LSJL Update-8-18-2014

So I’m still working on getting a hand x-ray.  I’m contacting facilities to see if they take walk-ins.  No replies so far. I also read you may be able to get an x-ray at the airport(but that was in context of a full body scan)?  I’m looking for alternative medicine facilities that do x-rays but I’ve read they need a doctors script too.  I don’t really want to go do the Urgent Care but it looks like I may not have a choice.  If anyone has any experience let me know. Here’s the last update.

20140817_150801The right finger could be longer since last update but not sure.

Here’s a thumb pic:

20140817_150737I’ve been clamping my left thumb but not my right and from this picture you can see the left thumb is slightly but significantly longer.  The osteophytes are much less noticeable in my left thumb than my right index finger but they are there if I feel around the clamping region.

Interestingly, I clamp each of the three joints of the finger.

Here’s an image of the finger bones:

027 Bones of the hand (dorsal view)I clamp the two interphalangeal joints from side to side  but at the metacarpophalangeal joint I clamp from top to bottom.   The epiphysis near the MP on the index proximal phalanx of my right (clamped) finger is thicker than my left finger but not as enlarged as the epiphysis near the IPs of the distal and middle phalanx.  The IPs of the clamped joints are also rougher than the MP which is clamped overhead rather than side to side.  So some of the enhanced epiphyseal thickness may be due to LSJL growth stimulation and other effects may be due to irritation from the clamping surface on the joint.  If I can get an x-ray it will be interesting to compare the two IPs to the MPs.  For a period of time, I tried clamping the two IPs from top and bottom but didn’t get noticeable results from that.  Top to bottom clamping may be more effective in the MP than the IPs due to differences in joint structure.  You can feel much more pressure generated by top to bottom clamping of the MP than you can the IPs.

As for leg clamping, I am increasing the duration and intensity of the clamping.  I may be getting taller but I cannot yet rule out placebo(like I have with my thumb and index finger which are too noticeable and significant to be placebo) or measurement error.  I grew about 1 1/2 inches in wingspan for sure but I don’t have photographic evidence.  I’ll have to keep monitoring there.  In a week if I don’t have noticeable leg progress, I’ll bite the bullet and go to urgent care to get the x-rays.

12 thoughts on “LSJL Update-8-18-2014

  1. Dan B

    Very cool article Tyler!

    Even though you seem to care more about the legs, this wingspan increase is also really interesting for some people (me included :D).
    Lenghtening the arms may be important for people who are willing to perform leg lengthening surgery (in order to keep some good proportions), like I plan to do.

    Longer arms are also more aesthetic, which could be important for short guys who practice bodybuilding (short arms + muscles can sometimes look a bit ridiculous).

    Some men are also concerned by having small hands…! Your finger proof is a good news!

    1. Tyler Post author

      I don’t just care about the legs. It’s just that it’s hard to get people convinced about the LSJL proof outisde of the legs.

      And I am positive about the wingspan increase but it’s not something that is tracked in doctors office and I have no photos.

      I know that some people are concerned about small hands. How do I spread the word to those people so I can start proving LSJL at least on that part right now…

      1. Senior Researcher

        I think that you are right about it. It might be that changes might be very small to notice unless you do the dramatic thing and shave one’s head, and stand in front of a mirror for consistent, accurate measurements.

    1. Tyler Post author

      I thought this might be helpful to guitar players and piano players but I was told it wouldn’t be. I guess it’s possible to get around short fingers with technique but having longer fingers opens up more technique possibilities.

      It’d be good to be able to start spreading the word at guitar and piano forums to get momentum. Perhaps you could help out too.

  2. Ryan

    I have a nice stack for those who want see really growth

    Ultimate Nutrition Arginine Ornithine Lysine Capsules, 100-Count (before sleep)
    Life Extension, Super K with Advanced K2 (with dinner)
    Now Foods Pro-GH (before exercise, preferably swimming)
    Twinlab, GABA-Plus (upon waking and before sleep)

    ADVICE: Take in only low-glycemic or slow-digesting carbohydrates throughout the day.

    (I’ve grown in 3 months 2 inches with this stack, and I have 24 years old)

    1. Tyler Post author

      First, it takes a lot of Growth Hormone to increase height and I as of yet that growth hormone can by itself induce chondrogenic differentiation(although IGF-1 may be able to).

      So even if it was possible to increase height as an adult with HGH, I don’t think the increase provided by this stack would be enough to result in height growth.

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