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This Person Increased His Height By 0.75 Inches Using Ankle Weights and Inversion Tables

This Person Increased His Height By 0.75 Inches Using Ankle Weights and Inversion Tables

Inversion TablesSometimes I write posts that details information which I gather from the readers and visitors to the website, through the comments or the private website email at naturalheightgrowth@gmail.com.

A regular visitor of the website sent sent us a rather long message which I will copy and paste below. They seemed to have found some success in using a combination of inversion and weights to achieve almost a full length of increase. They said that they took into account height variations throughout the day, and also any type of measuring errors.

I chose not to clip the message since I would like to keep the email information of some of the visitors private. The message below is in italics.


Hello Michael and Tyler my name is Jake and I’m am an avid follower of your work. I constantly check up on this site and the lsjl forum.

I am a 24 year old male from the midwest and I just wanted to briefly share what helped me increase my morning height. I start my height increase regimen in dec. 2013 i started at 5’6.5 maximum morning height and 5’6 1/8 lowest night height. I began in dec. by stretching but didn’t notice any gains.

After a month of stretching i incorporated. sitting with two ten pound ankle weights on each leg a few times a day along with my stretching. My morning height increased to about 5’6 5/8 after using the weights. But My morning height didn’t increase much more than that after that.

So another. month later I bought a inversion table off of craigslist and within three weeks by March 2014 my morning height increased to 5’6 3/4. So I was stretching sitting with weights and doing inversion three times a day a lot of work. But my biggest increase was yet to come. I am really desperate to get taller so after my inversion table my height seemed to max out at 5’6 3/4 in the morning.

I decided to sit with my ankle weights a different way I decided to sit with them longer. because initially when I would sit with them I would kick them off after like 20-30minutes because they would begin to feel uncomfortable. So in mid March I started sitting with the weights as long as I could once you feel that uncomfortable feeling after like 20-30 minutes that is where it seems you want to be I now call that the growth stage.

So i probably sat with them about an hour and a half two ten pound weights on each leg when i measured myself I stoop a whopping 5’7 1/8 mid day it freakin blew my mind. So I did it again and the very next day I woke up at an astonishing 5’7 1/4. So to recap literally within one day of sitting with ankle weights into this growth stage as long as you can it feels like your body is ripping apart i think this is where the most growth comes from 5’6 3/4 Max morning height to 5’7 1/4 morning height.

So I have been doing this everyday since mid march so about a month and I maxed out at 5’7 3/8 inches in the morning. I wanted to share this with everyone because the absolute biggest factor in my growth was from sitting with the ankle weights until you feel really stretched as you dangle them over the side of the bed.

I wanted to share this because I know what its like to be short and hate your life and get down I sincerely hope that you could make a post about this and share this with others . To see if they sit with ankle weights the way I did if they would grow.

So to recap get two ten pound ankle weights a bed high enough that your legs could dangle off of freely. Then sit until what I call the growth stage for me it s like 20-30 minutes in. This is where the real stretch begins. Try to sit in this state without getting up to relieve any pressure for as long as possible. I typically just sit on my phone watching youtube videos. And its typically about an hour and a half for me until I literally can’t take it anymore and have to sit up.

I have a very accurate way of measuring my height so there was no problems with my measurements. I want to share this to get feedback and hear peoples opinions.

So please Michael if you could share this and you can email me jf you want to correspond. I want people to experience the slight growth I did and for us to all see how we could better tweak it to get even more height. Goodluck to you all. I would have shared this on the lsjl forum but it wouldn’t let me sign up for some reason. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes I had to type this quickly on my phone and with little time to slare.

Good luck to you all hope to hear how it goes…..later!


I corrected a few grammatical and spelling mistakes, and divided up the original message for easier reading.

Here is my message to him


You asked that we send you an email and that is what we are doing. I am thinking of writing out a post on your unique routine using ankle weights to do a short analysis on the possible physiological changes occurring in your body. Is that okay with you?


Here is his first message to us

That is one hundred percent fine with me. I have been an avid follower of your site and tylers. I did a lot of research on growing taller prior to starting my routine. I even read through all of the old posts at Giant Scientific forum. I wanted to do anything to be taller.

I have always had self esteem issues with my height growing up. And in the winter they hit a peak and I decided you know what there are a lot stories on the internet of how people have grown one way or the other. I decided let me try a routine the worst that could happen is I don’t grow and I go on with my life.

The first month in december 2013 when I saw no height gain from stretching. Not even a millimeter was disheartening. So I went to Walmart grabbed a cheap pair of ankle weights and started sitting with the weights three times a day for about 20 minutes. And in January 2014. I started measuring in at 5’6 5/8 that gave me some encouragement . Even though it was only a millimeter that was the tallest. I had ever been. I seemed to max out with stretching and short ankle weight sessions at 5’6 5/8 so I read up on the old height increase success stories and I saw that a few people incorporated the inversion table.

I really didn’t have the money to shell out for a brand new one. Luckily I live near Chicago and just about everything is plentiful on craigslist. I would do a few minutes of inversion three times a day along with stretching and short ankle weight sessions. And within a week my morning height was up to 5’6 3/4. But for the life of me I just couldn’t seem to get past the 5’6 3/4 mark in the morning.

Hence I became really frustrated started thinking of giving up my height routine all together in march I was happy I had gained a quarter inch in the morning from my start height but to be honest I wasn’t very pleased.

So I decided in march what would happen if I sat through the pain as long as I could with ankle weights.

Typically I would kick the ankle weights off at the first sight of discomfort at the 20-30 minute mark but This time in march I sat through the pain and it could become pretty uncomfortable it feels like your getting a very hard deep stretch that kind of comes in waves of tolerability. I would try to sit through this growth state as long as possible it was probably an hour and a half to an hour and forty five minutes. I went to measure myself and I was 5’7 1/8. I mean I was ecstatic. I’M a guy that has never touched 5’7 at all to be 5’7 1/8 was just crazy I felt so tall. lol.

So I continued to stretch like this the nect day and I was up to 5’7 1/4. I mean I was jumping off the walls so happy. But for the rest of march and into April my growth was stagnant again It seems I may have topped out at 5’7 3/8 in the morning. Now this hasn’t discouraged me because its made me want to share this with others. Back in december I never really thought I would grow yet here I am 9/8 inch taller in the morning and a 5/8 inch of that came from sitting with the weights.

Basically what I want to see if others could replicate this. Because if I could easily gain 5/8 inch hopefully some others could gain more.

I want to thank you again Michael for all your hard work in this field. I think your doing an incredible job!  Feel free to email me anytime. Sincerely Jake.


Next Message to Us

And I also wanted to add I have a very precise way of measuring. I have a drop ceiling where I fixed a tape measure to be positioned over head in the ceiling. Then I grab a chair and pull the the tape measure down to my head until I find it resting firmly on my head and then I take another tape measure and measure to the point all the while I have huge closets with a mirror so I can be precise and make sure I’m looking straight and not tilting my head.

And also when I started I was becoming discouraged because I wasn’t growing ad fast as I wanted to so I told myself I’ll know I’m making progress if I ever get over 5’7 and I finally did. Its funny the extra inch. has been noticeable to others to the point they thought I had put a lift in my shoes. My brothers are both 5’7-5’8 and I’m right in their range.

And the majority of the height I’ve gained appears to be from my spine. My spine appears to be longer when looking at myself in the mirror. Its almost like my hips to belly looks longer hard to explain but a lot of the pain seems to come in the lower back region to the pelvis area. But that’s all for now.


My Personal Suggestions & Concerns

I felt that it is appropriate to write a post to give some suggestions to Jake, and for anyone who wants to try to increase their height using a combination of ankle weights and inversion tables.

I have tried both ankle weights and inversion tables before in my life, at different times, for a variety of reasons.

Ankle Weights

When I was in Middle School I got ankle weights to practice my vertical jumping height for basketball and running speed using it as a type of resistance training, and ankle weights again in my early 20s to tone my legs. Those ankle weights stayed in a closet or a garage until I tried to wear them for a third time to do intense cardio training. I was lying down on a yoga mat and doing leg kicks and crunches as the same time.

I know for a fact that after just a few tries, I noticed that one of my knees felt like it felt a slight twinge of pain, and the leg felt slightly weak.

After the pain started, I realized that the pain was a sign that I needed to stop doing it. I have seen too many knee injuries and problems with other people to realize that knee problems is very common, and there is not many solutions to fix them. One of my grandmothers in her 70s had no articular cartilage at all in her knees, so the bones were just rubbing against each other. She had been enduring pain for years, if not decades. The result was that she had to get a complete knee replacement. I learned from an early age to be very careful with my knees.

Inversion Table

The inversion table was something I bought when I was obsessed with increasing my height, years ago. I wanted to see whether a few minutes of hanging would increase my height.

The result was that I did increase my height, by 1/4th of an inch, and that was enough for me. The gain in height seemed to have been temporary. If I measured my height immediately after getting off the inversion table, the gain is very visible, but it goes away fast, in a few minutes.

The Lower Back Pain Problem

Somewhere in Jake’s messages, he mentioned something about pain in the lower back, and that is what sort of scares me. I know for a fact that if you try to do inversion too much, the human body will start to snap apart, at the region which is the weakest. Since bones have high tensile loading, it will almost always be in the region in the intersection of bones ie. knees, hips, vertebrate discs, ankles.

It is a well known fact that 50% of All Americans will at some point experience back pain at some point in their lives. (Also, 1/3 American Men will have a diagnosis of Cancer at some point in their lives). Back pain is something I suffer with. It is something my male friends who are the same age aka college buddies I’ve known for over a decade also experience.

I am almost positive that the pain I feel in my lower back which has come and gone throughout my 20s has is origins in me trying to use the inversion table I bought when I was 23-24. The long time duration probably meant that something happened there.

At this point, I would NOT RECOMMEND using ankle weights or inversion tables for only cosmetic reasons. I repeat, DO NOT TRY TO USE THESE MACHINES just for cosmetic reasons because if they are more likely to cause some type of orthopedic problem aka pain which you will never be able to correct and reverse. If you didn’t have a problem before, using them just to become slightly taller is not worth it in my opinion. You will cause a problem where there was none before.

If however you already have a lower back problem, like the guy who created the company Teeter Hang Ups and the inversion devices and traction machines of the company and brand, then it would be a good idea. For that guy, inversion therapy had a beneficial effect alleviating his medical problem of lower back pain. However, most of us who will read this post will most likely be using to increase our heights.

The risks are just too high. What starts off a a twinge of pain in your 20s which comes & goes grows steadily up into a debilitating pain in your 40s, and leaves you crippled in your 50s. The most likely thing is that the orthopedic surgeons will remove the IVD (intervetebral disc) from the vertebrate and fuse the adjacent vertebrate bones together, so the leaking disc stop touching the nerve cords. That means that you are going to loss about 1/4-3/4 of Inch of height in your 50s through lower back spinal disc surgery. By the time you are in your 60s, you are in the bed, and other medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure will appear since the body is immobile and forced to be in the bed all the time.

My Main Point

I would tell Jake to actually stop doing the exercises because the risks involved are just too high. What might seem like a substantial gain in one’s 20, which is 1 inch of extra height, could be the start & cause of a lot of pain, money spent in physical therapy and seeing orthopedic specialists, and agony later in life for many years, even decades. I know from personal experience, but I learned quickly.

If he already has noticed pain after stopping either of the ankle weights or inversion table, he needs to stop right now.

Disclaimer: As always, I am not a medical professional and I will never pretend to be of any type. This website is run by two guys who are amateur researchers. Everything we say, and what we recommend should be taken with complete scepticism. Use common sense and good judgement. We suggest that everyone who comes on the website understand that they are fully responsible for any problems that might develop from taking our suggestions. Me and my partner will not be held legally or financially responsible for any actions taken by the readers or any crazy, stupid mishaps which might result. 

This Non-Prescription Supplement Has Been Scientifically Proven To Make You Grow Taller Even With Closed Growth Plates

This Non-Prescription Supplement Has Been Scientifically Proven To Make You Grow Taller Even With Closed Growth Plates

Grow Taller Even With Closed Growth PlatesThe other day I read an article in a business related website from a well known financial writer that it is next to impossible to change people’s behavior. The internal inertia within people (described as entropic entities) suggest that on average, humans will always choose the path with the least resistance, that require the least bit of energy or effort. It turns out that the way to change a person to adjust their lifestyle and their behavior is either through giving pain which is a form of operant conditioning after they correct behavior, or you give the person who might only make the smallest of effort a series of easy wins in the beginning. Apparently the early wins create a type of reward or positive feedback loop pathway. It causes the release of dopamine which makes people want to continue to do the new behavior, as opposed to falling back onto their old behavior and habits. So, I’m going to take that advice and help you guys get a small win. This will be one of the first posts you will see when you arrive to our website Natural Height Growth.

So I guess it is time to just tell the people who visit this website the first, and probably the only, real supplement or pill that has been scientifically proven to increase height in people, even if they have no hyaline cartilage left between their secondary and primary ossification centers (aka growth plates). I once wrote in a very early post about the people’s desire to find some type of magic pill that will make them taller without pain, effort, and maybe just a little bit of money spent (Read the post There Is No Magic Bullet). Well, today I’ll tell the people that there is just one type of pill. I am not joking or lying to you guys. This pill will make you grow taller even with closed growth plates. We would never make false claims about just things, since that is not the culture and style of this website.

Caveat: Of course, there is just a slight “catch” about this pill, which I will state at the very end. (If you have been trying to get taller before, you already know the “but” part however the ending is reserved for beginners, people who are just starting out and looking for something that can give them some hope and encouragement in the beginning.)

So what is this pill?

Glucosamine Sulphate 1500 mg – Glucosamine Sulphate –

At what dosage? 1500 mg

Yes, that’s right. This is one of the most common non-prescription supplement pill which you probably have seen at your local Costco which lets you buy it in bulk. It has been proven to be not just good for your joints in removing the pain from such cartilage degenerative diseases as osteoarthritis, but also has been shown with almost conclusive evidence to help people increase their height, even after all of their epiphyseal growth plate cartilage has disappeared from endochondral ossification completion. However, it does not increase height in the way that most people are led to believe.

Buy the Supplement From Amazon Here

(Note: Yes, the link above is an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you are kind enough to buy the pills, or anything from Amazon through that link, the website will get about 6-7% commission from your purchases.) 

What are some possible side effects? 

First we note that all supplements are drugs. Let’s remember how our old D.A.R.E course back in middle school defined the term “Drug“. A “drug” is any type of substance , besides food and water, you put in your body that will alter the state of your body or mind. All drugs, taken at high enough dosages can become toxic and start to hurt your body. Even food and water can do that. Remember the story of that woman who died from Dihydrogen Monoxide Poisoning a few years ago trying to win a car? So, our recommendation is this. DO NOT Overdo the dosage. It is asinine to believe that swallowing 5 of these pills in one day is somehow better than just 1. The side effects that are most common has been upset stomach and indigestion. Those are however benign adverse reactions. Also, refer to the WebMD article on Glucosamine Sulfate.

Our Thoughts and Explanations

More than a year ago, we had already questioned the efficacy of this one supplement, and the results and feedback we got about the effectiveness of this supplement in the post Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Chondroitin And Glucosamine (Breakthrough?)showed that there was already a lot of interest and belief that this supplement does seem to work. The video we had uploaded was a guy who explained that he managed to increase his height by upwards of even 1.25 Inches (3 cm) from the supplement. (Note: We originally had made a conversion mistake and said that 1.25 inches was 4 cms, but recently corrected it. It is closer to 3 cms)

We reposted that video below so you guys won’t have to scramble around trying to figure out where we have been getting our information from.

Even I started to take the Glucosamine Sulphate in the middle of last year. I wrote about it back in the monthly update post “May of 2013 – What I’ve Been DoingI had measured myself and I also noticed around 2-3 millimeters of height increase after 2 months of oral supplementation. I would say that the increase was probably not because of measurement error. I made sure to get about a dozen measurements using mirrors and rulers. That was when I shaved my head and was swimming on a regular basis because I was living back in the US, after traveling around Asia the last year and a half.

The Scientific Proof and Studies

Glucosamine Sulphate Grow TallerIf you guys have any doubts about the scientific proof of this claim, Click Here and you’ll get a copy of the PDF of the randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled study. The title of the paper is “Effects of Glucosamine Sulphate on Spinal Height: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo Controlled Pilot Study”

One of the authors of this exact study is Dr Peter McCarthy, from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at Glamorgan University, who carried out the study. It is the exact study that was referenced by our older post about the effect of using Glucosamine with Chondroitin. The reference we are talking about was written on the Daily UK Website entitled Can a pill make you taller in four weeks?maybe 3 years ago.

The results showed that on average, a person would gain around 2-4 mm of extra height from taking the pill on a regular basis for upwards of 4 weeks. This is assuming that they don’t do anything else to help with the height gain.

The Catch: The pill probably won’t give most people the type of extra height that they would hope for. When we get messages from people asking for help, they ask for usually 4-5 inches.  If people are hoping to turn from a Messi into a Peter Crouch, they are going to be severely disappointed. The maximum one would ever expect from this type of pill form of grow taller technique is probably 2-3 cms, but I know quite a few people who have paid almost $100,000 to get just 5 cm of extra height from going through with limb lengthening surgery. (Click here to listen to our interview with Andrew, who did 9 cms of extra height in his femurs through surgery)

So if you are interested in possibly getting upwards of even 3 cms of extra height which might be more permanent that most people would believe, then this pill is the best, cheapest, most convenient option at the current time. This is as close to a cheap form of magic pill as we are probably going to ever get, at least for the next few decades.

Restore Spinal Disk HeightRemember that for most people, getting 3 cm is probably very abnormal without other factors included. The extra rewards will require more than just popping a pill into one’s mouth every night before sleep. It won’t be that easy. You will be required to do some types of stretching/decompressing of the vertebrate discs exercises to get more height. Refer to our other post  Restore Spinal Disk Height And Increase Height Temporarily Through Land Based Supine Flexion. This will get one’s lower back/lumbar intervertebral discs to become fully straightened out/decompressed.

Future Research: There have been claims that Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Heparan Sulfate would also work, but let’s just start off by taking this supplement for now, and worry about other supplements for a later time.

Again, here is the link to buy the supplement from Amazon

Writing A WikiHow Article On The Different Techniques A Person Can Try To Increase Their Height After Epiphyseal Growth Plate Closure

For the longest time I have been trying to get more exposure for this website and get ranked higher on the Google Rankings for the subject of height increase and grow taller, or more specifically the keywords “height increase” and “grow taller”. It seems that the way the search engine Google ranks websites is through mainly how high the links are to a website. When I type in a general phrase like “How To Grow Taller” or “How to Increase My Height into google, they always show a WikiHow article “How To Grow Taller” which is annoying since me and the other height increase researchers have been putting much more work, effort, dedication, and commitment into our websites to provide the quality of content and information that would actually help a person possibly grow taller. I understand why Google does what it does, but sometimes the most popular websites are not the most useful.

I decided to make a change in how I approach the search engine ranking by writing a short article for WikiHow entitled ““. I personally feel that the article is much more useful and better informed than the superficial weak content of the top ranked article, which gives no real deep information on how to possibly make you taller.

The 14 Step Guide is a very short guide on how a person can do more research on this subject if they are really passionate and driven with this endeavor. I don’t expect that every person who wants to increase their height and have closed growth plates to go into this field doing the research because that is not possible but I would like if their can be more contributors to the cause. If they find something that is somehow related or relevant, send the article or PDF to me through the website email.

Example #1: The visitor named Matheus from Brazil who only recently started coming to the website have been tremendously helpful in showing where I am having making a mistake on the research. I plan to actually do a podcast episode to show the depth and breadth of the research he has been doing for over a year in trying to figure how to possibly regrow the growth plate cartilage.

Example #2: I would also like to thank Leon who provided a link to a study “Engineering Growing Tissues” which showed for the first time definitive proof that scientists and researchers in laboratories around the world have been successful in growing growth plates as well as bones that are exactly expanding in volume/lengthen through the same endochondral ossification process as the natural process.

Hopefully the article which is written on WikiHow will help push this website up in rankings and beat out much less helpful websites. The 4 Sites That I linked to as a reference are this website Natural Height Growth, the Make Me Taller Forum Tyler’s Height Quest blog, and the Japanese Ginza Kojima Device website.

Update 6/15/2013: I was informed by a reader today that the people at WikiHow has nominated my article to be deleted for the reason that it is not a “How-To” or instructional article. I think that it is a error on their part if they can’t see that the article is much more informative and higher quality content then what the more general article on how to grow taller it.

Personally I think it is a shame that no one is willing to accept the article since it is based on real research.

In case my article on WikiHow is deleted, I decided to put the article on here as an updated post…

How to Increase Your Height After Your Epiphyseal Growth Plate Close

edits by: NaturalHeightGrowth, Lutherus (see all)

Natural Height GrowthDesiring to be taller is something that many people wish to be. However the most common problem with this desire is that they person may already be past the natural growth stage. Their epiphyseal growth plates have closed. This means that the growth plate cartilage in their bones have disappeared from ossification. Most doctors like endocrinologists would say that one can no longer grow taller after the plates close. So how will you increase your height if your growth plates are closed.

1. The first thing to do is to make sure that your growth plates are actually completely closed. If you are 20 or older as a female, or 25 or older for a male, then you can assume with relative certainty that you don’t have any more growth plate cartilage. However, if you are younger then those ages, it would be better to first by an endocrinologist’s office to get an X-ray of your growth plates.

2. Most endocrinologist use two main ways to test for bone maturity. These are known as Tanner-Whitehouse Technique or the Greulich-Pyle method. The Greulich-Pyle requires the professional experience of the endocrinologists to determine the stage of bone maturation. There is a series of pictures of how the growth plates will look. The Tanner-Whitehouse method employs using a mathematical way of calculating the growth plates in the left hand to determine the amount of bone maturity.

3. Once the endocrinologist determines with relative certainty that your growth plates are gone, then it means that to grow in height, we must look into other, non-conventional ways to possibly increase our height

4. The one technique that will make a person increase in height is the limb-lengthening surgery method. Limb lengthening surgery is where the orthopaedic surgeon will make a corticonomy in the layer of cortical bone that surrounds the long bones of the legs of the subject. This surgery is known as distraction osteogenesis. Other names for this surgery is known as Callus Distraction or Callotasis.

5. There is currently an external method as well as an internal method. The external method involves putting the lengthened leg in a cylindrical metal fixator. The internal method involves putting a metal rod/nail into the intermedullary cavity of the long bone and having a way to turn that metal rod to make the bones longer.

6. The other option is to implant new growth plates into the subject. This method has already been shown to be successful in lab rabbits.

7. The newly created growth plates are grown in vitro in a laboratory. This method involves using the ideas of tissue engineering and stem cells. Progenitor pluripotent stem cells are taken from the subject from an area in their body. The progenitor stem cells are grown in a culture with some medium, usually calf serum, until they reach a certain concentration of chondrocytes in mediu, usually around 10^6/mL-10^7/mL.

8 They are then put into a scaffold made from another type of material, often alginate, hydrogel, etc. The scaffold is also embedded with a 2nd material, a growth factor or growth stimuli. The growth factor can be a peptide, TGF-Beta1 & 2, BMP-2 &7, IGF-1, or something similar that will stimulate the added chondrocytes to proliferate or grow.

9 Eventually the chondrocytes will multiply and excrete the components that make up the extracellular matrix of a cartilage. The growth factor stimuli is used up and the scaffold dissolves away leaving a completely new, functional growth plate cartilage ready for implantation.

10 Researchers in some university laboratories and government military research facilities have already been able to grow new growth plates as well as bones that are growing in volume/lengthening

11 The third option is to try a low success rate idea of lateral loading the epiphysis of the synovial joints that are between long bones in the limbs. This technique was first talked about by Biomedical Engineering professors from Indiana University.

12 The technique involves putting a reasonable heavy load, around 30-50 lbs on the proximal epiphysis of the bony epiphysis protrusion in the legs. The clamping is done dynamical at a frequency intermittently, around 2-4 loadings each minute. The exact location to push down is the lateral/side of the epiphysis of the lower leg bone, the tibia.

13 Another option is to use the Japanese patented device called Ginza Kojima turning table invented in Japan to increase your height. The machine involves a person getting strapped on a table that is spinning, moving up and down, and holding the lower leg in place while pulling the upper torso up just like a cervical traction machine.

14 The last option is to focus on stretching out the vertebrate and decompressing the spine to temporarily grow taller by upwards of 3-4 cms.

  • Most limb lengthening surgery is an expensive cosmetic surgery, around the $20,000-$100,000 range if one uses a USA based orthopedic surgeon. This will
  • Limb Lengthening surgery can give only about a maximum of 7-8 cms of extra bone length on average to each bone segment. The lengthening is restricted due to how much the muscles around the bones can stretch out as well as the metal fixators that are being pulled in length.
  • Recovery from Limb Lengthening Surgery takes on average from 6 months-18 months in length, including the physical therapy, etc. This does not include the annual revisits to the surgeon to make sure that the bone has reset correctly and is functionally healthy and strong enough for normal loading.

Update #2: What Have I Been Doing To Grow Taller And Become Healthier – May 1st, 2013

In the last month I have started to add new exercises and ideas into my everyday schedule to optimize my body condition.

So this has been what resulted. Since I came back to the USA, Seattle specifically I went to see a new family doctor or someone who specialized in Internal Medicine. Since this is a new doctor, they took measurements of my stats.

The metal weight scale and stadiometer device in the doctor’s office said that in my socks, with me not really trying to stand up completely straight, I was at exactly 181 cms. I noted that in the doctors office they try to be very accurate on one’s measurements. I felt the metal edge touch the skin on the top of my head. So the measured value of 181 cms is sort of expected of where I am supposed to be. This was measured around 1:00 pm in the afternoon, after I had been awake for maybe 5-6 hours, so obviously I took into consideration the fact that my body did experience some time feeling the effects of vertebral decompression.

Height: 5′ 11.26″ or 1.81 meters tall

In terms of my weight, I weighed a ridiculous 219 lbs. That is 1 lb short of 100 kgs! Since my weight fluctuates so much due to different times of the day and whether I ate or not, I will just say that I weigh maybe 3 lbs less now, discounting the fact that during the weigh in I had my jeans and large belt on.

Weight: 216 lbs or 97. 98 kgs

I was very surprised with my weight since the last time I checked, which was more than 1 year ago I had weighed around 187-189 lbs. That means that I have gained around 30 extra lbs in the last year of my life. I guess it is true that one really does have trouble keeping the weight off as one grows older.

So what was my action plan to get healthier, loss weight, gain strength, and possibly regain any lost height back?

Well, the first thing I did was that after getting multiple car parking tickets, I decided to sell my car. So in terms of course of action.

1. I sold my car which I had for over 3 years. – Went on craigslist and managed to sell it for a reasonable price to a private buyer. The transaction went relatively smoothly.

2. I bought a 21 speed Diamondback Bike from Dick’s Sporting Goods store – I have been using the bike to get around anywhere within a 5 mile radius. The hardest part about getting this multiple gear bike is figuring out how to switch gears going up hill. Since I haven’t riden a bike in almost 12 years the process was really hard, painful, but very good overall for my health.

Since I used AirBnB.com to find a place for the short term, I ended up staying with a group of people who lived on a hill. The bicycling was really hard for the first week until I learned that there was a bus that was right beside the house.

For Height Increase purposes, I looked for the bike which had the largest wheels and I pushed the seat up high so that I would be forced to stretch out my legs out when I am pedaling.

3. I bought a Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Public Transportation Pass. These are known as Orca Cards. They seem to be good for not just the bus, but also the Tram, the Light Rail, the train ,and the ferries. As it says on the website…“ORCA is accepted on: Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries.” 

When I compare the cost of driving and the fact that gas seems to cost around $4.00 per gallon these days, it seems logical to choose the Bike + Public Transportation combination.

4. Just in case, there was no public transportation nearby and I had to get to places, I signed up an application for ZipCar and added the app Lyft to my iphone, which is similar to the function of Zipcar but the application process is much simpler.

5. I went to the local city Aquatic Center and bought a month or 30 day pass. – Everyday I spent around 1 hours riding the bike to the aquatic center and getting an hour of swimming.

The focus has been on stretching out the torso and doing the Butterfly Stroke. In combination, I would also add a round of stretching the back and torso twisting along with the swimming.

6. I noticed that my legs, lower back, knees, and butt area becoming very sore from so much bicycling so I found a mechanical massager that can help stimulate the muscles to relax. – I did notice that if one used the stronger massagers for a longer than average time, the vertebrae actually decompress since the muscles in the middle and lower back are not being decompressed so much. The massager that works amazingly well for me is Human Touch Swan Softouch HT-1280 Personal Massager.

As for height, I noticed that after a 20 minute application of the personal massager, the body feels looser and the vertebrate seems to decompress slightly.

7. Shaving my long hair to a very short length so that any measurements I do make will be much more accurate. I went for a very short buzz cut so now my hair is only a fraction of an inch in length. The measurements on height have been much more accurate and consistent.

So the things that I did to getting healthier and regain some lost height this months are…

  • Swimming 1 hour a day almost every day focusing on the butterfly stroke. 
  • Supplementing the swimming with back stretching exercises and torso twisting.
  • Using a bicycle with elevated seats for most of my transportation needs.
  • Using a strong hand held massager to decompress vertebrae.


I did a check on my height and noticed that my morning (right out of bed) height after just 2 weeks seemed to increase by a few millimeters (2-3) when I measured in front of the mirror and drawing a line horizontally at the place of my very first measurement. However that is my morning height.

That’s all for now today.