To Dwell on Height-Healthy or Unhealthy?

To focus on the disadvantages of height is an unhealthy psychological pursuit.  To focus on striving to grow taller is a healthy psychological pursuit.

Here’s a typical conversation to someone about height:

A:  Don’t worry about height.  It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

B:  Why is it acceptable for height to be descriminated against?  Why is male height so associated with a male’s value?  Why is it acceptable to laugh at people because of their height?

A: You should accept who you are.  Play with the cards your dealt.

B:  If you have a losing hand, do you accept that or do you throw the cards off the table and start a fist fight?  If you can’t beat the game change the rules.

A: Life isn’t fair.  Sucks for you.

If you try to get into an argument with someone about height it usually begins with a lot of platitudes which are refuted until their opposing argument devolves into “too bad”.

The argument with the best reasoning often isn’t the argument that wins.  Short support sites shouldn’t exist.  Realistically, very little improvements can be made for the average or below against the tall.  And ultimately such sites serve as a means of perseverating on height.

You can try to forget your height.  You can play video games.  You can engage in an activity where height is of less importance such as a musical instrument.  Although even in those activities such as piano or guitar, finger length has an effect on playing.  You can get around it with techniques but it’s still a reminder that you’re just not as good.  Even playing pool, height can be an advantage in performing certain shots.

There’s acceptance but will you ever accept?  Ryan Seacrest complains about his height all the time.  There’s escapism but will you be satisfied with just escape?  Most forms of escapism lack the depth and complexity of real life.

The healthiest way to focus on height is to strive to find a way to grow taller.  Instead of dwelling on it.  Instead of comparing height with your friends.  Instead of realizing that you’re shorter than that other guy that you thought was really short.

The research I’ve done on entheses is intriguing and I’m trying to develop a new routine to explore it. What’s most intriguing about Entheses is that it resembles the Zone of Ranvier which contains the stem cells to contribute to the growth plate.  What if by pushing two bones together such as the fibula and the tibia on the epiphyseal region we can stimulate the entheses to form neo growth plates?

Don’t accept that there’s no way to grow taller.

Your height is mostly based on the length of your bones{The other determinants of height are opportunities to find new ways to grow taller}.  The length of the bones is determined mostly by your growth plate{The rest of the length is determined by other means but are difficult to get to contribute in significant ways but again is another way to pursue the quest for height}.  The growth plate goes away after puberty after the exhaustion of the stem cells that contribute to the growth plate.

To grow taller you could find:

1) Increase other minor determinants of height not involving growth plate growth

2) Induce the formation of neo growth plates

3) Induce plastic(permanent) deformation of the long bones.  Stretch the bones in such a way that they increase in length in a way that is instant and permanent(although this has never bone in done and the mechanisms of measurement are not accurate enough to best gauge the elastic and plastic range of a bone).

4) Other?  For you to determine.

Escapism and acceptance aren’t the only options for dealing with your height.  Don’t let people tell you that you should just accept your height.  Every time you think about dwelling on the negative effects of not being tall, focus instead on finding ways to grow taller.

You can get distraction osteogenesis surgery but it costs a lot of money and ideally you’d have multiple surgeries.

This field of science is entirely under researched(but most areas are due to how slowly science progresses).  And due to the complexity it is difficult for it to be Lorenzo’s Oiled(Homemade scientific discovery).  It’ll be hard to find a more efficient way of performing distraction osteogenesis but you could find a home made way of inducing new growth plate formation.  Cells do respond to mechanical and chemical stimulation after all.  And has every manner of mechanical stimulation already been performed?  No.  Especially methods that would appear counterintuitive like lateral joint loading(now adjusted to focus more on pushing two bones together near the entheses rather than clamping the synovial joint region).  And there are novel apparatus to create to generate forces that we couldn’t using our own muscular force.

Don’t dwell on how Dave France doesn’t get as good a roles as James Franco because he’s shorter.  Don’t dwell on how the third Hemsworth brother doesn’t get as many roles because he’s shorter.

Focus on researching methods to grow taller!  Even when I find a way to grow taller, it’s not going to be perfect right away.  I’m going to need your help.  You’re going to need my help.  The faster people stop dwelling on height and start growing taller the faster we can start getting taller.

18 thoughts on “To Dwell on Height-Healthy or Unhealthy?

  1. Thomas

    You know this is exactly how I perceive wanting to grow taller. I have no idea why almost everyone is so negative about growing taller and automatically will assume something is wrong with you if you want this. If I said I want to grow bigger muscles I would get loads of positivity. So growing bones, muscles, or whatever else what’s the difference?

    If you look into history almost everyone who invented something new or came up with a new idea was met with negativity by society. This is just how society works. People believe something just because everyone else does and they won’t listen to their own reasoning. I am focusing on growing taller with you and am currently looking into mind-body connections. So please people, listen to your reasoning and good luck.

  2. Dave

    I have read your post and I’m about to say: your comparisons are illogical. Acting is a skill and it is not based off the height of the actor. If the Internet was born and this website was available many years ago, then amazing actors such as Tom Cruise, Jason Statham, Al Pacino and many others who play more movies than their taller counterparts,and get more famous, as famous as you call them a legend, would probably leave their goal of being an actor behind. And this cycle would repeat for another legendary people in other fields too. Height has nothing to do with success in anything but sports, however, that has some conditions too. Michael Jordan is 198 cm and there are already loads of guys who are above 208 cm, but Michael has been and is and will be a legend forever. In dating life, getting girls is dependent on social skills(my 5’6 friend get more girls because he knows how to act and talk). I am myself standing at 6’2 and i assure that everything in life, is about skills. By the way, i appreciate you and Michael for loads of articles and efforts. You guys are amazing and opened the gates for solving this problem for people who are afraid, but when comparing, use proper and strict logic, not a logic which can be obtained by thinking in just few mins.

    Always wish you the best and keep working.


    1. Tyler Post author

      The point of the post was that we should be focused on finding ways to grow taller rather than focusing on acceptance or reducing the disadvantages for lack of height.

      I did not use “proper and strict logic” when analyzing how height affects status in life because the main point of the post is that focusing on such things becomes destructive. We should be focusing on the constructive aspect of trying to grow taller.

      Your blanket statement “everything in life, is about skills” like most blanket statements can be disproven easily. Height has value. How much value can be argued but my point is that we shouldn’t worry about that and be focusing more on finding methods to grow taller.

      1. Dave

        Thanks for the answer. My statement was not a blanket one as i didn’t try to cover anything. I understood the point behind your post but i just said that you have used false logic while looking at the things around the world. I totally agree with your opinion on that we have to find a way to grow taller, instead of accepting it. By the way, if you think my statement lacked logic and is suitable to be disproved so easily, please disprove it, because i love arguing.

    2. James

      I can assure you that not everything in life is about skills. shorter guys get paid less on average (200$/year/cm), and the majority of the women wouldn’t date someone who is shorter or even same height, the average women is 5’6 i think, so if you’re 5’5, the majority of the women wouldnt even consider dating you, as most of the women are taller. taller guys are thought to have more authority etc and are percieved as more attractive. more attractive people have, according to studies, more friends and so on. u see, being tall is worth much. buuuut as tyler already said, we shouldnt focus on that, that’s not gonna help us. I just wanted to disprove that everything is about skill. use proper and strict logic!

      1. Dave

        Thanks for response. I really love arguing as well as using proper and strict logic. I know what you are saying, there are loads of article and researches claiming that taller people have happier life compared to short people. More money, more dating opportunities and etc. You have just read them, but did you stop and think about how our science gathered all of those info? How does it guarantee all of those info to be true? See? You believed all of those info because they were under the scientific label. You didn’t use proper and strict logic. All of those info can just be random and there is no science behind that. Near my home, there is a workshop which is managed by a tall person, someone who is about 6’4. His job is repairing electrical devices and etc. There are few customers who pay a visit to his shop and give him the devices that need to be repaired. But a bit far more from my home, there is also a workshop managed by an almost average in height person. Whenever i walk to his workshop, there are already 4-5 persons staying there. He got a lot of customers and that is normal because he is really the God of electronics, but the taller person is average in regard of knowledge of electronics and he is really slow and he always seems uncertain on his works. If your theory was true, then the taller person would have much more customers and money than the shorter one. I don’t want to say that i know about everything, but i am a very social and experienced person regarding to the life. I don’t know how old you are, but know it that everything in this world is just about skills. It’s just about how you carry yourself and what you know. I know you want to throw up flags and say : So what about those researches? And i want to ask you, are all of the scientific researches that are published since the birth of real science, considered true?

        There have been loads of scientific researches proven to be wrong after so many times. Researching on human behavior and his surroundings is not about measuring or observing chemicals. It’s far more complicated than them so we cannot say someone may get less friends or girl friends because of his height. It’s more complicated than that. By the way, average height for a white woman is 5’5. I know some prefer taller guys, but not all girls/women are like that. My friend is 5’6 and he has had taller gfs and he was very yummy and dear to them. It’s all about skills man, trust me. It’s truth, if it wasn’t, i wouldn’t say that since i’m a strong fan of truth. But a real one, not a fake truth.

        1. Tyler Post author

          It isn’t up to you to decide whether a person should accept their height it’s up to a person whether they should accept their height. This argument can be extended to any form of cosmetic surgery.

  3. Michael

    I am 18 Tyler and have grown about 1 cm in the past months, after not growing for a year or so, If you were 18 what would you recommend to yourself? Lsjl? Melatonin and niacin? Sprinting? Nothing? I really don’t wanna waste these few years and I want to grow as much as possible

    1. Tyler Post author

      Melatonin/Niacin/Sprinting don’t have a lot of evidence suggesting that they can increase height. With the growth you describe I think you’re in the same boat as someone who has inactive plates. The growth was probably in the torso which I don’t know how to load to increase height.

      1. Michael

        Yes I guess it was probably torso, so this means that probably my only slight hope for leg growth is lsjl?

  4. C

    Hey dude, please look at the email I sent to

    I am talking about bone growth methods for the FACIAL bones, I hope you can give me your opinion. Height growth is great but you require inches for it to be significant. With face bones, you only need millimeters to improve your appearance. MILLIMETERS. I really want to discuss this with someone

    1. Tyler Post author

      Well for the jaw there’s the option to grow for periosteum but the facial bones are still reliant on growth plates. There’s always old LSJL where you just loaded the synovial joint. New LSJL isn’t an option because there’s no bones next to each other like the tibia is to the fibula.

      The risk is higher for facial bones as it is the container for the brain.

      But I think clamping the epiphyseal region of the jaw could have potential(the cheek bone region).

      The study on this page: shows potential for LSJL induced growth.

      1. Chris

        This was new. Thanks. Why not focus your attention more on facial bone growth? It’s not researched well enough (like growing taller post-puberty) and It requires much less bone growth to make a significant difference.

      2. Julius

        Other than than the tibiae, femur, humerus and radius which bones have potntial to be affected by LSJL?

        Could it be possible to widen the shoulders by applying preassure to the clavicles or somewhere around that area?

        1. Tyler Post author

          In terms of enthesis LSJL, I’m trying to clamp the shoulder bone. There’s a lot of bones bunched up together. It’s hard to get leverage though. The goal is to press the amicronin against the humerus.

          1. Julius

            Great please keep us updated if your wingspan increases further.

            Is there anyway to prove that there has been growth though?

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