Metacarpal growth to prove LSJL

Below I will submit evidence of LSJL.  It is not perfect proof but with the resources available it is not possible to generate perfect proof.

However, I will submit the following facts as evidence that there is a very strong possibility that LSJL works.

The basis on whether this is proof of LSJL depends on the answers to the following questions:

    • What is the probability that every bone shaft on my left side of the body is longer than the right except for the one metacarpal which I performed LSJL?
    • What is the probability that my LSJL loaded finger is longer likely due to lengthening of the metacarpal when everything on my left side is longer(can provide additional evidence of my left side being longer if needed)?


Is this not reasonable proof that LSJL works?


So the current hypothesis is that LSJL lengthened my right index finger metacarpal.  The right index finger metacarpal is about 1% longer than the left and since my left bones are almost universally longer than my right bones(at least for all the bones that I have identified) that probably means about a 2% growth(with 1% being a correction of the discrepency).  The remaining bones of the index finger may have grown as well but not beyond the initial discrepency.


Here are my two hand images.  If I could proof that the fourth and fifth metacarpals were longer on my left side on my right that would provide evidence that the fact the index finger metacarpal is longer on my right side is an outlier and is due to loading from LSJL.  The middle finger is not taking into account because it is close to where I loaded with LSJL so there might be some byproduct lengthening of the middle finger.

hand bones

Here’s a labeling of the bones of the hand.  It would be easy to measure if it was like but the bones are not that organized.


Here’s a labeling of the bones on an actual skeleton.  You can see how the hamate mucks up with an accurate measurement.


4th metacarpal5th metacarpal

From these images you can see how hard it is to get an accurate measurement of the 4th and 5th metacarpal.  The shaft of the fourth metacarpal is definitely longer on the left side and eyeballing the shaft of the the 5th metacarpal the left bone looks like a little bit longer.  In terms on the exact beginning and end of the bone it is hard to tell because of the hamate.

Here’s the left and right index finger:


frontal index metacarpals

The shaft of the right bone looks longer in addition to the overall bone being longer.

I submit that the fact that the fourth and fifth metacarpal all have the left shaft as longer than the right like all the other bones I have compared with the exception of the right and left metacarpals of the index finger of LSJL induced lengthening.

30 thoughts on “Metacarpal growth to prove LSJL

  1. Markel

    I a pretty sure 95% of the people reading this site are interested in getting heigher, not make their fingers a CM or two longer… anyway, getting taller is the main issue for most of us here.
    So that is what you should update your readers on.

    1. Tyler Post author

      This is proof of concept for growing taller. If we can prove that, we can more resources which we can devote to better methodology in terms of growing taller.

      IF we prove bone lengthening as a concept we can get more interest and in turn more information on growing taller.

      “Even the longest journey begins with a single step”<-This is one of the steps on the journey to grow taller.

        1. Tyler Post author

          Well I could always use other researchers to look at things from another perspective.

          Finances are always helpful but even if I had enough money to build a lab. I would be so inexperienced that the lab would bleed money until I figured things out. So I need help from the scientific community.

          Right now I need someone to go over my measurements to confirm the likely growth so I can try to pique the interest of the scientific community.

          1. Julius

            I wish I could help but I don’t have research experiencen money or any idea how to measure things properly at such a small level.

            Maybe you could contact an american surgeon who specialize in limb lenghtening?
            That’s kind of a log shot but they’ve certainly got both funds and incentive to develop height increasing technology. I know some doctors have worked in research and development on surgical techniques, they would make much money with a successful less invasive method.

          2. R

            With respect, you have no credibility. If you believe you’ve discovered a way to lengthen adult bones, using a method proposed to lengthen bones with active growth plates, then why aren’t you speaking with the people who devised the method (Zhang, Yakota, etc) and get their feedback? Ask them if they think it will work, tell them why you think your method works, ask them if your version of joint loading is safe.

          3. Tyler Post author

            I’ve tried getting in contact with them but getting a response is spotty at best. They likely won’t take a chance due to liability issues.

            And in one of Ping Zhang’s grant proposals, he alludes that lateral synovial joint loading may work on closed growth plates with the addition of IGF-2 or possibly only IGF-1. I have the study there. Specifically take note of the statement: “The lengthening effect can be augmented in the elderly by injecting IGF-1 in the growth plate” Now it seems like Ping Zhang is not proficient in English so he may have chosen the term “elderly” mistakenly but it’s also possible that Zhang believes the joint loading modality can work on closed plates.

          4. R

            You need someone with credibility on your side though. Regarding IGF – I asked about it on here and your old site, but nobody responded. If they don’t conduct human joint load trials then I would just forget about it and move on.

          5. Tyler Post author

            Perhaps you could recruit someone with credibility?

            There is a lack of research in almost all areas of science. There are so many studies that produce promising results and then there is no follow-up. We can’t wait for scientific papers because then we’d be waiting forever. And they are working on an LSJL device for humans but it doesn’t seem designed for limb lengthening. It seems designed for more therapeutic purposes.

            If you think human joint loading trials are so essential why don’t you give them a grant for it?

          6. R

            “If you think human joint loading trials are so essential why don’t you give them a grant for it?”

            Because it won’t work in adults.

          7. Tyler Post author

            There is evidence that will work on adults. In the gene expression study mesenchymal condensation genes were upregulated as were chondrogenic genes which would be a precursor for neo growth plate formation. In the LSJL histology slides from, the side in which LSJL was performed has more cells per area in the surrounding bone region indicating possible increased condensation.

            Also Ping Zhang has posted in grants before that he believes that Joint Loading could work in the “elderly”. Although it is possible that he used the wrong phrase due to lack of english fluency.

            And even if the results don’t involve height growth it may still give results that may lead to height growth. For example, changes in the bone microenvironment or mesenchymal stem cell stimulation which may be precursors to height growth.

          8. R

            I know you believe it will work in adults, but I’m not sure that they believe it will. That was the purpose of my first reply.

  2. jojo

    Hello, everybody together,

    Sorry for the bad one in English!

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    There are so many possibilities a solution to find.

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    I have still a lot of ideas I later could score…

    I find this side really very good and hope we here everybody together a solution find! I would also like to make no demands, these are only proposals.
    Many greetings

    1. Tyler Post author

      Well, the current view on astronaut growth is decompression of the spine and that height returns to normal after a while but some also believe there’s some lengthening of the limbs…

  3. Feinfadiges

    Hello Tyler and everybody

    I am a new reader and i’ve been thinking of giving LSJL a try. I have bought a c-clamp and made some tests, but I still don’t have a routine. I would like to try the index finger and let heal for a week or two and see what happens.

    I got a question: you clamped the metacarpal part of the index finger? is that the part at the palm of the hand? so youve been lengthening the palm of your hand and not only the external finger (the three segments that end on the nail)?

    could you answer that please?

    1. Tyler Post author

      I’m liking the Irwin Quick Grip clamp rather than the C-clamp. For the finger, I clamped the three segments. The two most distal laterally, and the third top to bottom due to the other fingers getting in the way. I also clamped top to bottom on the palm estimating where the metacarpal is.

      I have not used the C-class clamp on the fingers or hand so I cannot commit on any difficulties I did not foresee.

      Also, the current loading regime that I find most effective is clamping as hard as I can tolerate while being mindful of injury risk and then holding it for several seconds.

  4. 777

    This is not proof,Its false reasoning
    I could take HGh and grow my fingers and nails longer
    It don’t mean I will get taller as adult though does it
    The only proof for height growth
    Is to actually grow significantly taller

    1. Tyler Post author

      We don’t have the resources to do a proper study with controls. The goal is to generate enough evidence to inspire the dedication of resources to do that proper study. Both finger and leg bones are long bones. If LSJL increased finger bone length, it is reasonable to believe that LSJL would increase leg bone length.

      The goal is to start generating more and more proof so we can get the resources to find the way to grow significantly taller.

  5. 777

    I have grown slightly as adult but 3/4 inch am 5ft 10in
    but not significantly enough for proof
    if I could gain 2 inch and hit 6ft then I will have my proof

    1. Julius

      If you’re sure your growth plates are closed then even one inch would be important proof that is beyond the margain of error when measuring.

      1. Tyler Post author

        I’m working on it. I modified the loading regime(I’m holding the highest clamp I can take for several seconds rather than just releasing after I can’t clamp further) and it seems to be more effective.

        But the goal is to have proof of concept so we can get more resources so progressing further will be easier.

  6. PR.CH.

    I grew 3 cms by hanging upside down for 1 hour per day (2 X 30 MINS). I did this 6-7 times per week for two years. I still continue but not this systematically. Maybe if I used heavy weights vest the increase would have been larger. If we cooperate and build a device like medieval rack (or something with neodymium magnets in form of bracelets ), that will exercise strong pressure on arms and legs as we lay down or even sleep we can solve the problem.

  7. 777

    It is not reasonable to believe finger growth equates to height growth because I just told you it’s misleading agromagely can grow fingers but not height fingers proof little to nothing

  8. Julius

    Tyler have you noticed your arms looking longer? Maybe the increase is to gradual or insignificant but do you have any sense of your arm lenght or is it just a guess based on nothing really?

    1. Tyler Post author

      I’ll check to see if it’s grown. About seven years ago at about 23, it was 72.5 inches. Then a few months ago it was 74.4. Now it seemed to be closer to 74.5. I’ll check again.

      The wrist is pretty predominant in the right hand x-ray and I can’t see any obvious abnormalities. There is a growth plate line visible in both radius and ulna which is abnormal considering my age(32). I’ll have to do a post on it and point it out with GIMP.


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