EpiBone Confirms Epiphyseal Growth Plate Implantation Potential

Update 12/10/2015: The Twitter Account of EpiBone actually wrote a response back to our tweet of its original reply. Technically, they did not confirm it. We corrected that error. My personal interpretation of what they said, if the reply is real, is that the representative from EpiBone said the theoretical tissue engineering is possible. We might have read too far into that message. They technically did not confirm my hypothesis. Semantics 🙂

Sometimes I have to give a lot of credit to the readers and this one goes to someone who actually did something. They contacted the people at EpiBone and asked a simple question.

What I proposed in previous posts about the research (and application) Dr. Warren Grayson and company was working on, and how it applies to making people with no growth plates taller, was I telling the truth?

Someone named BD wrote and got a reply. Like I said, it would take years. The answer is always “years into the future”. How many years? Me being an optimist, I say 20-25 years. However, biomedical research based companies who were started by Ph.D/Academics from universities are usually very cautious and slow. More likely, assuming the rate of technological growth, It would be another 40 years or so.


3 thoughts on “EpiBone Confirms Epiphyseal Growth Plate Implantation Potential

  1. viki

    well who even wants to wait 40 years? maybe we should see it in a different way, we know that we can make bones and transplant it, the Problem is that the muscles and nerves can’t Stretch that much, but I think they are working on it.

    1. Viki

      if you have any informations about muscle and nerve regeneration it would be helpfull because I think the only thing we need at the moment is to get the skin, muscle and nerve cells to work with the bone

  2. Kris

    I think without high end genetic modification or surgery we wont get anything for long time. Sad as it is but technology isnt as far away as we wanted it to be.Especialy when in fact there is not much work in the way of this kind of rebuild. And anyway it may be easier to grow longer legs in test tube and transplant them than increse its size on living body. Or whole body. Anyway it may be easier to stimulate whole body to grow, make whole body larger, not only legs or spine, it may be much easier, mayby if we switch on few genes responsible for body regeneration they will grow whole body up. And thruth is,our parents and they irresponsibility is one of key factor that we are seeking more height now, i dont talk about people who were born in 50′ 60′ but those born in 80′, there was GH tretmen awaible back then.


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