LSJL Progress Update 8-26-14

In my previous progress post I continued to establish that I had in fact grown due to finger clamping.  I have been using the new LSJL method which emphasizes clamping force rather than duration.  I’ve been clamping right index finger, left thumb, elbows, wrists, knee, ankle, calcaneous, and experimentally toes. Michael suggested using two clamps at the same time and I’ll have to try that.  I’ve been trying to find alternative ways to get X-rays but looks like Michael was right and the best bet is Urgent Care.  It’s going to be a pain in the butt but I don’t think I have a choice.

I’ve been gradually increasing the clamping force.  I think it’s key to be clamping on the synovial joint.  Since the bone is so strong, it’s likely that a lot of the LSJL affects are due to clamping the synovial joint.  If a clamp only the epiphysis of one bone than I can seemingly clamp forever but if I clamp more at the synovial joint I can tolerate much less.  It’s interesting to note that I did grow in the arms from a wingspan of 72.5″ to 74.4″ and the way I’m been clamping the elbow is more on the humerus side because the bone structure is so awkward.  So I can’t clamp exactly in the the middle of the humerus and ulna.  However, I have still gotten results there.   So I think it’s more important to clamp in an area where you get some sort of feedback from your body rather than to clamp in some specific spot.  If you can clamp an area forever, you’re doing it wrong.   Right now I’m clamping areas between 100 to 140 seconds and that’s after working up to it.

20140826_123611Here’s another finger angle with the tips aligned.  You can see that the knuckle is higher on the right finger.  But yeah, yeah, yeah,  you have to accept X-rays.  And I have to make sure I get both hands in the x-ray.  Although if there are neo-growth plates in the right finger that would be enough regardless of a comparison.  Although it’s possible that the growth was due to another mechanism say fibrocartilage, etc.

As for my legs and arms, there are signs that I am growing.  Last measured wingspan was 74.5″ but since arms can be stretched a little bit it’s not enough.

As for legs, they seem longer and my jeans and shorts seem to be a little higher but nothing definitive yet.  Now when I have a chance I’m clamping twice a day.  At least once a day seven days a week.

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