Fatigue Loading may be important to LSJL

This paper shows that axial loading can induce an almost complete line through the bone through one side to the other.  But the break is on the wrong axis.  If fatigue loading was induced via transverse loading (lsjl) it is very likely that the micorodamage would be along the right axis.  But induce bone fatigue in this way would likely require heavier loads than inducing sufficient hydrostatic pressure to induce chondrogenesis.

Role of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide in Bone Repair after Cyclic Fatigue Loading

“We used the rat ulna end-loading model to induce fatigue damage in the ulna unilaterally during cyclic loading. We postulated that CGRP would influence skeletal responses to cyclic fatigue loading. Rats were fatigue loaded and groups of rats were infused systemically with 0.9% saline, CGRP, or the receptor antagonist, CGRP8–37, for a 10 day study period. Ten days after fatigue loading, bone and serum CGRP concentrations, serum tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b (TRAP5b) concentrations, and fatigue-induced skeletal responses were quantified. cyclic fatigue loading led to increased CGRP concentrations in both loaded and contralateral ulnae. Administration of CGRP8–37 was associated with increased targeted remodeling in the fatigue-loaded ulna. Administration of CGRP or CGRP8–37 both increased reparative bone formation over the study period. Plasma concentration of TRAP5b was not significantly influenced by either CGRP or CGRP8–37 administration.”

“sensory innervation of bone may have regulatory effects on skeletal responses to bone loading”

“Periosteum, endosteum, and bone tissue are all innervated by nerve fibers. This innervation exhibits plasticity in response to mechanical loading, in that a single loading event results in persistent changes in neuropeptide concentrations in both loaded and distant long bones, as well as changes in the neural circuits between limbs”

“Individual bone cells are directly connected to the nervous system via unmyelinated sensory neurons. Bone cells express a range of functional neurotransmitter receptors and transporters, including those for calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP)”

“12 rats were fatigue loaded until 40% loss of stiffness was attained, using an initial peak strain of −3,000 µε (Fatigue group). ”

“To induce fatigue, the load applied to the ulna was incrementally increased until fatigue was initiated, as indicated by increasing displacement amplitude from a stable baseline. ”

The break extends all along the bone but is on the wrong axis.
“Increased bone blood flow precedes bone repair in response to fatigue loading, and remodeling in response to decreased mechanical loading . Systemic administration of CGRP also decreases blood pressure in a dose-dependent manner””
“”treatment with CGRP8–37 may have increased intraosseus pressure, transcortical interstitial fluid flow, and associated bone formation””

10 thoughts on “Fatigue Loading may be important to LSJL

  1. Hope

    Hi Michael, I havent found answer for this question on this website. Is there any way to prevent/reduce height-loss during a day? In the long-term, not short-term (laying down). It’d be the “easiest” way to grow taller. I lose 1,2-1,7cm/ during a day.

  2. Daniel Prachar

    I am 19 and pretty well off… would you be interested in helping me grow taller for personal and scientific reasons?

    1. Tyler Post author

      Of course. How well off are we talking here? It’d be extremely helpful to be able to engineer a more effective clamp. Also, to be able to finance experiments. If you’re talking supplements than maybe IGF-2, HGH(but not as the only supplement it needs other stuff to be helpful), and CNP.

      1. Steve

        IGF-2 IS a peptide not a supplement,theres a fake “IGF2” supplement going around that doesnt do shit,remember guys IGF-2 has to be injected and Recombinant

        The best places to buy the IGF-2 Peptided are PeptideSciences.com and CanadaPeptide.com

      2. George

        What? You can grow with HGH? With what supplements? Have you talked about it on this blog?

        1. Tyler Post author

          HGH increases bone turnover so it can work with existing growth plates or some other height increase method to accelerate results. For example, high HGH may reduce the minimum required load for LSJL to work or it could work in conjunction with CNP or IGF2. Although HGH doesn’t always work with existing growth plates.

  3. test

    i’m 15,i havent grown since 13 years old!Will i grow ?
    How do I know if my growth plates have closed without x-ray ?

  4. andrew

    i have an idea on how you can get faster and better results and its based on quantum physics. How do I contact you?

    1. Steve

      Would you be willing to further elaborate in the comment section here?



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