LSJL Update 2-13-17 Looks like some growth

Here’s the last update.

Here’s the new feet images:

I’ve been loading only my left foot trying with clamping various parts of it.  It looks like the left foot is starting to catch up with the right although I do have confirmation bias(I want to confirm my existing opinions) but I always have confirmation bias and I see greater changes than I did before.

So I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.  See if I can get greater changes in my feet, see if I can clamp my right hand to be bigger as I have before x-rays and I can just get after xrays to get definitive solid proof, my right hand does look bigger to me but I’d rather to see if I can get more definitive growth as again I do have confirmation bias.  And of course I’m trying to clamp to increase height.

4 thoughts on “LSJL Update 2-13-17 Looks like some growth

    1. Michael

      Left foot is slightly longer than the right one as seen in the photo provided by Tyler. Using Gimp I calculated that the total growth of his left foot represents 0,7% of the length of the uclamped, right foot. If the gain’s proportional in the legs , there should be about 6 mm of expected growth.


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