You can help brainstorm height increase methods

Sometimes it’s frustrating to be part of a rank of people so few who are working on to height increase methods.

It’s by all means possible to discover the Lorenzo’s Oil that increases height but increasing height is a lot more complicated than affecting fatty acid buildup.  Unless there’s a study that shows that a chemical directly increases height like maybe IGF2 or CNP is that chemical.  But there have been tons of cases where a chemical you think may increase height by delaying maturating or increasing chondrocyte proliferation actually decrease height growth.  With chemicals it’s a case of that a chemical doesn’t increase height until it actually shows that it increases height.  So with chemicals you have to settle for a lot of duds and just hope that you stumble upon something that works.  And there’s also things like the digestive system blocking chemicals from taking their desired action.

For mechanical methods, there’s far more that you can do.  Axial(top to bottom) loading, tensile(stretching), and impact loading are probably not going to produce height increase as they have all been performed at very high levels physiologically.  Axial loading has been done at over 1000lbs in squats and leg press with no reported height gain.  Tensile(stretching) has been performed at very high levels with the rack with no height gain the issue with tensile loading is that cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles will fail far more easily than bone will.  Impact loading has been done in running with no reported height gain.

Lateral and twisting loading have happened far less physiologically.  In the case of twisting, it has in times produced height increase as a result of fracture.  The twisting strength of the bone is less than that of the soft tissues so it’s more likely to fail before the soft tissues.  And twisting is also highly stimulatory to the bone marrow which is what could create a new growth plate like wringing out a sponge moves the water.  Twisting also could cause damage to the bone architecture.  Lateral loading also moves and stimulates the bone marrow and could cause torsional(twisting forces).  You could also perform lateral loading on a twisted bone.

So there’s several ways you can help.  Head on over to the LSJL forum or post in the comments a good height increase forum and suggest better ways to induce lateral or twisting loading.  You can post a stretching routine but make sure it includes a lot of twisting forces.  Or suggest a new novel form of loading.  A ton of mechanical stimuli has been shown to pro-chondrogenic it probably just isn’t strong enough and there are blocks from it getting strength for example muscle/tendon failure.

No major scientific background is needed to help just a basic understanding of the body and lets start building a community to find a way to grow taller.

10 thoughts on “You can help brainstorm height increase methods

  1. yours truly

    May I suggest opening a naturalheightgrowth forum, as the other ones are dead. This website gets its fair share of traffic, which could become a regular community if you created a forum.
    Comments are hard to write in this site as you have to give your name and email each time so people usually don’t reply to you or Michael after your responses to their questions…it’s just a bit inconvenient tbh.

    Just a suggestion, thanks

  2. Vince

    there feels like nothing we can do. it is so disheartening. i check here almost daily and there is no news, for which i cannot blame the generous author of these posts, but i wish there was just some way to end this curse that causes such loneliness.

  3. Daniel

    I am 18 and in 5 months 19…

    Seriously considering GHRP like Hexarelin or GHRP-2… currently, I am at around 6ft1.

    Should I do it? I am highly disappointed by the lack of any anecdotal evidence or properly documented “experiments” and don’t care about growing couple inches taller.

    1. Steve

      I reccomend you start using 1mg of letrozole every other day immiediately it can be bought from blueskypeptide (this will prevent your growth plates from fusing completely) then i reccomend you start using 25mg of mk-677 daily it can be bought from or nootropicsource and is taken in the morning i think you could reach 6’3 or 6’4 if you start immediately both of these can be taken orally and there is no hassle of injections like ghrp-2 or hexarelin,start lsjl and take 2000iu of vitamin d and 25mg of zinc daily.

      Follow this routine until you reach 20 or 21

        1. Steve

          Zinc is needed for growth bottom line(zinc defiency stunts growth,and zinc increases IGF-1 levels)…you should start lerozole And mk-677 immediately.

  4. LSJL Master

    I’m glad to see people are still on here. I know I will never be able to figure this stuff out on my own, but if I can help raise the moral and hopefully add to the knowledge and discussion about what I call non-surgical height increase (because it can be done surgically and seems to get really good results, nevertheless scary and probably expensive as hell). If we all work together I think it is possible to figure this out.


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