My Calling Is Helping The Most Lonely

Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to this project or the research. I leave for a while to live my life and focus on other areas of it. Then I find something, read something, that makes me remember the real reason why I ever first started this quest. My girlfriend left me, I was devastated, and I believed that one of the reasons she left me was because I felt I was not tall enough. She left me for a guy who was much taller than me. It hurt me at a level which I have never felt before, and I swore on my life that I would find a way to change the situation, not just for me, but for other guys in the world.

I remember once reading this controversial article from some internet website where the author wrote that men in today’s world are no longer needed by women, since women can do almost everything better than men. The way the school system is setup reveals that academics rewards the students based on following orders and being disciplined, which has never been a strong point of young men. While men still need women for the act of reproduction, companionship, intimacy, and sex, women no longer need the skills and qualities within men for survival. They no longer as the males of their family to go out and hunt down a sabretooth tiger for the even meal. As a heterosexual male who have somewhat old-fashion conservative views, the article seemed to push at a pressure point within my psyche that made me feel insecure, sad, and a little bit angry.

It turns out that when the modern young adult female talks about the income inequality among the sexes today, the women are not comparing themselves to the bottom 80% of men in their society, but the top 20% of men. In every society, there is always a heriarchy of men, with some being of higher class, and most men being of the lower class. Throughout the history of the human race, within almost all tribes and groups, it would turn out that the majority of males would never get a chance to have sex, and find a sexual partner or mate in life. Historically, it was the top minority of men in society who get sexual access to the majority of females. Think of the harems of the Emperor of China or the Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire or the Persian Empire, which had up to thousands of young girls who were carefully protected from other men by the army of the male rulers. Being a human guy in this world, in any time frame, has always been hard. It is just that hundreds of years ago, being born as a female was also very hard, with the constant threat of kidnapping, assault, rape, and forced marriages. Now that the world has become more peaceful and most men in the developed world no longer view females as property, the females of our species don’t feel that type of threat from male strangers that they were taught hundreds of years ago. The main point is, in this modern age, it is much harder to be a guy than a girl. When we really, objectively look at the overall condition of the human race, it has been the males who have suffered the most throughout history.

I refer to the readers this amazing book “Is there anything good about men? How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men” by the professor Roy F. Baumeister. This book will shake the very core belief system of most young men who were born and/or raised in one of the developed western nations. 

Of all the types of men who would most likely fail with females, I believe that it is men who are short who have it worst. The only exception may be being disabled, and that can be up for debate. The fact that short men are so disrespected and treated badly by society, and looked down upon by girls as unworthy of companionship shows that this type of discrimination is too pervasive in the minds of females. Being short is often the kiss of death.

The silent pain and suffering that this certain group of guys go through in life is felt. I am not God, and I am not a savior. I am trying my best to help a minority group of men in this world who are prevented from finding companionship because they did were not lucky at birth and ended up short. Being short and ending up a certain height is something that is almost completely out of our control. However, we should have that type of power and control, if we really wanted it.

This world is really hard for the short men. Maybe we can find some solution to make it so that their problem of short stature can be solved. It might not come about tomorrow, or even a year from now. However, I believe that one day we will find multiple solutions to solve the problem of being short.


From Reddit/r/ForeverAlone – Tried to get a female friend to set me up with someone. Her response: “sorry, you’re too short”  – (





5 thoughts on “My Calling Is Helping The Most Lonely

  1. kris

    I exeperienced same thing as author…didnt workout aith girl because or my height. Funny thing is that 10 yers ago height wasnt such a big isue. Social media changes everything. People start to become more concern on look than personality. I belive that height increse in adults is only a matter of yers…there wasnt enought interest erlier but in recent yers it get more atention

  2. Moses

    You operating on a false premise. Women have become too arrogant and revealed their hand. Women are no different then any other ape. Female apes value resources in harsh environments and status(height) in safe environments. The female collective is biologically wired to control and enslave men, and men are biologically wired to protect women. The only thing that can be gained from women is sex. Anyone who believes women can offer comfort and unconditional love is wearing blinders. If you want sex lower your standards to your actual sexual marketplace value and even a midget can obtain it.

    A covert war is taking place. Women are enforcing ridiculous laws to overtly enslave men. A group of Japanese men are bent on replacing women biologically and they’re making major breakthroughs. They claim in one short generation the survival of women will no longer be necessary, We are almost at the end of the game.

  3. Thomas

    I have to disagree somewhat with this article. I don’t think women really date men purely on looks. Sure a tall guy has a better chance, but it is the way a man carries himself and the confidence he has that makes him attractive. I’m a short guy and personally I used to be horrible with women but now that I have more confidence I get way more attention. I also think women have it hard in our society because with social media women are super pressured to have skinny waists, huge asses, huge tits, etc. I’m sure there are just as many, if not more, women who are insecure about their looks then men are insecure about their height. I know I can get beautiful women and be successful even though I’m short. That’s not why I want to be taller. I want to be taller for me, because it makes me feel more like a man. And I will succeed.

  4. viki

    As a woman it’s kinda sad to know that men really think like that, I personally don’t care because at the end of the day I don’t remember the height of a Person but if he made me smile and if we had good conversations. I also know from my female friends that they don’t actually care I experienced the opposite, a friend of mine lost her Feelings for her boyfriend and fell in love with a shorter guy but it didn’t had something to do with the height but just the Feeling that he gave her. And I don’t think it is about woman, man or ape it’s just that humans aren’t suppoed to be with only one Person for forever that will never happen. Some People are just visiters to teach us stuff if it’s good or bad depends on the way you think, it didn’t work out and if you know why then you know what to do the next time, I would move on fast because it’s only a waste of time and I know that it is very hard, but you have to Focus on yourself. I think that you want to be taller hasn’t much to do with her but more with yourself and that you want to help others, maybe you should overthink the reason. Thanks for being so open about your life and continue to get Forward.

  5. ignored

    I am disappointed that I have been blacklisted from commenting on your posts I have taken time to write comments and it never shows up I am very disappointed as it is wasted time and energy


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