Regenerate Articular Cartilage Using Silver Electrode and Direct Current Electrical Stimuli

Regenerate Articular Cartilage Using Silver Electrode and Direct Current Electrical Stimuli

This post will be a followup post to one of the most important posts I have ever written for this website “Electromagnetic Stimuli Will Increase Ossification and Make Bones Longer, Big Breakthrough!“. This is an idea which will definitely lead to at least 1-2 mm of extra increases in height, but it would probably be most applicable for people who are already suffering from some type of cartilage tissue degeneration.

As some of us might know, certain types of arthritis that older people suffer from is from the loss of thickness in the articular cartilage at the end of their long bones, at the joint area. The decrease in thickness means that bones will be rubbing against bone. There is no lubricant. That means that it is extremely painful to walk if your knees have all the cartilage gone.

Apparently if you take an electrode of at least a silver–platinum combination soldered with a resistor in the middle (to lower the current) and then apply a DC current, you can stimulate an area of articular defect to regenerate the hyaline cartilage back.

Regenerate Articular Cartilage

Dr. Becker with Bruce Baker showed in a standard experimental study using lab rabbits which they performed and then sacrificed, that you can regenerate hyaline cartilage back in using this method. Of course their approach was again similar to what they have been promoting for decades.

Here are the key points that they stated which we should remember

1. Use Silver

It turns out that silver is extremely effective in killing bacteria. The way that the silver ions diffuse, somehow they can disrupt the protein layers that form the outer membrane of bacterias (and even some viruses). Somehow Silver is also not poisonous to the human body and its cells.

2. Using a low level Current

You don’t need a very high current to stimulate the cells to do much. It is more likely that high currents would do more damage than good, since the current could cause the cells to go into rapid mitosis and turn malignant. Brighton and Friedenberg used high levels of current (10,000-20,000 nanoamps) but that might not be needed. Becker’s group found that you can use just around 100-200 nanoamps per centimeter of electrode and it would have some effect.

That is also the reason you see in the schematic above (taken from page 189 of his book) there is a resistor. The resistor is used to lower the current to a very, VERY low rate. The rating on the resister is at 10 MEG!!. We are talking about 10 MegaOhms. The voltage you need is less than 1 Volt. Using V=IR, and find for the current, we should understand why just a high level resistor is used. You want just a tiny bit of current, and that is enough apparently.

3. Stimulate close to either the periosteum and/or the marrow, but not the actual bone

Notice how there is a defect made on the joint area purposely on the lab rabbit. One of the electrode tips gets embedded into the bone layer underneath, which has the bone marrow in the epiphysis/ joint head.

Previously I had talked about the virtues of micro-fracture surgery “A Proposed Height Increase Method Using Microfracture Surgery Techniques With Fibrocartilage Formation“. However at the end of that post, I had lamented that it would be fibrocartilage we have to work with, instead of the hyaline cartilage. If you drill holes around the entire perimeter of the bone, you would theoretically for maybe a few days turn the defect into cartilage, which we can actually manipulate. If instead, we can use silver electrodes and small DC electrical stimuli to create our preferred hyaline cartilage, then we would be much, much closer in created a full plan of cartilage which we have work with.

We want the cells in the adult bone marrow (adipocyte derived stem cells) to turn into the type which we want to work with, which is either chondrocytes or cartilage which is stable.

The experiment that they did back in the 1970s-1980s showed that with such a small battery and simple device, you can regenerate hyaline articular cartilage almost completely back.

Something to remember: Bone tissue don’t actually grow.

It is the periosteum and the bone marrow which has the cells that can actually make the bone tissue expand in any way.

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