Alexander Teplyashin Explains How To Regrow Severed Fingers

Alexander Teplyashin Explains How To Regrow Severed Fingers

Regrow Severed FingersI have talked before how there are already at least two research professors and teams in universities in the United States who have developed ways to regrow severed fingers. One of them developed this unique blend of “stem cell pixie dust” which is sprinkled like grounded pepper over the wound area of a severed finger. As much as the entire distal area of a finger can be cut off but the stem cell pixie dust would still work. Refer to the much older post “The Fingertips Of Young Human Children Can Regenerate If The Wound Is Not Closed And A Blastema Can Form” for more information. Others have figured out which genes are turned on when say a finger or arm of a salamander is cut off and the amphibian starts to regenerate their limbs back.

TeplyashinIt seems that our old friend the plastic surgeon Alexander Teplyashin has also been getting in on the field. He know how to regrow finger bones and make them longer.

(BTW: I have seen this type of thing being advertised in the Subway Stations in Gangnam Station in Seoul, South Korea when I was living there too. There would be these posters showing how the plastic surgeon company managed to correct their patients bow leggedness and how they figured out how to lengthen a finger bone with almost no surgery.)

Not only that, Teplyashin seems to be using a minimally invasive type of ilizarov distraction device.Alexander It looks similar to design and idea as what the Chinese Limb Lengthening Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Bai Helong talked about back in 2010 about his rather original redesign of the older circular type external fixator model perfected back in the 80s in the former Soviet Union. 

You can see what the design of the new limb lengthening device looked like on the website news aggregator website entitled “Chinese doctor pioneers height-increase surgery

Notice how the distractor used by Teplyashin for bone lengthening is quite minimally invasive. We will be posted up something relevant to it in the coming days.

Note: To figure out where I am getting this information from go to the Russian/Cyrillic Based websites like or Rambler.Ru and type in the term александр тепляшин кость

кость is the cyrillic term for “bone” and хрящ is the cyrillic term for “cartilage”. Play around with it on the russian based search enginer to see what you guys can find on this guy. I’ve already found 4-5 different Russian based patents on this guy which I have translated using Google translator to see what he has been up to. Also search for his research partners Korjikoff Svetlana and this other person who I forgot the name of currently . I am guessing that it is the female researcher that shows up right next to Teplyashin’s name who is the real brains of the work. I found her Ph. D Thesis and the subject is on stem cell work. In comparison, Teplyashin’s Ph.D Thesis was on the prevention and treatment of septic complications that results from sugery. (Refer to the link here