Microcracks effect on fluid flow. Long term loading may be key for LSJL.

This study is important because it indicates that microcracks may be bad for fluid flow which stimulates bone growth but good for cartilage growth as if fluid is not flowing than it is building up pressure and pressure is more conducive to chondrogenesis.  This indicates that clamping should be higher duration and more “fatigue loading” based to insure the induction of microcracks.  Fatigue loading is the act of inducing bone damage not by a sudden large damage but by sustained bouts of loading over time.

So I have to find a way to increase the clamping duration.

Influence of interstitial bone microcracks on strain-induced fluid flow.

“microcracks act as a stimulus for bone remodelling, initiating resorption by osteoclasts and new bone formation by osteoblasts.  Microcracks alter the fluid flow and convective transport through the bone tissue. [We evaluate] the strain-induced interstitial fluid velocities developing in osteons in presence of a microcrack in the interstitial bone tissue. Based on Biot theory in the low-frequency range, a poroelastic model is carried out to study the hydro-mechanical behaviour of cracked osteonal tissue. the presence of a microcrack in the interstitial osteonal tissue may drastically reduce the fluid velocity inside the neighbouring osteons{So maybe microcracks will increase hydrostatic pressure as hydrostatic pressure is the pressure exterted by a fluid at rest}. This fluid inactive zone inside osteons can cover up to 10% of their surface. Consequently, the fluid environment of bone mechano-sensitive cells is locally modified.”

“Cortical bone constitutes the outer shell of long bones. This live entity is continuously renewed by bone cells in response due to the loading generated by daily activity”

“microdamage occurring inside the osteonal volume may generate a cell-transducing mechanism based on ruptured osteocyte processes. Concomitantly, microcracks are likely to alter the fluid flow and convective transport through the bone tissue and thus modify the hydraulic vicinity of the sensitive cells”

“the drag force caused by the pericellular fibres is thought to activate the cellular biochemical response through the interactions with the cytoskeleton”

“the pressure inversely increases from its Haversian reference to reach its maximum in the interstitial tissues.”

” the presence of the microcrack strongly modifies the fluid flow velocities in the osteons located in the immediate vicinity of the damage. It may generate an “inactive zone”
inside the osteon wherein the fluid velocities are relatively low and thus the osteocytes stimulation too”<-But even though fluid flow may be low hydrostatic pressure may be high which may be better for chondrogenesis.

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  1. Manlet

    This post is trash. Why do look for Graal, when it exists. It’s name is “Ilizarov method”, why dont you find way to make it better – no painful, not that risky. You are seraching for harry potter solution, and we will die. I dont accept we make it for grand-sons, i want it. And next question – why the hell you dont answer questions asked here? Its like 2 min job.

    1. Tyler Post author

      Because I want to be able to answer the comments with Here’s the method on how to grow taller and here’s the proof. I want to focus on a mechanical loading method to grow taller which isn’t really being worked. Distraction osteogenesis is being worked on.

    2. Steve

      No your post is trash bud,lol @ the lizarov method haha l…go ahead and spend $50000 for a 1 year procedure that will maybe give you 2-3 inches,and honestly lls is both retarded and barbaric that carries HUGE risks,right now LSJL is one of the best methods for Height Increase,and tyler and many other people who have had success have proven this,so either get with it or GTFO,I’m sick and tired of the Negative mindset of these people who want to increase their height,no wonder you fools havent grown,you have to believe to succeed,and that goes with everything in life.

      Tyler,keep up the good work bro your research is very helpful.

        1. Steve

          Lol GTFO here,I havent done shit yet,just did a shitload of research this year,but i will start my routine this year and i will grow 1-2 inches this year,if you believe you will grow by any means,im not even short but 1-2 inches would be nice.

          Enough of the negative bullshit,if you have something to contribute,than by all means speak up,if you dont than shut the fuck up and get lost,this place is for serious people,your not gonna get sympathy from anyone here,go and spend $50k for lls,a painful and bbarbric procedure that will have your ass tied up to a hospital bed for a year or you can smarten up….Im done talkin to ya bud…keep your negative mindset to yourself

          BTW Tyler grew about 1.5 inches in a year of LSJL at age 27,there are just as much successes as failures with LSJL,go to the forum and see.

          This will be my last reply…I dont got time for negativity,only growth…

          1. Realist

            The only one who needs to GTFO of here is you dumbass shill.

            It’s hilarious that you call LL surgery “barbaric” when Tyler is literally affixing woodworking clamps to his legs like a Stone Age McGuyver and thinks it’s doing something

            Fun fact: In over 7 years of LSJL’s existence, not a SINGLE shred of concrete evidence has been submitted for any LSJL “success story”, INCLUDING Tyler’s. His claim of “growing 1.5 inches in a year of LSJL” are just that, CLAIMS with no evidence to substantiate them

            Check the LSJL forums? Yeah go ahead and do it. They’re deader than shit, there’s maybe 1 post per month, the success story subforum is full of people who just like Tyler make claims of growth but provide NO evidence other than dumb ass pictures of their legs, cuts on their door frame, and other dumb shit

            NO before and after pictures, NO X-ray measurements, NO pictures showing correct methodology for measurement

            NO solid evidence whatsoever

            Let me reiterate for emphasis: in over 7 years of LSJL “research”, NO ONE, not even its creator Tyler, has been able to demonstrate concrete, valid evidence that it even has the POTENTIAL to increase height in HUMAN BEINGS , let alone proof that it actually works on them in practice

            All we have are wild hopeful hail-Mary extrapolations made by Tyler from studies performed on RATS, a creature whose growth plates never ossify

            From the frequency and content of his recent posts it just looks more and more like Tyler is operating under the sunk cost fallacy, he probably thinks he’s put too much time into LSJL to give up now. “I can get it to work, it’s just around the corner, just a few more months…” Then those months turn to years, decades, this guy will grow old and die clinging to the delusion that this can actually work

            I have 10 times more hope that Michael will figure out some kind of chemical cocktail that will miraculously give us a modest 2-3 inch increase than I do in LSJL ever helping anyone grow even a single inch

          2. Tyler Post author

            Rat growth plates may not ossify but they do undergo senescence.

            Scientific progress occurs incrementally. As long as you’re moving in the right direction.

            I’m working on finding a better clamp solution as that’s the biggest limiting factor.

            As for the rest keep in mind there are roadblocks so that’s why things go slowly. Trying to find ways around those roadblocks.

            If you have a problem with how things are done I encourage you to research another height increase method rather than being critical.

  2. Manlet

    And part 2.
    Dont be offened but i dont believe you’ ll find solution. Ive been searching this website for almost 3? years, and i guess you didnt push reserach even in 1 meter. I guess there are 2 options to help us
    a) rich kid with napoleon’s complex
    b) side effect of research from Real Genius – example Elon Musk space mission.

    But i wish you the best either way.

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