LSJL Update 10-12-2016

Here’s the link to the last LSJL update.

It seems like my feet have continued to grow from clamping.


Actually there seems to be rather remarkable growth of the 2nd phalanx/phalange bone.  Right foot is loaded with LSJL and left foot is unloaded.  It’s hard to tell if my big toe has grown anymore.  I’ve changed my clamping strategy rather than trying to specifically clamp the epiphysis of the bone.  I’m clamping a part of the bone close to the epiphysis where I can avoid slippage.  This change in clamping strategy may be the cause of the second phalanx growth too. By focusing more on the force rather than location I notice a rush of blood/fluid flow to regions when I release the clamp this may be a beneficial stimulus towards longitudinal bone growth.

My hands look like they’re growing too but there’s no need for pics all I need to is get an xray of one hand and compare them to the existing ones I have.  I may be growing in height again too but until it’s more definitive it’s better to focus on things that are easier to measure.

18 thoughts on “LSJL Update 10-12-2016

    1. Tyler Post author

      I’ve had best luck with irwin quick grip. 300lbs version. I’m going to try the xp 600 which can go up to 600lbs but I had to order it online. I have it coming in friday. I’ve also tried the c-clamp but doing the irwin quick grip is much easier.

  1. Ben Stein

    Your right foot looks significantly wider, like it wouldn’t fit in the same width shoe as the left foot. Why is that if you’re just clamping the toes to make them longer?

    1. Tyler Post author

      That’s one of the reasons I stopped focusing on clamping just the epiphysis and focused on just trying to get the most pressure in general. It’s resulted in less slippage which happens a lot when I’m clamping the epiphysis. So it’s probably spillover effects of clamping. We’ll see what happens. Thank you for noticing that. It’s hard to increase bone width too not just length. If it was easy to increase bone width, morbidly obese people would be taller by having a wider calcaneus(heel bone). So I’ll keep watching bone width and even if say length plateaus(which it has not) increasing bone width would still be a huge accomplishment.

  2. zack

    This is remarkable Tyler keep us updated, Hope to see the xray shows the growth as well so this will be a definite proof that LSJL actually works!

  3. max

    Tyler, where can I find the best guide for practicing LSJL? The ones I’ve found seem vague and hard to follow. Thanks!

    1. Tyler Post author

      While I’m getting results there isn’t much incentive to work on a program. The incentive is to keep documenting progress and experimenting with the LSJL method. I will say that the location doesn’t seem to matter as much as clamping force and that you’re clamping somewhere on a bone. So you can still get results and not be optimal in clamping location. I tried specifically clamping the epiphysis but that didn’t really pan out as the clamp kept slipping.

      If I post a routine and you just duplicate it then we’re just getting duplicate data. It’d be much more helpful for you to do a slightly modified routine based on your best guess so we can keep progressing. A key to evolution is random mutation. I can go over it on the LSJL forums.

  4. Caeleb

    Can you please email me Tyler? I tried contacting someone here about growth from glucosamine and an alternative way of supplementation combined with spinal decompression. We would be looking at 5-10 permanent mm, 7-10 when combined with rolfing. I am now getting improved results with the new eggshell extract cartilage regen supps which are supposed to be stronger. I’m not asking for advice, literally just trying to get a success story out so others can do the same…

  5. Caeleb

    Another time lol idk why comment hasn’t gotten approved. Lets try this again:

    -I have grown taller, very happy about it
    -I want to explain my routine so others can use it
    -Mainly involves joint support supplements

    Please. Email. Me. 🙂

    1. Alias

      Hey Caeleb,

      Why don’t you post it on what I believe is Tyler’s forum: under “Success Forum”? It’s promoted on his website.

      He’ll eventually notice it. I am sure people have some questions too. I myself have two questions:

      1) Have your bones completely fused?
      2) When you say you can gain 5-10mm is this a one-off or does it stack? i.e. In terms of stacking I mean, if I first gained 5mm, but then continued to do your routine could it increase to 20mm and more?

    2. Alias

      Hi Caeleb,

      I’ve sent a reply roughly on 19 Oct but it failed to show.

      Well done on your success. I reckon Tyler can be too busy to check or reply. Hence, I think it’d be better to post it in a forum which I believe Tyler owns: w w w under “Off-topic” (most of the others are too specific to post)

      This can help people and even yourself understand your method/routine/etc. better. I’ll start with two questions:
      1) Have you confirmed that your bones were fused when doing this method? Can be check by taking a hand x-ray.
      2) Is the grow a one-off or does it stack? i.e. Stacking as in if I gain 7mm from your routine at first, will doing it long term slowly increase into 15mm, 30mm, etc. compared to my height before starting?

      Look forward to your reply.

  6. Caeleb

    Haven’t got a chance to respond yet, been busy but I’ll get back to you guys soon enough. Thanks Alias I think I’ll just post in the comments and you guys can pursue Tyler with my info if you think it’s valuable at all. I haven’t forgotten but I will put a few paragraphs out next week. But just a heads up no, you won’t just be able to keep getting taller with my method. I got 2cm which I believe to be the maximum (has to do with strengthening cartilage and **possibly** regenerating it). Cartilage cells have a limit to the amount of water they can absorb so this wouldn’t lead to a huge increase in height, I think many people can expect a cm or 2.


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