EpiBone Company To Engineer Osteochondral Grafts – Research Breakthrough!

One of the readers of this website informed me about the progress of another company called EpiBone which has been involved in growing bones that can be implanted back into the body with a high chance of complete functionality.

At first when I looked over the website and what the company was claiming, it looked almost exactly like the Israeli Biomedical Company Bonus Biogroup which I had written a post about before (Here).

Again, the problem is not that bone grafts can’t be built from scratch. They can, and it is very easy. The problem is when you try to build a bone-cartilage structure which functions. Building a functional cartilage structure has always been the difficult part. Even harder is to grow or build a bone-to-cartilage structure which operate together as one.

I was just about to write off this company as another company which will not push further until I looked at the list of authors who wrote the original scientific paper “Engineering custom-designed osteochondral tissue grafts”

The first name that is associated with the paper is what got me excited. It is Warren Grayson!!

I had said before from many posts written back in 2013 and 2014 that Dr. Grayson’s research is one of the few that is really going to get us to a Limb Lengthening Alternative. If Dr. Grayson is associated with EpiBone, as say the lead Research Scientist, then I would suspect that we maybe 5 years ahead of schedule in getting the Tissue Engineering approach to be successful. Where as I had predicted as long as 20-30 years before, I have to reassess that time line down to even 15 years.

However, when you look at the team that is actually listed on the website only one name is also found associated with the paper, a Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic. A Sarindr Bhumiratana is the other name that is worth looking at since he seems to be an expert on tissue engineering. There was a similar paper written to a 2nd source “Engineering anatomically shaped human bone grafts”

This looks like the real deal guys. They know that growing bones to be implanted back into the body is easy, and already done by other research teams and companies around the world.

It comes down to whether they can put enough research, energy, and funding to get the Bone-Cartilage type of tissue graft to work out which is what is going to determine whether we will see something that is available for the regular patient/customer within the next 10-15 years.

Apparently there has been a lot of media and press surrounding this company with some big name newspapers and online content aggregators talking about this company up. Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, The Guardian, etc. are all getting some information on this company.

Cross your fingers guys. I will be going to the Organ-On-A-Chip BioMedical Conference/ 3D Bioprinting Conference in Boston (on Beacon Hill) from July 7-9, and then write a long post to report back to you guys telling everything that I have gathered about the most cutting edge research that is coming out today from the labs of Universities. I will mention this company EpiBone to the professors there and see if they are also working on the same thing or have maybe even surpassed what we are seeing with this company. I need to remind the readers that I paid $1,700 of my own money to get into this conference, since I am this dedicated to the cause. When I say I am going to put my money in on this endeavor, I have.

Mesenchymal Stem CellsIn addition, I recently also purchased the book “Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Skeletal Regeneration” off of Amazon and plan to read up on it on the plane to make sure that my level of understanding of the tissue engineering techniques are at the level of the presenters and exhibitors at the Conference. I might even record the conversations I have to upload it to the website for all of you to hear.

PS: I will be posting up quite a few videos to the Natural Height Growth Youtube Channel over the next few months of videos mostly in Russian of height increasing programs. Some of them show Alexander Teyplyashin’s research, and even AS Palko’s School of Height program in action, as well as old interviews done in russian of people who went through with LLS.

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7 thoughts on “EpiBone Company To Engineer Osteochondral Grafts – Research Breakthrough!

  1. Lessie

    Hey Michael. Lately I am reading from this site many good posts about research sector that makes me optimistic.

    Luckily, stem cells and biomedical products will eventually become available for the masses so many doctors will have the chance to offer this luxury treatment at reasonable prices. I mean I think it won’t be a thing of millionaires because as soon as being taller with biomedical treatments, we will have already many others treatments and stem cells won’t be so expensive thanks to competitivity. We will also be able to travel to cheaper countries, and I think for doctors it will be considerably easier this treatment compared to current leg lenghtening surgeries that requires a lot of knowledge and practice.

  2. viki

    I’m really glad to hear those good News, I hope you will tell us soon about the Organ-On-A-Chip BioMedical Conference/ 3D Bioprinting Conference in Boston. Thanks for giving your own Money and Time sharing your Informations for free with us, it helps a lot and makes hope. Keep up the good work!

  3. Tatenda

    From reading some of your posts from last year I figured that your name is Tyler. So then Tyler, I am not going to judge you, I cant do that. However I am a bit concerned that you publish all these articles, all for the quest of height increase. It’s as if you have felt that you have a short coming on your part and thereby have devoted your life to finding a “solution” for height gaining. And you have not found something that can feed that desire to be say like 190cm, so that what…..! When you are 190cm what will you do? Will it give you self satisfaction when pple look up at you, or when you look down at pple. Will you go out on the loose to go and conquer the opposite sex, thinking to yourself that girl must like me because I am over 6foot 2? I guess you feel that I am hitting the spot.

    Be careful that you have not stopped yourself from enjoying your life. Blessing can pass by while you think to yourself whats the point of being happy when you arent 6ft. It seems the methods you have tried have failed. What I am saying is dont let it be that some day you will regret that you stopped yourself from learning about your true needs and I dont think height increase is one of them. All I am saying is obsession is a danger of this age.

    Now I am not some lanky guy giving you a reality check. I am a concerned reader and my advice is fight what’s stopping you from appreciating being alive. In case you are wondering I am a Christian who believes that if I believe in Jesus and my heart is pedged from having selfish agendas I will find happiness. Life is not unfair, the system which operates this world is unfair.

  4. Kall

    Hi, I have a question. Hakker once said that “IGH1 is forbidden as of now without an AI stack. Can’t risk a noob taking IGH1 without an AI and closing his plates prematurely”. But IGH1 is a simple aminos stack, what is the correlation between a small increase of gh and the closing of the plates?

  5. viki

    Hey Michael, I was on the Epibone website and I found nothing about Building a functional cartilage structure , they are focusing only on building bones so I’m wondering if they are Aware of our Problem. It’s not really clear to be honest I feel like no one is really working on it.


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