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Here’s the previous update.  It’s hard to compare my two fingers against each other as the exact beginning of the finger is hidden by skin.

In the doctor’s office recently I measured 5’8 1/4″ versus 5’7 3/4″ previously.  Now I’ve stated I was 5’10” before and the reason for the discrepancy is that it’s a short nurse and I have a long skull with the hair it’s hard to tell where the peak of the skull is.  At other doctors I have measured higher 5’9 1/2″.  It still shows growth as the same nurse measured me 5’7 3/4″ two years in a row.

There’s a part of the door that’s 5’11” so if I got to there that would be definitive proof.  Maybe LSJL gains are just slow.  The finger gains are just more drastic.  Increasing the intensity on the finger I can see results in a week.  Clamping the finger has a much greater intensity.  Maybe more intensity on the leg is needed to generate faster results but the less intensity generates more quality height as there is no deformation of the leg in contrast to the finger.  The knuckle does not seem to be affected that much except it looks denser.  Thus emphasizing the importance of laterally loading the bone.

I’m going to start loading the thumb.

There’s the current picture of my finger:


You can see how much the joints have increased in width.  Comparing the right hand from the left to right hand you can see the difference more clearly.  But there’s the problem of getting the picture and it’s hard to align the two fingers correctly and see where the thumb ends and begins.  But that finger definitely increased in length and those bumps at the side of the finger are bone growth. There is no pain in the fingers.  Finger mobility is excellent.  Discoloration of the skin occurs during and following clamping but it heals in about a minute.  This discoloration does not occur on the leg. LSJL definitely works but you can clamp much more intensely on the finger than you can on the leg.  Maybe there’s a way to get more rapid growth on the legs but not the massive increase in width that occurs in the fingers.  Maybe there’s a happy medium between my current intensity on the fingers and on the legs as I’m basically applying the same intensity of clamping on the legs as I am on the fingers thus the slow growth.  When Michael returns to the US and we begin work on the LSJL that will be a key turning point or maybe there’s some device to get more intensity on the legs?

Here’s the before picture of the thumb:

20140226_140800 The advantage of the thumb versus the finger is that I can laterally clamp the base joint of the thumb whereas I can’t do that on the finger due to being blocked by the hand so I have to clamp overhead.  I also want to see if my growth on the finger was a growth and how fast I can grow the thumb given that I’m much more experienced in clamping.

If you want to complain that this is no proof at all because it is just fingers.  I’m still working on leg proof and you should complain to people with more resources than me who are not devoted to height increase.  Millionaires like Ryan Seacrest who complain about their height all the time.  I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have available and have come further in the height increase arena than anyone else before me.

5 thoughts on “Height Increase Progress Update

  1. Johnn

    From my experience, the measuring devices at the doctors office is NOT accurate. You are best off measuring yourself at home using a straight edge and a tape measure for the most accurate reading. There was a LA Times article saying that majority of doctors height instruments are off by up to 3 inches! Maybe you can feature an article on that

  2. SAK

    I have to agree with Johnn, getting measured by doctors doesn’t guarantee accuracy, much to the contrary infact. Whenever I have been measured by a doctor or nurse they usually overmeasure. I am able to measure myself to within 1-2mm quite easily, using aerosol method (celebheights).

    Maybe Tyler could put a updated guide for LSJL, to what method he thinks is most effective. Even if a person could get 2cm that would be better then nothing. All counts at the end.

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