Maybe There Is Nothing We Can Do And We Should Give Up

Maybe There Is Nothing We Can Do And We Should Give Up

We Should Give UpUpdate 3/9/2014: Over time I’ve received a few messages from people who have been so depressed about their short stature and have become so desperate to find some secret technique that they have hinted at committing suicide if they don’t get what they want. I respond by strongly suggesting to these people that they immediately seek professional help and get counseling to treat this extreme form of body dysmorphia. The height of a person is NOT their complete identity. Please seek help, find a support group, share your emotions, and allow people inside your lives.

I’ve been wanting to write up this post ever since the very beginning of the website, on the 3rd day that this website Natural Height Growth was ever created.

The first thing is, I are not here to lie to you guys. Everything that I write on here, I will not hold back on. There is no bullshit or half-lies. We are here to be as honest as possible. Some people think that I (or my partner) are sort of a scam, or at least use grey-hat tactics. People think we are selling something. Well, we are not a scam. We will not sell something which we don’t believe in. If we are selling something, it will be in the Store section.

(Currently I’ m planning on doing a few dozen reviews of back traction machines for that section, since there is nothing that we are selling of our own at this time. The links for the various back stretching, spinal & disc decompression machines are Amazon Associates Links which allows us to make a small commission if anyone buys something from Amazon by going through those links. The traction machines have been shown to provide upwards of 1-1.5 Inches of semi-permanent height increase.)

I want to let the people who read this website realize that sometimes we get hurt because we are putting our own skin into the game. So far, I’ve had to take on some legal issues with people who sell products which we believe are a scam. Those same people have emailed us and our hosting company to try to shut down certain parts of the website so that the negative reviews for the products they promote are available. We’ve had two DCMAs filed against this website, and I’ve personally had to respond with counter-DMCAs.

Here is something which I need all the readers to fully understand. The most likely outcome over what I (or Tyler) am trying to do is that ultimately we fail in this endeavor. We do get it. We fully understand our predicament and how insanely difficult this endeavor will be. No one has succeeded before us, and we can not be certain that we will succeed.

The Desire Never Goes Away, Even In Old Age

In the 8th episode (Guest Joel Talks About The Psychology Of His Lifelong Desire To Grow Taller) of the Natural Height Growth Podcast , I interviewed this retired man named Joey living in Minnesota who was about 70 years old who still wished desperately to become taller. It seemed that somehow this wish to become taller had stayed with him throughout his entire life, for maybe over 50 years. His partner couldn’t understand why he still had this strange fixation, even at the age where he was at the time.

  • How could something like this stay with a person for this long?
  • Can this desire to grow taller stay with a human for their entire life, which they never let go of?

It shows the incredible stamina that this almost universal desire has on people’s minds. This issue doesn’t go away. If you let this thing fester, the problem can fully consume your entire life, and spread throughout your entire value system until you can only view life through that one single viewpoint. What happens then is that we go to all the various internet forums and chat groups to complain about our problems (imagined or real) so that we can temporarily feel better about ourselves and not have to face the fact that our lives are mostly miserable, and filled with great disappointments.

We’ve seen this strange fixation on height manifested in even the most successful of individuals. Famous singers and actors seems to have this problem as well. No one is exempt from developing this desire. Probably half of the entire human population throughout history have expressed the desire to increase their height at some point in their life. Even the immortal superstar athlete of the past century Michael Jordan have expressed that his dream height was 7 feet tall in an old documentary. It seems that no matter how much our genetics and nature gives us, somehow we still want more. That seems to be the way we are all designed.

Most of our readers are men. They wish to be taller for multiple reasons. The most common one is over dating & relationships. The most common complaint about being short for men is that the opposite sex discriminated against them so they end up single and lonely. The word that describes this phenomena is known as Heightism/Height Discrimination. Heightism is absolutely real. It exists. I personally don’t believe it is a socially created construct since it is prevalent in every single culture I’ve lived in or had contact with.

This message below was one which I clipped from a thread off of the old Giant Scientific Forum. It had been started by the reader TrueHeightSeeker. The reply was also clipped.



So how do we as height increase researchers respond to this type of soul baring,  visceral reaction, where the poster has lost all his hope? 

While I (Michael) personally have not looked into AlphaGPC, We fully understand why they feel the way they do. They had hope, and sustained that hope for years, nearly half a decade maybe. Over time, they noticed that no one was making any real headway, so their hope diminished. Eventually, all the young teenagers and people in their early 20s gave up, accepted that there was nothing that they could do, had their social obligations, commitments, and responsibilities increase, and decided to move on with their lives. Maybe they went to university, graduate school, got married, had children, had a high stress job, or got sick.

Eventually 99.99% of all the people who wished when they were younger to grow just a little more, to get the growth spurt which they never got, moved on. Those who stayed were left in a desert with no one else to talk to, to share their frustrations. I fully understand what these people are going through. Even though I may have almost fully accepted my height, I still enjoy the experience of doing research just for its own sake.

Ever since I left university after getting my engineering degree, I’ve desperately wished to go back to school, for physics, engineering, or medicine. Going to post-graduate school and getting a MD or Ph. D is a dream of mine. Since life has taken over, with so many financial responsibilities, I may never get a chance to go to graduate school or medical school. This website and the research I will be doing is just my struggle and attempt to complete a form of private education. I collect and categorize all the data and studies which I find and analyze. For me, this website represents more than just a way to possibly increase my height. It gives me a way to learn subjects which I may never get to learn about. Studying medicine independently has helped me learn more about diseases and allowed me to live a healthier lifeThat is why the website and the research will continue forward.

There have been other posts on the forums which share somewhat of a similar sentiment. They noticed that for the subject of height increase, the mega niche on the internet space, has completely stalled. There seems to be no traction in anyone’s effort or research.


The answer to this guy is that the average intelligence of the internet user over time has increased. Obvious young teenagers have not stopped wanting to grow taller or stop trying to find ways. Where maybe during the 2000s-2010, it was possible for the average person to sell fake pills online and brand them as height increase supplements, that won’t work anymore. People have become too smart for that.

In the current day, 2014, to make people believe an put their faith into us and what this website stands for, we can only consistently put in the effort and commitment to push at the boundary on what we know. As long as we can show that we are willing to do things, and try out ideas beyond what others are not willing to try out, and take giant risks, there will be people who will take notice to what we are doing. Over time, I hope that we can build trust in the readers and develop a strong following.

Some people ask me just long must they wait before some alternative besides limb lengthening surgery for adult height increase would be available. I said that the most optimistic time range would be that it would take 20-30 years. Of course that would be a lie. Based on my guess (and I am being very generous) it is more likely that it would be another 50-70 years before scientists find some other way to do it.

The truth is that trying to find biomedical innovations for a cosmetic surgery applications is not on the top of any companies list. I don’t believe that there has ever been a real company created to study the science of how to potentially grow taller, at least in the USA. Maybe there is something in China or Russia, but I don’t know of their existence. Only radical stem cell researchers based in these former Communist, unregulated, moral-bending countries are willing to try out and test out experiments and ideas which people in the Western Countries would believe to be too barbaric or immoral. Remember, it was the Soviet surgeon Gavriil Ilizarov who after 3 decades, managed in the late 80s and 90s to show that distraction osteogenesis is even a viable surgical method. Medical innovation due to the nature of the work requires baby steps, since as humans we value the human species and the one body we are all given.

If I was totally honest with myself, In some ways, I get a sort of “engineer high” from knowing that I’m trying to tackle a scientific/medical problem which is easily defined, and easily quantified, and the solution to the problem can also be easily quantified. Of all the scientific problems that are around, this is one which a couple of guys or a team of researchers can figure out in a decade, if they put their minds and effort into it. We’ve already managed to prove that the major pivotal steps are possible or have already been done.

We don’t want to give the readers some type of false hope that after 10 years we are going to figure it out. We might fail. Maybe there is nothing we can do and we should give up. However, I’m not going to stop doing this website. If I stopped, I’d just be another American college educated engineer working the normal 9-5 job with a small family (and 2.3 kids) waiting for the weekends to go to Walmart, grill a BBQ, and watch the basketball game. Doing this sort of makes me feel somewhat special, and important

If we succeed, we will literally change the world for the better. If we don’t then we will have just lived a normal life as average people. Being average is okay, but that is a little boring. I don’t want to be boring. If it is solved, will have immediate ramifications to the entire world. It feels great to a guy who was trained to be an engineer to know that I am doing something that is important, which millions of people in the world wished for.

{I hope this post concludes with the statement that we should not give up and we should always try to increase our height.  In relation to every profession there are arm chair quarterbacks, why aren’t there more arm chair doctors for height increase?  Height increase is hard and involves a lot of science but we’ve come a long way.  We’ve gone a lot deeper than the old adage “your growth plates have fused”.  We’ve identified the Zone of Ranvier and the cells that make up the Zone of Ranvier as the key limiting factor to create these growth plates.  We’ve learned that mechanical stimuli is capable of changing cells to become more growth plate chondrocyte progenitor like. People are characterized mainly based on their height, ethnicity, job, weight, age, and cup size(for women). The way height is judged today there is no distinction made for quality or proportional height.  This gives a lot of leeway in height increase methods.  Societal view is it’s easier to pump out babies and some of them will be taller but that shafts the individuals along the way.  It’s easier to wait for a tall baby than it is to create a tall adult.  So height increase is under-researched, incredibly important, and likely can be induced by mechanical means only.  The cells in the cartilage are different from the cells of the bone in that the cells of the cartilage are exposed to more movement.  If the cells of the bone were exposed to the stimuli in the joint would they become more like cartilage? – Tyler}

7 thoughts on “Maybe There Is Nothing We Can Do And We Should Give Up

  1. Thomas

    Reading the last few paragraphs, that the only reason we research this is to feel special and important, that this will change the world, is exactly why I look for answers everyday. I have great respect and admiration for you, now that I know this. Don’t ever stop trying to find an answer. I look forward to keep on following your posts. Good luck, and may we find an answer soon!

  2. Zoe

    This was an interesting post. i can relate to the retired man who never gave up on his quest to be taller. Though I am a female, 30, i too never gave up. My obsession with being taller began around 15 or 16 when i wanted to be a model. I had been wearing about 2.5″ lifts from that age until I was about 22 until my foot started to hurt and wearing lifts were so inconvenient. They were hard to walk on and I could never go to someone’s home or do anythign that required me to take my shoes off or it would “expose” me. People who knew me then that i havent seen still think that I am really 5’7″.

    For some girls, they move on and get over it, but i was really obssessed and never stopped wanting to be a model even now, when I am well past the age of when typical models are “discovered”. Ive also wanted to be taller because I think taller makes you stand out. I stand at 5’4, if i stand super straight then maybe about an extra half inch. I wear one inch lifts out, and to be honest, I dont feel that i am very short. I usually feel on the small side to average side however i think now, though i have not fully accepted my height still, i am also much more comfortabel with it. Anytimne i meet other people , i size them up by their height and see how much taller or shorter i am in comparison. I never leave the house without about an inch to one and a half inch in lifts, which is honestly hardly a difference when you take your shoes off. I think it is more of a mental thing where it just makes me feel better. Well, basically my point is, yes there are people who have never been able to let go of this, and after 15 years, i still search that there is hope that i can gain a few more inches.

  3. Vinayak

    While there are people who lost hope…..there is always those with high hopes…so dont ever give up….
    So that we could prove the ones who say,” You cant get any stopped growing ” WRONG !!!

  4. yogesh

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Yogesh From Maharashtra India.
    My height is just 5.3feet (160cm)
    My age is 26year
    i just want to be increase my height up to 5.5
    kindly help me correct treatment & medicines
    Please reply on my mail also.’
    Thank you.

  5. Rana

    My height 5″00..age 23 …how i get 5.4″ or above..can anyone tell me ?? Is it possible by taking steroid ??

  6. Walter

    Man, you are awewsome!
    If you put all this effort on discovering a way to make penises bigger, you will be a hero!
    People think it´s bullshit, but it´s a case of public health. Millions of men are depressed because of their height and penis size.
    Please research on that topic too. It´s equally vital for our life quality.
    Thanks, and reply me if you can.

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