing osteological changes in the hands and fingers of rock climbers, rock climbing does not increase osteoarthritis incidence and it does increase finger width.  “Analyses of total width and medullary width reveal that bone is being deposited on the subperiosteal surface, but not endosteally.”

Conclusion:  LSJL has a proven, undisputable effect on bone morphology as shown by the dramatic increase in epiphyseal width.  Those are not calluses.  That is bone.  It is likely not bone spurs nor the same sort of adaptation you might get from rock climbing. LSJL has a highly probable effect on increasing finger length that could become more drastic as alterations and honing of technique is made.

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