What If Height Increase and Growing Taller Is Impossible?

I always wanted to make this point to the Height Increase Seekers (H.I.S) out there. The human body is both a very complex system but also very easily to understand. It is complex because we can’t really pinpoint or be too exact on the explanation of certain processes in the body. Endocrinologists still have not figured out what is the true initla trigger that causes the onset of puberty. While the researchers have figure out steps 2-14 of the complex process that leads to the onset of puberty, the release of certain hormones, and the eventual closing of the growth plates, they still can never get back to the real first trigger in the body.

In the end, the real answer may not be biological or chemical, but based on the principles of physics. If we get really analytical, and we really examined the biological processes in the body, we would conclude that physics is what dominates the processes. It could very well turn out that once the organism (us) reaches a certain age the number of free radicals or the number of telomeres reach a threshold point where the glands in the brain start the process along with the aging process.

The complex part comes in the subject of height increase and growing taller because we still don’t know exactly where puberty starts because if we did, we can then do something to delay the onset of puberty or slow downs the rate of puberty. It is easy to understand because we know that just from a few basic principles we can describe maybe 80% of all the functions in the body.

The easy to understand part about our subject of height increase and growing taller is that the main issues that prevent us from growing is that our bones are extremely hard and inelastic. Remember that what had always allowed us to grow was because there was parts in our long bones which was elastic, the cartilage. However that cartilage one day goes away and we don’t have anything to stretch. The bones in our body is what both keeps us standing up because it provides the overall infrastuture of how our body form looks like. Thus, it is our bones that allows us to even stand and have height, but that hard substance also keeps us from ever increasing any higher in our preprogrammed biological genetics.

I had done a previous post on the composition, structure, and mechanical properties of our long bones before so I know that it is near impossible to stretch that bones because it would fracture and crack before stretching. So, we must always consider this: That height increase and growing taller is not possible, at least right now with our medical technology. Our hard bones prevent us from ever manipulating our bodies. Sure, there is plastic surgery which we can do to cut away bone, and there is always limb lengthening surgery.

I remember Napoleon Hill , the author of the self help book “Think and Grow Rich” stating that whatever is that you truly want, you can achieve, as long as it does not go against the laws of physics and nature, or man made ones (but those are breakable if one chose not to follow them). It could be that trying to push beyond what our natural inborn genes allows us goes directly against a law of Nature.

Can we settle and be happy with the possibility and idea that we have to settle and be happy with our bodies and height? Is it fair that our friends who is a foot taller than us seems to get all the attention of the opposite sex, gets all the job offers and raises, and is always admired while we get so little compared to them? No, it is not fair. But then what are we going to do about it? Can we somehow force the world not to have people taller than us just to make ourselves feel better about our selves? Not all of us can be a Blake Lively (5′ 10″) or Ivanka Trump (5′ 11″) but we can learn to be tougher, more mentally strong, strong than these individuals who have never learned what it means to suffer or feel insecurity over their height.

I am reminded of an extremely insight quote made by Kip Thorne, the Richard Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech about the amazing mental powers of Stephen Hawking, the former Lucasian Professor of Natural Science At Cambridge (which was once held by Newton) . While many people are amazed at Hawkings’ ability to focus and solve these incredible physics and mathematical problems all in his head even though he suffers from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, he has managed to accomplish so many mental feats that other people can not. Thorne made the comment which reverse the entire thinking upside by claiming that Hawking has been able to make such mental masterpieces because of his illness, not in spite of it, because his illness meant that other people would be able to take care of everything else in his life, and tend to his body while all he had to do was focus on the mental realm and strengthen his mind and mental prowess. When I heard that comment the first time, it made me realize that what is often considered a weakness in one area can be transmuted into a strength in another

Ex. The blind person whose sense of hearing or smell is so much more acute than people who have sight. The unattractive girl who has to improve her personality because she can not get away using just her looks. The poor business person who has to learn how to hustle and learn street smarts because they don’t have the money and book smarts another person might have.

I have met so many people with disabilities and physical limitations who realize their own physical limitations and decided not to focus on that area of their life but improve and make stronger another area. The People with AIDS, Cancer, debilitating Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lower body paralysis, and actually suffer form the medical condition of Dwarfism. They are only 4 feet sometimes. I have seen many cases of people who are below average in height find everything they want in life, specifically love and someone to be with, which is really what many of us really want in our deepest part of our heart. It is very obvious that for many men, one of the core reasons they might want to increase their height is to get the attention and interest in women. But that long and painful process can be easily hacked but getting these guys a girlfriend who truly loves them for their real selves without considering their size. There are some guys out there who specifically chase after tall girls because they are short . That is often to satisfy an ego thing to prove to the world and themselves that they are powerful and capable in their skills, which they had to make far better and stronger than another person to overcompensate for a believed weakness in another area (See Napoleon Complex).

My ultimate point is that if height increase and growing taller turns out to be impossible, can we find a way to make that final conclusion into something that can ultimately help us and others? If you are only 5 feet tall right now and stay at 5 feet for the rest of your life, what else would you like to focus your energy, time, and resources toward?

4 thoughts on “What If Height Increase and Growing Taller Is Impossible?

  1. MiniGolfer

    You state that we can’t stretch our bones. There have been some tensile strain studies and the definition of microstrain is a deformation in length. A bone can be stretched by about 1.5% before fracturing. It’s just really hard to do with physiological loads. Sky tried to do something like this with his limbcenter but disappeared without providing his results. Endochondral ossification is defined as growth from within. Endochondral ossification provides some forces that pushes bones apart and elongates them.

    The fracture of limb lengthening may or may not be necessary and you could get the same results with just the stimulus of limb lengthening without the fracture.

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