Grow Taller By Hanging On A Bar

Another idea that has been proposed and tried by many H.I.S is over the idea of hanging on to a bar, and letting gravity to push our body, legs, and torso to be pushed down thus elongating our back and spine.

Hanging relies on gravity to decompresses the spine to obtain height increase. Just find a bar and hang on it for at least 30 seconds or as long as you can. It might be difficult to find a bar at home to hang on to that is high enough.The general consensus is that the technique DOES NOT work, but will help you get strong and tone your muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest if you do decide to do a few pull-ups. However, I choose to post every form of technique and strategy that is suggest so that others can be the judge.

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Jul 3, 2011 | By Paula Quinene
Hanging on a pullup bar helps you increase your muscular strength, especially if you are not yet able to complete a pullup. The muscles strengthened while hanging on the bar depend on whether you are hanging with your arms straight or with your arms bent. A straight-arm hang engages primarily the muscles that flex your fingers, bent arms activate the bigger muscles of your upper body.


The primary finger flexor muscles include two layers of flexor muscles lying on the palmar side of your forearm. These muscles originate in the long bones of your forearm, then insert between the middle and the tips of your fingers. The smaller muscles of your hand help your forearm flexor muscles to curl your fingers around the bar. There are three distinct thumb muscles and three distinct pinky muscles that work as you hold the bar. Grasping the bar strengthens these muscles, regardless of whether you are hanging straight or hanging with your arms bent in any position.


Hanging from a bar anywhere between a straight hang and the level at which your upper arms are parallel to the floor strengthens primarily your lat muscles in your back and your bicep muscles at the front of your arms. However, your shoulder, chest, arm and smaller back muscles are also engaged, somewhat strengthening them. If you want to strengthen your lats by doing an isometric contraction, hang from the bar so that your arm pit angle is about 135 degrees. An isometric contraction means that your muscle is contracting but does not lengthen or shorten.


Once you hang between the level at which your upper arms are parallel to the floor and your chin is completely over the bar, your biceps muscles become the dominant muscles engaged and strengthened. Your shoulder and back muscles are somewhat engaged. If you want your biceps to grow stronger, hang with your chin over the bar for as long as possible.


Isometric bodyweight exercises such as hanging on a pullup bar are effective at strengthening many muscles at one time. Consider hanging on the bar in different positions, changing your arm pit angle to focus on strengthening different muscles. Keep a record of your position and the length of time you hold each isometric hang.

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Hanging is one way that one can increase one’s height. Body stretch is always beneficial. Regular exercise helps. It is easy to hang. One need not exert oneself too much.

Tips for Increasing Height By Hanging

  • One can hang from a bar. Let all the weight fall upon your hands. If one does these 30 minutes every week one can increase one’s height or 1 to 5 minutes daily. It improves the posture also which if corrected enhances your height.
  • A wider grip on the bar increases the width of your back and shoulder
  • One can hang from a door bar. Easy exercise and very convenient.
    Hang from the bar initially as long as you can. If it is difficult, go
    slow. Increase the time on the bar slowly.
  • In the case of children lift them by the waist so that they can hang from the bar. Be ready to catch them when they let go off the bar
  • A chinup is also good form of exercise. You can take the help of a chair to do the chinup. Hang from the bar with one foot on the chair. Once you are up, push yourself further with the foot, which is on the chair.
  • Swinging back and forth from the bar also helps increase the height

Increase your self-esteem by increasing your height, and do this by hanging. If you exercise at the right age then you need not feel inferior about your height in adulthood. Hanging is not a difficult exercise. One need not go to the gym for it. It can be done in the comfort of your home.



Here are the stories or claims I have heard of people and athletes who have tried to hang on the bar to gain height, who did succeed aparently.

Peter Shilton – One of the great, driven players, Peter Shilton set out to become the best goalkeeper of all time. Legend has it that on being told he might not make the grade because he wasn’t tall enough, Shilton went home and began a training regime that involved spending hours at a time hanging from the stairs in attempt to add inches to his frame. He wanted it that badly

Michael JonnMichaelJordan – In the video link posted on the left, the great Michael Jordan tried also to hang on to a chin up bar to gain height. This is a video of michael Jordan explaining his attempts to grow taller to his younger ideal of the perfect height 7′!! Yes, even the tallest and biggest of us still want to be even bigger than they are. His claim is that it did nothing. Sorry for the fact that I could not figure out how to embed the video. It is in .mp4 format which is a litle difficult to embedd correctly onto a WordPress page.

Note: I found this part of his Documentary called “Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me”. The video is edited and taken from Youtube from this link HERE. The video is taken from 15:42 – 16:02 using the video capturing and editing software Camtasia Studios

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