Martial Arts Bone Conditioning and LSJL

LSJL is lateral loading of the synovial joints or possible the epiphysis of the bone to stimulate fluid flow to stimulate degradation(remodeling) of the cortical bone and creation of mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis through a favorable microenvironment.

Martial arts bone condition is another form of this as impact is a form of loading.  However impact loading would not stimulate the soft tissues surrounding the bone which are all connected to the bone this is an important distinction.  Axial loading does not really drive fluid flow so that elements punching as a studiable stimulus.  However, several martial artists do tapping of the bones of the leg and arm.

The different between this and an LSJL style tapping would be that the tapping would not necessarily be at the longitudinal ends of the bone so the bone would be more innervated and there would be less of a fluid pressure gradient than at the longitudinal ends of the bone.  The goal of martial arts bone conditioning is described as something like calcification or bone thickening which is not exactly what we want.

The other difference between LSJL and martial arts bone conditioning is the intensity of the load.  Short intense bursts is more osteogenic whereas longer less intense bursts of loading are more chondrogenic.  This is primarily because osteocytes respond to sudden changes in fluid flow but osteocytes(probably) cannot make you taller as osteocytes produce bone and bone is what blocks you from growing taller!  Soft tissue is what allows for interstitial growth.  So for LSJL style loading you would tap the longitudinal ends of the bone with more frequency and less intensity.

If the bones weren’t so innervated would you be able to grow via martial arts style loading?  Probably not by rolling a bottle up and down your leg.  But we know that martial artists fracture legs during kicks.

And fractures definitely result in longitudinal bone growth because the bone clot results in a lot of fluid stimulus and it removes the cortical bone impediment.

We also know that there’s a phenomenon known as stress fractures where bones can develop fracture over time to non-overly traumatic loads just as the bone is no longer able to recover.

But we want to know if it’s possible to induce the longitudinal bone growth stimulus without fracturing a bone.  And could it be possible with a tapping stimulus?  The key is to target a less innervated part of the bone which happens to be the epiphysis although there are some epiphysis where regions are fairly innervated.  Tapping the epiphysis also generates a fluid pressure gradient.

With these fluid pressures we want to stimulate bone degradation via osteoclasts(remodeling)[this process could be accelerated via HGH] but we don’t want bone deposition via osteocytes and osteoblasts we want cartilage deposition although it’s feasible that other fibrocartilage tissues could work so that’s why we want sustained loading pressures over time so consistent taps.  The stress fracture phenomenon is also beneficial for our purposes.  Microcracks are good at stimulating fluid forces.

Nerve issues are probably unavoidable but we want to choose the least nerved location.

Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence of martial artist effects on bone?

I know there’s not a lot of solid proof of anything here but basically I’m testing epiphyseal tapping over prolonged periods to generate bone degradation and creating a favorable microenvironment for replacement via soft tissues.  I wanted people to know what I’m working on as I haven’t posted here in a while.  I’m solely dependent on generating proof at this point so if anyone has any evidence of martial artists generating any kind of visible bone adaptation whatsoever that would be extremely helpful.








9 thoughts on “Martial Arts Bone Conditioning and LSJL

  1. Yones kayaniv

    Hi im from India,im 19 years old.I have been following this website since 2015.I love your work and read almost all of it.I have got a case related to my brother.This is interesting because his hand bone (the long bone of your lower arm) deformed to form a cavity near the wrist area.How ? Due to constant pushing of lipomatic tumor onto his bone.My brother has many lipomas on his body but the above mentioned lipomatic tumour grew in such a manner that it constantly was applying force onto that upper part of the long hand bone.He had removed this tumour cause it was cause too much pain.When doctors took xray they found out that this tumour actually pushed away bone and formed a cavity.This is quite amazing for us researchers as it tells us that constant pressure does cause remodelling of bones or in this case bone resorption.So maybe constant pressure on the bones can induce bone resorption..then maybe for prolonged absorption..cortical bone may become thinner and may somehow be replaced by cartilage by bodies response for support.

    1. Tyler Post author

      A lipoma doesn’t seem like it would cause that much force but as you say it is constant. Was the cavity actually within the bone or outside the bone? Actually pushing away bone is amazing because it means that other soft tissue can push bone apart and not just growth plate. Please provide as much information as possible and x-rays. It could be important.

      1. Yones Kayaniv

        Yes i meant that the actual cortical bone itself was pushed inside or resorped creating an inward cavity on the cortical bone.The lipoma tumour was apparantly growing near his(my brothers) bone and weirdly growing against the bone.He reported constant pain for months( just mild pain).Of course he couldnt take the progressive pain and had to remove the lipoma.Sorry but no xrays sheet was taken that time.Xray diagnosis was done by the doctor and showed it to my brother.

  2. Daniel

    If you are reading this Steve, could you reply to my comment? Thank you!

    I am turning 20 in 5 months, and already have bought Hexarelin + CJC no DAC for 3 months, hoping to gain at least one extra inch from it… does anyone have any tips, that would be helpful to me, or wants me to log it on some forum? I think this type of anecdotal experiment can be valuable for people who are interested in this type of thing.

    1. Steve

      Hey,caught your post man,honestly I’d go with mk-677 25mg daily instead along with inversion with 15lb dumbells 15 minutes 2-3 times daily 6 days per week,hang from a pull up bar 6 days per week 5 times daily for 1 minute 3 times at a time or the whole 3 minutes at once if your comfortable doing so,maybe some lsjl again if your comfortable with it,throw in glucosamine sulfate,msm and chondroitin,a healthy diet with plenty of protein and you could possible add another 1-3 Inches at your age.

      Best of luck bro

      1. Daniel

        Wow, Steve… thanks for the reply!

        I have few additional questions… should I split the dosage of MK-677 towards 12.5 in the morning and 12.5 in the night, or should I do 25mg before bed? I heard that before bedtime is the preferred time to dose for height growth.

        How does the inversion table with dumbells look like… do you hold the dumbells along the handles, or do you extend your arms to the ground with the dumbells?

        You actually recommended me a similar routine a year ago, but I never got notified about the reply, only recently I discovered that you recommended Letro + MK-677 to me… wish I acted on your advice a year ago… could have been inch taller by now already! … so I wanted to also thank you for that :-D.

        Honestly, LSJL currently has none “non-primitive” clamps, so I will skip it for now.

        What do you think about the time-frame needed to grow one inch… 6-12 months? How big of a part does the supplementation part play into the height growth, and how much does the exercise?

        Height growth “in a pill” is always the preferred way to go about things if you know what I mean haha

    2. Marek

      Don’t don’t it!!!! I am 18 and still open gr plates and I had growth hormones factors injected including Hexarelin ,did not grow in heigh but feet and hands grew got some pituitary gland issues now!!!!got symptoms of hypopituitarism and I had them injected by a family member whos a medical student


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