New Home Page from LSJL Scientists

HIroki Yokota and Ping Zhang are two of the scientists responsible for studying mechanical load driven bone lengthening.

What can their latest website (you must visit this site to understand the rest of the post)tell us about their plans to study this further?

On their research page, both knee loading(LSJL) and spinal loading(perhaps developing a way to lengthening the spinal column) are mentioned but only as a means of strengthening bone.

They mention that they are studying the regeneration of cartilage tissue which means that it’s a possibility that they are studying growth plate regeneration but more likely they are focused on the regeneration of articular cartilage. Their method for cartilage regeneration mentioned does not involve stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into chondrocytes but rather stimulation of aggreccan and type II collagen expression.

Unfortunately it says that Ping Zhang is a collaborating past lab member and Ping Zhang was the driving force behind studying lengthening effects.  It mentions that PIng Zhang is studying mechanical loading, osteoperosis, and fracture healing but nothing on bone lengthening specifically.

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