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I do track the websites which link to this website. Some of the most common sites that come to this website are from some of the most negative areas on the internet. The level of anger, bitterness, and spite on these strange internet discussion boards means that you can’t tell the difference between a genuine poster who just wants to vent and rant onto an internet discussion board and a troll. I’ll just say a few messages for those guys who feel depressed, angry, resentful, or just mentally stuck over their short height. This is directed mainly towards reddit/r/short and places like sluthate.com

Guys, take it down a little. You may be 5’6″ and have some level of asperger’s syndrome but that does not mean that you can’t enjoy your life. If you are thinking of killing yourself or hurting another person Rodger Eliot style, then read the following message.

I would assume that most people believe that they are above average in intelligence. Well, two of the principle traits of people who are truly intelligent exhibit are that 1) they can make decisions based on long term goals and 2) have the ability to control their emotional impulses and states. You can may be really good at mathematics but you still can’t control your own emotional state with the behavior of an immature child. For those of you who read this message, you know who you are. Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be often a much better indicator of eventual success in life than any traditional IQ test.

Start of my message

I don’t do much these days for this website since I run my own business which now takes up so much of my time. However, let me assure the regular readers that based on what I have seen from being on the cutting edge of the tissue engineering & biomedical fields, there will be something that will come out in the coming decades that will be much better than the limb lengthening surgeries you see today, which means less pain, less invasive, and less possibility for surgical complications. I am talking about lab grown growth plate implantations and healing intervertebral discs compression. I personally don’t think it is possible to “reopen the growth plates” which so many people hope for. Some little bit of surgical incision will be needed to cut the bone slightly (osteonomy). I do dare to dream big, but I am also a realist on what is possible, and what is pure science fiction. There are no magic pills or silver bullets.

You guys should not be worrying how tall you are and how much the world discriminate against you. You can’t change the world, unless you feel like it is your life’s mission to combat heightism similar to MLK to black/white conflict and put in maybe 20 years of hard work to make slight social changes. I suggest that you should not waste your time and energy on fighting an uphill battle against this hard-wired instinctual pre-programming which most humans have which creates prejudice towards shorter humans.

It is there, heightism exists, shorter guys get less dating and romantic opportunities (and maybe also less respect from other guys in their work), yada yada yada. You can cry about how unfair people are to you all day but at the end of this year, you would realize that all this venting of frustrating you post onto reddit/other doesn’t improve your life overall by much. You did not move that needle of your life gauge even a little bit. For now, just swallow the hard reality of this unfair world and existence we live in, accept that you did not win the genetic lottery like a channing tatum, and go in a different direction.

If you dwell on this fact, about your short stature and how no matter how much you go the gym you can’t change your height, you are going to get stuck psychologically, and maybe spiral down to a psychological state which you can’t get out of.

A lot of guys might tell you to go to the gym to lift weights, work out, build confidence, dress better, have a great social life, etc. and they are only half right. Improving on the areas of life of what you can control helps somewhat, but it won’t help all the time. Sometimes no matter what you do to try to make up for your short stature, that girl you like still won’t move towards you. The reality is that there is probably over 100 Mil other guys in the world out there. They have their own standards, and if they are not willing to lower their height requirement for you, there is nothing you can do. You already did everything else to improve yourself. You did everything you can to make you have a better advantage in this game we call life for success, and maybe sometimes that is still not good enough. Sometimes the only thing that matters is how long your bones are.

Some of you will be depressed. Go outside to the beach and get some sun. Take up long distance running to get the dopamine receptors firing again. Stay off the computer.

Work on yourself on the cognitive level is the best place to start. Take some nootropics, do tDCS, experiment with sleep cycles, learn acupressure and deep tissue massage for stress relief, yoga, fishing, etc. to get your mind away from this sub-reddit and other negative areas on the internet.

Get an education to increase your level of intelligence first (since being smart and short is much better than being tall and stupid in the long run), go into business for yourself to increase your net worth and build real assets, make your money, enjoy life, and come back when you are maybe 15-20 years older. You will have the funds to then spend on the latest cosmetic biomedical treatments. Most of you I would assume don’t have a lot in the wealth area of life. Money is not the be-all,end-all but it is a tool to help you get what you want out of life.

Treat each dollar you have as your soldiers. Each day you send your soldiers out to capture more soldiers which can work for you. That is called using money to make more money (aka investing)

I lived in Gangnam, Seoul for 2 years so that type of exposure made me very accepting of the idea of cosmetic surgery to improve one’s appearance. It is okay, as long as it is empowering and can really improve your quality of life. Some people are against cosmetic surgery since they think that it will change who they think they are to make other people like them, but this world is a very competitive place. You need every little bit of advantage you can get.

Plus, one’s concept of who they are as a person is fluid. It is not static. As we go through life, our “self” evolves over time. Even our core values and belief system changes over time. Don’t be so stuck in your beliefs/value which cause you to miss out on not taking a chance on something great. It is very rare that we regret later in life for doing something instead of not doing something.

For something besides just a nice pep talk which can hopefully get the regular readers out of their heads and negative emotional states, just see how close we already are with the 3D Printed nose which is made from fibrocartilage, not the hyaline cartilage you would need. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuGZ-G0UCCY). Implantation, transplantation, vascularization problems, people are working on that.

{Tyler’s Comments:  I tend to avoid looking at the validity of the desire to grow taller.

You may say: “You need to accept your height.”

I say: “You need to accept my desire to increase my height.”

Does climbing mount everest make any sense?  What about getting the high score in a video game?

Human height has value.  We as humans should strive to further our value.

“If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”



Including growing taller and we should accept nothing less.}

2 thoughts on “If You Feel Depressed Or Angry Over Your Short Height – For Reddit and Sluthate

  1. Vinayak

    Is this post by Michael ?…….and if it is where were u for months ?? I just wanna say dont lose hope and keep trying cause anything is possible…i’ll support ur page all i can….but not financially..only morally..

  2. Taha

    People should pay attention to the part where you mentioned that we can get psychologically stuck on this height thing, because it’s true. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling really depressed about my size, i’ve probably spent every week depressed ever since i learned about my growth plates closing. The girl i like is easily half a foot taller than me and i ended up really liking Basketball of all sports, but now i’ve decided to pursue football(soccer) instead and i’m probably better of trying to go out with a woman of my height.
    I’m really thankful you posted this Michael, it gave me a much needed talk and it’s helped me start sorting my shit out.


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