Product Review 2 – Yoko Height Increasing Insoles

Today we review and analyze the Yoko Height Increasing Insoles. There are quiet a few websites that sell this product.

The claim by this product is that the increase in height is from using reflexology, magnetic energy, and acupressure. The theory is derived from the ancient Chinese theory of chi, which also created Acupuncture. There is supposed to be these chi meridian lines in the human body, which is similar to blood vessel pathways, but only more subtle. Scientists and medical researchers to date have not found any evidence to the existence of Chi or these chi meridian lines. However, the practice of acupuncture has been shown to improve and relieve chronic pain, nausea, and headaches. Whether the conditions get better because of a placebo affect or actually be acupuncture is still inconclusive. Getting back to the subject of the product, the meridian lines have certain areas and point on them that is supposed to correspond dot certain diseases and body parts. There is supposed to be a line for the heart, liver, bile, kidneys, etc.

The YOKO product has these points or areas in the insole that is supposed to stimulate the pressure point areas in the feet that correspond to the human pituitary gland. By stimulating that point, the energy channel can then tell the pituitary gland to release more growth hormone, HGH.

Somehow the practice of acupressure was transmitted to other countries. The YOKO product was originally created and manufactured in Japan but now I do note that the product is mainly sold from sites that are from India.

So how do you use the product? from the website


Yoko gives better results when the position of your foot in the insole is correct, so the most concave part of your foot must be placed on the most convex part of insole. To fit the foot in right position, cut away the extra part of the insole.

The better result of Yoko is derived by using it regularly. So wear it in your shoes where ever you go and walk.

20 to 30 minutes, two times (morning and evening) walking regularly daily would give the better result.

While using Yoko, you can do your normal activities but sportive activities (like basketball, jogging and stretch exercise) are much better.

It may be possible that you feel nothing or hurt a bit earlier while using Yoko but don’t worry, it takes a little more time to accommodate.

Never forget better sleep and enough rest while using Yoko, in a right posture.

The best advise is to be given is the diet. All Nutritional (protein, fibre, vitamin) food items (like fish, milk, eggs, meat, fruits and green vegetables) are must.

Me: I wanted to introduce you to this question posed on Yahoo Questions and answered by someone who had used the product before, at an age which they still wanted to believe and tried many different forms of methods without success. You can find the link to the question HERE.

Can yoko height increaser really help to grow tall? Is there any way to grow tall for a teenager.?- 5 years ago


Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

No. I am 5’3 and about 110 pounds. About 3 years ago, when I was 14, I desperately wanted to grow taller. I thought that if I were taller, I would not have to watch what I eat as much. So, I searched the internet for products that supposedly would make me grow taller. I came across everything from supplements to foot inserts (yoko kimi). I brought the product myself, being naive and optimistic. The package cost me about $35, and when the product arrived it looked as though it didn’t cost even $2 to manufacture. I could have got those foot insoles at the dollar discount store for all i know. And to make matters worse, the shipping sucks. The product didn’t arrive till like 2 months later- very unprofessional service. The box was so cheap and flimsy- I immediately had my doubts about the products. My suspicions were confirmed. I didn’t grow 0.0001 cm, except I got some nasty blisters. And the only way you can return the product by the way is through a doctor’s written confirmation that you did not grow- what a hassle. They sure didn’t state that on their website, now did they? The truth is, once you stop growing, your bone plates will never allow you to grow laterally again. All height increase products are scams; none are FDA approved, and some may even be carcinogenous or detrimental to your health. You should be happy with your height. Us short people have better circulation than tall people. Go to for more advice on how to avoid these scams. – 5 years ago
Me: This other question was also posed n Yahoo Questions and answered quite clearly. You can find the actual question HERE.

Yoko height increasing device?

There is a product on asian skyshop named yoko height which is basically a pair of shoe soles that fits into any shoe. If you walk 15 minutes a day with these on they claims within 3 months you will be 4 inches taller.
I want to know the truth. Does it really work? Have any of you tried it or know anyone who has? Are there any severe side effects?
Please response.
Thanks in advance.
  • 4 years ago
Profile: R

Answer: Never tried it, never will. It sounds like another absurd scam by a company desperate to squeeze every last penny out of you. The notion that a fully developed human being could be safely and artificially “grown” by four inches is absurd. You could probably pull it off on a child – using the medieval torture device known as a rack – but then you’d probably cripple said child for life.

And the premise behind it sounds retarded. Walking fifteen minutes a day for three months (that’s 23 hours) with a painfully tight insole is going to make you -taller-? It’s a wonder that soccer players aren’t all giants, then. Seriously. Ignore this company, and ignore any products that claim they can make you taller or give you a bigger penis or make fat melt off of you. It ain’t happening.

However, one way in which you -could- increase your height would be a rather extreme type of bone surgery that involves cutting segments of your bone in set intervals and pulling them apart; the bones then grow back in to fill the gap, effectively lengthening the limb and making you taller (assuming you’ve chosen to lengthen your legs). Of course, the aftermath of the surgery is said to be ridiculously painful and extensive physical therapy is required.

I’m assuming that you’re interested in increasing your height because you’re young and you think you’re short. Don’t worry about it; if you can’t come to grips with your stature – you need to – there may be medical advances in the relatively near future that can make moderate height increase a possibility.

I hope I’ve been of assistance.


Me: Here is my conclusion. This product is definitely a scam, and there is absolutely no way it could possibly work because the science and theory of the product does not explain what to do with the bones that are already sealed. If the product even worked at increasing the release of HGH, the person wearing the device would develop Acromegaly, which is the overrelease of HGH after puberty and the bones have closed. If one has ever seen a picture or met anyone in real life with Acromegaly they would know that it is not a good thing. The theory of chi is still debatable and there has no mention or stories in Chinese literature that pressing certain acupressure points will improve or help increase one’s height. This so far one of the worst devices that says it can help promote height increase. Don’t fall for the tricks and keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet. Don’t be scammed. 

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