LSJL Update-12/10/15

I recent did some LSJL measurements and I didn’t have any significant increase in length.  I think the reason for this is that I wasn’t clamping long enough.  During the last few months I’ve been clamping hard so that I stop clamping sooner due to pain and can get it over with.  However, I don’t think that is enough time to build up hydrostatic pressure.  This is contrast to the method I post recently that had a very long clamping time.  I think that my attempt to shortcut the process by getting into more intense clamping faster denied me of results.  Slower clamping also allows for the surrounding muscles and tendons to adapt to the clamping meaning an eventual more intense clamping force before they start resisting.

Given that mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into chondrocytes via hydrostatic pressure it’s very likely that their is an epithelial intermediary to allow for chondrogenic differentiation and epithelial cells are important to form the resting zone of the growth plate.  LSJL tries to increase hydrostatic pressure.  Although response to hydrostatic pressure may be dependent on cell matrix interactions.

I do have strong faith in LSJL given wingspan increase results and possible finger length increase.  I performed LSJL on my right finger.  My right finger appeared longer than my left.  I got X-rays and after exhaustive analysis all my left finger bones were in fact longer except for my right metacarpal.  And upon observation most of my left hand bones do appear to be longer than my right.  Thus, the difference in size between the right and left metacarpal is very likely due to LSJL.

So now I will be performing LSJL on my left index finger to try to get the left metacarpal longer than my right and I will be ramping up the clamping of other joints that I perform LSJL on more slowly and longer duration.

4 thoughts on “LSJL Update-12/10/15

  1. Timothy

    How does lsjl work again? I tried reading past posts but they were to confusingly written to understand. ..
    How does hydrostatic pressure on the synovial joint result in longitudinal growth of bones?
    Maybe the gains you saw on your left? Right? fingers are from the volumetric increase of the bone near the joint…. (you do have bulky fingers on the side that you performed lsjl on

  2. Mr. T

    I thought clamping hard would make the bone resist more and hardening it and calcifying it faster before allowing growth, am I wrong? Sometimes the posts here seem contradictory to earlier ones…


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